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Feener Associates
Distributor of Carlson Learning Company products and DiSC personal profile system. Corporate training sessions in personnel management, facilitation skills, and conflict resolution.
Fight Your Corner
Provides business advice about a variety of issues including UK employment law, health and safety, business finance, information technology, UK taxation and VAT, start-up and coaching. Located in Scotland.
Finger Consulting
Provides leadership development, performance and executive coaching, derailment and exit prevention, conflict resolution, team effectiveness training, stress management seminars and pre-employment evaluations.
First River Consulting
A strategy consulting company focusing on the steel and other capital intensive industries. Specializes in helping senior managers develop and implement strategy under difficult competitive conditions
FirstMatter LLC
A consulting firm helping organizations in business model development, strategy work, scenario work, consumer behavior, advertising/communications, ideation, and new product/process development.
Fish Philosophy
Offering a new approach in dealing with company issues and having fun at it.
Fitch Associates Consulting Group
Consulting, facilitation, management training, coaching, and 360 feedback.
FMP/Flaman Management Partners Ltd.
A management consulting firm specializing in strategic management and business planning, project and program implementation, review and evaluation, information and technology management, and management of change.
FMRC Business Development
A management, training and consulting organization offering its services to professional practices, retail and service companies, as well as organizations in the public sector.
Global consulting firm in work-flow, knowledge management and technology.
Fountainhead Business Solutions, L.L.C.
Management consulting services for firms in the New York City area, specializing in business analysis and project management.
Fox Consulting Partners
A London-based firm providing business innovation and business development services for technology companies, new ventures and investors.
The Fusfeld Group, Inc.
Provides information on technology management consulting services, including courses and publications.
Consulting resource to training companies and IT customer education business units.
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