Artemis Management Consultants, Inc.
Specializing in Corporate Culture Change Management. Moving work-life issues beyond policy and program to culture and work process change. Linking work-life issues to core business strategies.
The Association for Quality and Participation (AQP)
AQP improves institutions, both large and small, by changing the way companies view their work, relationships, organizational structures and communications.
Coraggio Group
Strategy and organizational change consultants. as well as providing keynotes on leadership and change. Based in Portland, Oregon.
Expressworks International, Inc.
Provides process improvement, organizational design and management development consulting, training and facilitation.
The Forum Corporation
Firm specializing in helping large companies achieve organizational change results by focusing on their customers.
Hargrave Consultancy
Assists clients in achieving profitable change through strategic business planning. Site also contains online strategic business planning quiz.
The Howland Group
Management consultants to organizational change specializing in organizational effectiveness and change strategy.
Innovative Information Techniques, Inc.
Help individuals, teams and organizations become more productive, customer-focused, and motivated by implementing and sustaining long-term change.
Inspiring Change
A UK based consulting firm working with organizational leaders to catalyze, facilitate, direct and monitor organizational change.
Miller Howard Consulting Group, Inc.
Approaches change from a whole systems standpoint, providing organizations with an overall business strategy that increases revenue, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction.
Morgan Clarke Consulting
A performance improvement consultancy that enables organisations to lead, implement and manage the process of change through people.
Uses technology and IT strategic consulting to drive organizational change.
Organization Transitions, Inc.
Organization development and change consulting with specialization in organizational learning and learning assessment.
Pantelis, Inc.
Focuses on increasing performance and profitability through strategic planning and effective team building.
Penta Scope
Specializing in the implementation of change processes and information systems.
Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.
Services include executive assessment, organization development, strategy implementation and customer surveys.
Pritchett & Associates, Inc.
Specializing in helping organizations develop adaptive systems that support organizational change.
Process Management International Ltd
Provide consultancy in process improvement, innovation and transformation and organisational development and change.
A Sense of Place
Helping people and organisations create their own futures through team building courses, initiating workplace change and organisational development.
Situation Management Systems, Inc.
Helps individuals and groups apply influence skills to business problems involving conflict and organizational change.
Business framework engineering and change management consultants.
Strategic Action Associates
Specializes in results-driven training, consulting and facilitation to drive strategic planning and organizational change efforts.
Balanced Scorecard consulting agency in South America, providing education, training and consulting on the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy-Focused Organization concepts.
Tinamou Consulting LLC
Utilizes facilitation techniques to help clients change and move rapidly to solutions.
UMS Group, Inc.
A global management consulting firm specializing in performance improvement and strategic change management.
Working Resources
A training and consulting firm that specializes in the design and facilitation of organizational transition and change.

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