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Cal Tingey Enterprises
Firm that specializes in partnering, team building, corporate retreats, strategic planning, and partnering.
Cambium Group
Providing strategic business and marketing planning, marketing communications, web site design, and Internet e-commerce solutions.
Cambridge Consulting
Offering services related to performance development and organizational effectiveness.
Cameron Ralph Pty Ltd
An independent ratings agency providing Corporate Governance and Board Performance assessments for listed companies and major government and non-profit organisations.
Capital Ideas
A management consulting firm advising high technology companies, including startups, on strategy, business plans, product definition and implementation. California, USA.
Capital Restoration, LLC
Works primarily with under-performing companies to help find positive financial solutions based upon in-depth analysis and strategic planning using activity based simulation models. Based in Sudbury MA.
Caridas Consulting Group
Specializes in productivity improvements through a focus on people. Provides strategic planning, participative work and process redesign, executive coaching, profit improvement and organizational development.
Carr Communications
International communications resource with expertise in media relations, public relations, public information services, business and training consulting and management skills.
Case Strategy, LLC
Consulting services: Management session, strategy game plan, strategy implementation and investor intelligence.
The Catalyst
Provides strategies, services and products for the financial, retirement and housing sectors.
Catalyst Consulting Team
A strategic planning, leadership development, virtual collaboration and experiential learning consulting firm.
The Catalyst Group, Inc
Generating and retaining business through direct sales and service.
Catwalk Consulting
Management consulting, project planning, business systems analysis, applications development, quality assurance, documentation and education.
Centre for Innovative Leadership (CIL)
Systems thinking, scenario based strategy and leadership development.
The Centre for Mentoring
Provides a uniquely professional mentoring and executive coaching service for managers and leaders.
CEO Support Systems, Inc.
Senior management consulting based on their "Blueprint for a Healthy Organization" model.
Chaco Canyon Consulting
Works with people in problem-solving organizations who make complex products that need state-of-the-art teamwork.
Chaddsford Planning Associates
Provides business development services to both public sector and commercial organizations.
Challenge Course Consultancy
Designs and constructs challenge courses. Includes information about the owners and their process. Based in Kelso, Scotland.
Charles Nechtem Enterprises
Providing employee assistance services, international corporate programs, and training and consulting services.
Charlesview Management Group
Identifying and solving the issues impacting the growth and development of businesses.
Charney and Associates, Inc.
Specializing in streamlining operations, management processes, training, and communication skills.
Chaudhuri, Arindam
Trains CEOs for leadership, management practices, motivation, strategic vision, success achievement, and theory.
CHENTA Consulting
Change consultancy and coaching provides tailor-made services that are enduring and valuable.
Chinook Solutions Inc.
Consulting services for strategy management and project cultures. Specializing in strategic DNA methodology for clarity, alignment and focus.
Christensen Associates Management Consultants, Inc.
Offers seminars and workshops in futures research, project management, product development, and manager development. Located in Playa del Rey, California.
Christopher Allen & Associates
Focuses on providing strategic planning consulting services to businesses and organizations.
Christopher Bonner Consultants, Inc.
Counsels senior management of associations and corporations on positioning strategies and strategic communications. Located in McLean, Virginia.
Clark Training & Consulting
Instructional psychologist Dr. Ruth Clark provides training to improve instructional design and development programs. Seminars available in selected US cities.
Clark Wilson Group, Inc.
Provides organizational core competency assessments and surveys.
The Clemmer Group
Management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, organization assessment and team development.
Clinton Group Inc.
Service strategy consulting firm.
Clive Simpkins Strategic Communications
For expert consulting, transformation strategy and spindoctoring in corporate, personal, marketing, media and political communications.
Collins Consulting
Provides diverse consulting services including strategic planning, financial analysis, due diligence, project management and operational reviews.
Columbia Resource Group
Specializes in leadership, teambuilding, and organizational change.
Competitive Edge, Inc.
Consulting and training in improving employee effectiveness, team building, and employee-manager relationships.
Concept Systems Inc.
Provides organizational change and performance improvement services.
Consensus Technology Services
Specializes in collaborative problem solving and decision making by providing consulting, facilitation and training to support an organizational consensus driven process.
ConsultantC Ltd.
Management consultancy and strategy planning.
Consulting Office Sibylle May
Services offered include training classes and seminars, coaching, personnel and career consulting.
Contract Consultants Corporation
Services and resources for management consultants and consulting companies.
Core Pursuit, Inc.
Offers management consulting services including human resources, risk management, web design, and business strategy, planning and development.
Cornerstone Designs
Challenge course builders that specialize in the design, development and training specific to ropes courses, bouldering grottoes, and climbing walls. (Jonas Ridge, North Carolina)
Corporate Affairs International (CAI)
Consulting firm with expertise in economic and industrial/corporate development.
Corporate Development International
Specializing in joint ventures, investments and corporate development.
Corporate Learning Systems, Inc.
CLS is a full service consulting company offering training and support programs for sales, marketing, operations and team management initiatives.
Corporate Renaissance Group
Business management and technology consultants. Located in Ontario, Canada.
Corporate Strategy Institute
Specializing in personal and corporate strategic planning and restructuring consulting and key note speaking.
Corporate Training Consultants, Inc.
Helps establish a training or organizational learning function within clients' organizations.
Corporate Turnaround Management
Crisis and turnaround management specialist with a focus on corporate restructuring and re-engineering for improving shareholder value.
Corporate University Xchange
An education research and consulting firm that assists organizations in optimizing their education and training resources. Based in New York City.
Corporate Value Associates (CVA)
Firm focuses on the development and application of proprietary methodologies involving strategy, organization operations, and finance.
CorVu North America
Integrated consulting services and software solutions provider, focused mainly on performance management systems.
The Coughlin Company
Enhancing individual, group and organizational effectiveness.
The Crawford Group
Global consulting firm providing customized public policy consulting, marketing and human resources strategy planning, training and executive leadership development programs.
Cray Performance Corporation
Helping clients achieve their strategic objectives by improving the performance of people through training, incentives, recognition, information systems and research.
Creativity at Work
A resource for developing personal creativity and organizational innovation. Site features articles, tips, and a newsletter.
Creativity Unleashed
A journey around business creativity, with an online business bookshop, creativity techniques, free and shareware software.
Cross Technologies Inc.
Offers turnaround management, venture capital, investor relations, financing, crisis re-engineering, and assisting with creditor problems.
Crossroads Programs Inc.
Provides guidance and facilitation services in partnering, alliances and business ethics.
CRP Associates, Inc.
Specialized consulting to the broadcast industry and to financial institutions which lend or venture with media concerns throughout the world.
CTO4 Rent
Technology management consulting for start-ups, small businesses and large corporations.
Custodial Consulting Services
Providing total quality management systems for janitorial departments.
CyberQ Consulting
Specializes in continuous quality improvement within the software industry, focusing on quality education, processes, metrics and organization development.
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