Companies listed here focus on the use of balloons and ground inflatables as advertising tools.

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A1 Balloon Rentals
Offers advertising and balloon inflatables. Located in Orlando, Florida.
Above All Advertising
Inflatable advertising products, parade balloons, and event promoters. Includes custom shapes and RC blimps.
Above and Beyond Advertising Balloons
Manufactures advertising inflatables, including cold air and helium, blimps, costumes and air dancers, remote control blimps, and tents.
Ad Air Products
Giant advertising balloons, helium blimps, and custom shaped inflatables and product replicas, with product availability and descriptions.
AdVantage Balloons & Promotions, Inc.
Offering turn-key services for grand openings and events for corporate, retail, special events and sports venues.
Afilm Pty Ltd
Supply outdoor advertising inflatables Australia-wide.
Air Ad Promotions
Advertising company providing roof top balloons, vinyl banners, and search lights.
Air Artists
Design, construction and installation of inflatables for the stage, exhibitions, parades, promotions, TV and film sets, circuses and theatres.
Air Dimensional Design, Inc.
Manufacturer of dynamic inflatable figures.
Airborne Structures
Advertising inflatables, event tents, and industrial promotions structures. Includes design samples.
Airspace Balloons
Manufacture and marketing of inflatable advertising and inflatable outdoor media.
Arizona Balloon Company
Manufacturer of advertising balloons, blimps, inflatables, helium balloons, cold-air balloons, parade balloons, custom shapes.
Attention Getters
Design and production of giant inflatable product replicas, inflatable costumes and props used for promotion and advertising.
Baconinflate Ltd
UK designer and manufacturer of inflatable structures and displays for advertising, promotions, exhibitions and leisure.
Balloons Galore
A delivery service based in UK for all balloon related products and balloons such as custom printed and helium balloons.
bbi Display Systems
Distributor of amphibious inflatable signs. The airtight billboards can be displayed on both land and water in any location.
Big Events, Inc
Manufacture and rentals of giant balloons, parade balloons, inflatable costumes, and balloons for the water, with samples and design services.
Big Ideas
Designs and sells giant inflatables, cold air balloons, helium inflatables and inflatable costumes as an effective addition to your advertising or marketing program.
The Blimp Works, Inc.
Manufactures advertising balloons, blimps, balls, and hot air balloon shapes to be filled with helium.
Blimpy Floating Signs
Provider of balloons, blimps, and inflatable signs for outdoor advertising.
Bonanza Balloons
Manufacturer of balloons, blimps, inflatables, special shape inflatables, helium balloons, advertising balloons, big balloons, cold-air balloons.
California Blimps
Manufactures and services nylon advertising blimps used for indoor and outdoor marketing.
Giant Advertising Balloons
Photos, prices and insider information on advertising balloon, helium blimps, inflatables and advertising blimps.
Giant Inflatables
Manufactures custom designed advertising, promotional and recreational inflatables.
Giant Promotions
Features cold air inflatable advertising, promotions and interactive games.
Gulf Coast Balloons & Promotions
Houston and San Antonio, Texas manufacturer displays samples of outdoor advertising inflatables including wind dancers, holiday characters, rooftop advertising and inflatable tents. Information on the company, custom orders, and installation is provided.
Hilton National Corporation
Manufactures trailer mounted advertising inflatables.
Hot Alternatives Outdoor Balloons
Offers a variety of inflatables for outdoor advertising.
Supplier of inflatable product replicas and games.
Imagine Inflatables
Imagine Inflatables is the leading UK Inflatable manufacturer of all forms of promotional and inflatable advertising.
Inflatable Advertising Industry Association
The Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association is the voice of the inflatable industry.
Inflatable Ideas
Manufactures inflatable promotional products including giant product replicas, inflatable costumes, POP displays, stalls and helium balloons.
Inflatable Images
The world's largest manufacturer of cold air advertising inflatables and interactive games.
Windsocks, banners, inflatables, sky tubes, as landmarks, signposting, advertising and entertainment at outdoor shows, festivals, fetes and concerts.
Jumbo Inflatables
Australian outfit offering custom-made inflatables and balloons.
Landmark Creations International
Custom cold-air inflatables for promotional use to increase brand and product awareness.
Larger Than Life Inflatables
Manufacturer of advertising balloons, blimps, kid's jumps, inflatable games, product replicas, and small POP balloons.
PCA Promotions Inc.
Source of advertising balloons, banners, pennants, and inflatables.
Pioneer offers a complete line of inflatables to resellers, from latex balloons to large blimps.
Products such thunder sticks, cheering sticks, bambams and noisemakers.
Publi-Air International
Worldwide company specialising in custom inflatables- from in-store promotions, rooftop inflatable signs to giant corporate advertising and event marketing.
SkyDancers Intl.
Factory-direct prices for moving inflatables.
Smith Special Productions
Designers-creators of giant helium and air filled parade and display figure balloons since 1987. Offering a large rental inventory of balloons in various shapes, sizes and themes. Custom creations a specialty.
Unique Inflatables Limited
Manufacturer and exporter of inflatables, advertising balloons, bouncy castles and inflatable costumes.

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