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Sites relating to the American Marketing Association (AMA) are listed in this category. If you know of a chapter site for the AMA which is not listed, submit it. This category is not for companies, and not for anything other than American marketing Association sites.
American Marketing Association
Dedicated to serving the educational and professional needs of marketing executives.
AMA Alaska
Includes upcoming chapter events, a job board, links to Internet and traditional marketing news, as well as a list of officers.
AMA Arizona - Phoenix
Contains an upcoming event schedule, monthly newsletter, membership information, and links to related marketing organizations and resources.
AMA California - Los Angeles
Includes a marketing newsletter, job and internship opportunities, and upcoming events schedule.
AMA California - Sacramento Valley
Provides membership information, a schedule of upcoming monthly luncheons and marketing seminars, as well as a job bank.
AMA California - San Diego
Contains membership and event information, the chapter newsletter, and links to marketing resources and organizations.
AMA California - San Francisco
Includes a marketing seminar and event schedule, monthly newsletter, a job bank, and volunteer opportunities.
AMA California - Silicon Valley
Marketing resources and event schedule, a job bank, membership information, and marketing news.
AMA Canada - British Columbia
Includes membership and event information, a job bank, quarterly newsletter, and links to marketing resources.
AMA Connecticut
Contains membership information, as well as upcoming marketing programs and events.
AMA Florida - FAU
Provides membership information, forums, news, as well as an upcoming marketing events.
AMA Florida - Orlando
Features a career center, marketing events schedule, membership information, and a list of board members.
AMA Florida - South Florida
Provides marketing and networking events in south Florida, also offers job opportunities and a marketing newsletter.
AMA Georgia - Atlanta
Provides a directory of marketing resources, a current event schedule, sponsorship, and job opportunities.
AMA Illinois - Chicago
Contains volunteer opportunities, upcoming marketing events, a list of services, and membership information.
AMA Maryland - Baltimore
Provides membership and upcoming events schedule, a job bank, and a list of officers.
AMA Massachusetts - Boston
Includes a list of upcoming marketing events, a database of job listings, membership information, and answers to selected marketing questions.
AMA Minnesota
Provides membership information, a chapter newsletter, a job bank, as well as an upcoming marketing events schedule.
AMA Missouri - Kansas City
Provides a schedule of marketing events and registration information, as well as links to marketing companies and publications.
AMA Missouri - St. Louis
Contains membership information, job opportunities, an upcoming events schedule, and links to related marketing web sites.
AMA Nevada - Las Vegas
Provides membership information, a calendar of upcoming marketing events, the chapter newsletter, and sponsorship opportunities.
AMA New Jersey
Provides a calendar of upcoming marketing events, career opportunities, and membership information.
AMA New Mexico
Provides membership and upcoming event information, as well as volunteer opportunities.
AMA New York - Albany
Provides membership information, a list of upcoming marketing events and seminars, and reviews of selected marketing books.
AMA New York - New York
Provides a list of upcoming events, membership information, a job bank, and links to marketing publications.
AMA North Carolina - Charlotte
Provides a monthly meeting schedule, definitions of marketing terms, membership, and career information.
AMA North Carolina - Triangle
Provides an upcoming events schedule, membership information, member spotlight, and a job bank.
AMA Ohio - Akron/Canton
Provides a meeting and event schedule, links to Internet marketing resources, and membership information.
AMA Ohio - Cincinnati
Provides membership information, and a calendar of upcoming events.
AMA Ohio - Cleveland
Provides a calendar of upcoming marketing events, marketing news, membership information, and a job bank.
AMA Ohio - Columbus
Contains the chapter newsletter and archives, upcoming marketing events, and a bulletin board for marketing jobs.
AMA Oklahoma - Tulsa
Provides meeting and membership information, as well as sponsorship opportunities.
AMA Oregon
Provides a list of membership opportunities and benefits, a job bank, and an upcoming marketing events schedule.
AMA Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
Marketing news and events, membership information, a marketing job bank, as well as advertising and volunteering opportunities for the Philadelphia area.
AMA Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh
Includes event schedules, job bank, student chapters, membership, contact information, and sponsor information.
AMA Serv Sig
Includes a list of course syllabi, upcoming events, regular newsletters, and research resources available on the marketing services special interest group of the AMA.
AMA Tennessee - Knoxville
Provides upcoming event and professional development opportunities, membership information, and a monthly newsletter. [newsletter requires Adobe Acrobat]
AMA Texas - Austin
Provides a list of events and networking opportunities, marketing education programs, a newsletter, volunteer opportunities, and membership information.
AMA Texas - San Antonio
Provides a marketing job bank, upcoming events schedule, and membership information.
AMA Virginia - Central Virginia
Provides a list of upcoming marketing events, membership information, and a directory of marketing service companies.
AMA Virginia - Richmond
Provides an upcoming events schedule, membership information, marketing job listings, and sponsorship opportunities.
AMA Washington - Puget Sound
Provides a list of upcoming marketing events, links to marketing resources, sponsorship, and membership opportunities.
AMA Wisconsin - Madison
Provides a meeting schedule, current newsletter, as well as archives, a job bank, and membership opportunities.
American Marketing Association Orange County
Provides event schedule, career board, membership listing, and other chapter information.
The College of New Jersey AMA.
University of Cincinnati AMA
Professional business organization designed for students.
University of Illinois AMA
Provides the resources to help business students become more knowledgeable in the marketing field.
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