Holograms are 3D images that are produced in much the same way as a photograph but using laser light. They are commonly used as an anti-counterfeiting device. Lenticular images are usually printed on a press but also can show 3D imagery. Often mistaken for holograms, they can also show movements or "flips" and are characterized by the tiny lines or lenses which run across the image.

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3D Images Ltd
London, England supplier of custom designed lenticular images.
Supplier of lenticular technology. Located in Spain.
Alter Ego Graphic Productions
Canadian lenticular manufacturer.
Bart Kelsey
Australian company producing both large format direct-to-lens lenticular printing and short run small format printing.
Boran Reklam
3d Lenticular product company from Istanbul, Turkey.
Didik.com: Vari-Vue
Company offers printing, licensing and information on lenticular history.
Chinese manufacturer specializing in 3D lenticular printing.
Edis S.p.A.
Print and production of lenticular cards, postcards and stickers. Edis offers a wide range of products for small and large scale promotions.
HG Technology Sdn Bhd
Hologram manufacturer in Malaysia for both packaging and security applications.
Hive Associates Ltd
English company that offers lenticular solutions.
Holoflex Limited
Indian manufacturer of laser marked holograms for secure promotions.
Hologram India
Indian manufacturer of holographic images for security and anti-counterfeiting efforts.
Lithuanian provider of holographic security and authentication labels.
South African supplier of holographic products.
Holophile, Inc.
Company specializes in custom holograms and Spectral Imagery.
Holostar Home English
Holographic manufacturer in Hamburg, Germany.
Toronto company specializes in full colour holographic productions.
HumanEyes Technology Ltd.
Israeli company sells 3D lenticular software to create stereographic images.
Pioneering the application of Pepper's Ghost, 3D holographic projection, holograms and lenticular
Spain. Manufacturer of lenticular printing software for MacOS X and PC
Klass Holotek India
Holographics manufacturer located in India.
Kumbhat Holograms
Manufacturer of security holograms in India.
Lantor, Ltd.
Lenticular printer providing 3D postcards, POP signs, luggage tags, magnets, stickers, coasters.
Company produces a range of holographic labels Hot stamping foil, hologram stickers and hologram labels.
Lentech Korea Co, Ltd
Korea-based operation supplying 3D lenticulars and other promotional merchandise.
Polish company focused on large format printing.
LPC World
Suppliers of lenticular sheet materials, technical support training and consulting services to the graphic industry.
Micro Lens Technology
Manufacturer and supplier of lenticular sheet material
Midwest Lenticular Printing
Large format lenticular print service
NovaVision, Inc.
Products and services for security, packaging and promotional applications using holograms, mag-stripes, consecutive numbering and bar-coding.
Manufacturer of promotional lenticular products
Outer Aspect
New Zealand company specializing in products such as hand bags and notebooks featuring lenticular patterns.
Manufacturer of lenticular plastic sheet material.
Photogram Technologies
Canadian manufacturer making images for both fine art and commercial use.
Printwand, Inc.
Company produces business cards, movie posters, postcards.
Promotional Best
Offers 3d lenticular production for marketing and promotions. Includes postcards, bookmarks and keychains. China.
Rays 3D
India manufacturer of lenticular printing.
RR Donnelley
Site designed for marketers, designers, buyers and home enthusiasts.
Security Print
Suppliers of hologram stickers, holographic tape, holographic hot foil, ready made holograms, bespoke holograms
Séquence 3-D
French manufacturer of lenticular products. Design, pre-press, printing, post-press.
Tracer Imaging
Manufacturer of lenticular printing.
Russian producer of lenticular software products
Company provides 3D full and horizontal parallax digital holographic imaging and printing services for architects, engineering, construction, product advertising.
Lenticular printer in Silicon Valley.
Vishal Holo Solutions (P) Limited
Manufacturer of security hologram stickers and other holographic products.
Wonder 3d Works
3d printer in India
Offers full service lenticular production for marketing and promotions. Includes samples, success stories and client portfolio.
Zebra Imaging
Company makes digitally-mastered, full color holographic images that can be scaled to any size.
Malaysian company offering lenticular products and services.
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