This category contains individual resumes of Management professionals, from students to well-known established executives.
Ameres, M
Consultant and internet architect having objectives to gain experience in developing accounts, design innovative services, create effective teams, and deliver client value.
Anwar, Mahfoudhi
Senior level with Sales, Marketing and General Management background in Fast Moving Consumer Goods environment and emerging markets (Africa and Middle East). Trilingual: Arabic French English.
Baumgart, Chris
Senior executive manager for national Sales and Marketing Division of a multinational company.
Beauvais, Nicolas
Sales director experienced in IT B2B sales looking for a new position as General Manager in an international software or computer company, preferably one that is either starting-up or expanding in Europe.
Cooke, Jeff
Personal biography of manager describing global experiences and contact information.
Crenwelge, Clay
Extensive experience in support operations for government,robotic production equipment and project management assistance. Looking for a management position.
Grasso, Javier
Seeking a post in an international organization in administration. Owns MBA degree and BA in International Relations.
Heath, Gary
Executive consultant in product distribution, reverse and forward logistics, inventory management and software design supporting these business areas.
Keller, Vincent
Optimisation of the supply chain process: integration between customers, suppliers and intra enterprise to increase speed and communication
Mohanty, Surendra
MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, seeking a challenging position in Human Resource Development and Administration.
Monahan, Brendan
Marketing Communications Manager and Director of Corporate Communications.
Pangaro, Paul
Senior Director, lecturer and consultant, with expertise in Information Technology and web development.
Perrin, Guillaume
Postgraduate (equivalent Master level 5) in International Trade Negotiation. Skilled in Business Intelligence, Multicultural Negotiations, International Law, Finance.
Prescott, Jim
Compensation / Human Resource analyst from Madison, MS. Holds a BS in Administration with Major in Accounting.
Rankin, Wayne
Logistics Engineer and Proposal Manager in the Government Sector.
Sandefur, Mark
Architect and Project Manager with several years experience leading delivery of technological service engagements and projects, with a strong emphasis on Internet technologies and custom software design and development.
Simonet, Josette
Seeking a traineeship in quality management or a position as quality manager or assistant quality manager in UK, Ireland, Luxembourg or Belgium.
Slusher, Bill
Seeking position of Alliances Manager, Contracts Manager, ISV third party or Marketing Mananger with stable technology company in California and / or US. 20 years experience, willing to relocate.
Tietz, Dietmar
Development Director with over 20 years of professional experience in high tech environment at large companies and organizations in the USA and abroad.
Tiffin, Neil
Looking for challenging contract or interim management opportunities in supply chain, high-tech, product and software development, or process improvement areas.
Turner, Marilin
Executive benefits analyst, stock option administrator, compensation analyst.
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