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A.T. Kearney
Formulates strategic plans and uses operations and information technology to mobilize knowledge and resources and to make major improvements in a company's products and services, relationships or economics.
A.T. Kearney Careers Index
An international management consulting firm that mobilizes knowledge and resources to make major improvements in a company's products and services, relationships or economics.
ABS Consulting
A global safety, risk and integrity management company.
Absolute Business
Senior executives specializing in interim management, consulting and business acceleration, with expertise in operations, general management, finance, administration, marketing and sales, and technology.
ACA Group
An alliance of consultants and instructors providing services in the areas of business process improvements, business strategy, and systems implementation.
ACI Specialty Benefits Corporation
Provides employee assistance programs (EAP) nationwide, supporting employees and management through counseling and education.
Acumen International
An organizational development company focused on providing best-of-class assessment technology for individual, team, and organizational growth.
Adams Six Sigma
Specialist in total quality management, strategic planning, goal setting, team building, employee motivation, and statistical process control.
Adelard Steel Limited
Specialists in the business strategy, process improvement and project management.
Advance Consulting
A professional development company that specializes in helping companies build powerful, influential relationships with internal and external clients. Located in California.
Advention Business Partners
Global strategy consulting company with a differentiated business model, operating either on a project or partnership basis with its customers.
Adventure Associates, Inc.
Corporate training and team building.
Adventure Rope
Designers and constructors of challenge course apparatus.
Affinity Consulting
Provides consulting, facilitating, coaching and training services in strategy development, strategy implementation, continuous improvement, change management and leadership and team development.
Aimattech Consulting LLC
Multi-discipline management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, business development, interim, project and program management, global sales and marketing.
Alda & Associates
Business and financial consultant for strategic planning and business plans.
The Alexander Group
Provides strategic management, marketing and operations management services, and customized educational material.
Alexander/Hancock Associates
Providers of custom training and development services, based in Davidson, NC.
Allery Scotts
Offers a variety of consulting services, including operations management, IT, quality management, and corporate finance. Based in the UK.
Alpha-Omega Change Engineering
Professional trainers and consultants providing services in: training development, management and delivery; process improvement and reengineering; strategic planning; and assessments.
American Management Systems, Inc.
A international business and information technology consulting firm. Extensive information on their services and expertise, career opportunities, investor information and business news.
Andres Inn: A Consultant's Casebook
Consulting experiences and assignments from around the world in private and public sectors.
Personal site containing articles and papers of interest to the business consulting community.
Angle Plc
Planning, development, management, consulting, marketing, venture funds, and technology licensing services for science and research parks, technology-focused ventures.
Applied Focus
Management consultants specializing in developing leadership, reducing staff turnover, and improving communications and processes.
Applied Futures Inc. and Strategic Synthesis, Ltd.
Strategic planning services to commercial and government clients.
Arama Consulting
Established to pioneer participative methodologies in the renewal, restructuring and reconfiguring of organizations, institutions, industries, regions and other social systems. Based in Turkey.
Arch of Leadership
Mentoring programs that help business leaders to envision, achieve, and communicate their broad and encompassing visions and translate them into realities.
Areva International
A management consulting firm, providing sales, marketing and business development services for high tech ventures. Located in California's Silicon Valley.
Aridis Corporation
International management consultants.
The Ariel Group
Provides consulting and theater-based management training programs in executive communication, presentation skills, leadership, media coaching, public speaking, team building, creativity and business theater.
Artesient, Inc.
Specializes in IT, change leadership, business process, organizational development and training.
Arthur D. Little
Strategic consulting related to e-strategy, e-process, e-technology and e-finance.
Ascendant Partners
Professional consulting services to food, agribusiness and renewable energy organizations. Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States.
Aspen Family Business Group, LLC
International family business consultants. The Group offers a range of resources including books, monographs, consultation, keynote addresses, workshops, and conferences.
Astute Diligence
Management consulting firm specializing in due diligence. Chicago, Illinois.
ATI Systems
Emphasizes partnering facilitation services to aid managers in building project teams.
Atos Origin
A global management consulting and IT services firm, specialized in business and technology integration.
Avalon Consulting
Independent strategy and performance improvement management consultancy. Other services include marketing research, techno-economic feasibility studies, and site location studies. Based in India.
Avantt Consulting
Management consultants offering corporate strategic planning, merger and acquisition strategies, organizational development, succession planning, executive coaching and information technology strategy planning.
Axios Partners
Develops and implements corporate strategy and trains client teams.
Ayres & Associates
Provides assistance with management and staff development, planning, problem solving, financial analysis and budgeting. Based in Santa Rosa California.
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