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ASX Share Portfolio Manager
Free spreadsheet to manage an ASX share portfolio. Handles dividends and tax summary.
Basic Fixed Income
Educational calculators for Bonds, Repos, Swaps, Caps/Floors and Forward Rate Agreements.
Best Tax Back
Income tax calculator for UK residents
Bluewealth Software
Software calculators for financial, planning, stock analysis and portfolio optimization.
C2bii Profitability Calculator
Calculates profit and loss for investment plans, and evaluates the company bottom line impact result of proposed product pricing scenarios, bank loan terms and general what if scenarios.
The Calculator Site: Finance Calculators
Includes calculators for loans, car/auto loans, compound interest savings and mortgages as well as a currency converter.
Personal finance, financial analysis, loan, savings and other online calculators.
DataRevelation Inc.
Return on investment solver shareware calculator for calculating roi.
Software calculators for financial, investment, inflation, and statistics.
DerivaPro Pricing Tool
Free online financial and derivative pricing tools.
Discounted Cash Flow Models in Excel
Discounted cash flow (DCF) model spreadsheets for Excel.
Dr. Stock
Share value calculator to calculate any share's intrinsic value. Evaluates whether a stock price is considered overvalued or not.
Fairmont Technology Group
Windows-based investment performance measurement software to calculate time and dollar weighted returns.
Finance Logix
Financial calculation software for investment professionals and financial advisors, featuring retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, and investment analysis.
Financial Calculators
Financial calculators such as debt management, tax planning, insurance, investments, and savings.
Fiscal Agents Financial Services Group
Financial tools that provide investment and planning calculators designed to assist calculating financial options and opportunities.
Future Value of Savings Calculator
Future value and annuity calculator that calculates the future value of savings.
Hamilton Software
Investment analysis and portfolio management tools for individuals and professionals.
Harmony Business Solutions
Calculates the disallowed losses due to the wash sale rule covered under Internal Revenue Code Sec. 1091(a).
Home Buyers Calculator Suite
A collection of 12 real estate calculators for home buyers.
Free online calculator for creating a ladder of investments to provide dependable income.
Calculators for different aspects of personal financial planning.
ISoftware Limited
Investment and financial planning software tools designed for individuals and advisors.
Interest calculation software for loan repayments, interest on late payments, mortgage calculations, lease calculations, late rent and investment options comparisons.
Math Corp
Products used to calculate formula loan payments, deposit calculation formulas, and mortgage calculation formulas.
Mobile Car Payment Calculator
Online calculator to estimate your monthly car loan payments. Adjust loan amount, length and interest rate to calculate monthly repayments.
My Amortization Chart
Online amortization calculator that quickly shows loan payment, principal, interest, and balance.
Newman Information Systems
A set of fixed income analytical tools like bond calculators, bond swap, and total return analysis.
Pivot Point Calculator
Pivot Points are used to find support and resistance areas in the financial markets.
Real Estate Calculator Suite
A Windows-based collection 16 real estate calculators for home buyers and sellers that make real estate math easy.
Real Estate Tools
Property investment analysis software for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone.
REI Wise
Real estate investment software for a complete investment analysis.
Sharpe Ratio Calculator
Sharpe Ratio Calculator to calculate the risk-adjusted returns of share investments.
Silver Recyclers
Calculate the value of your precious metal jewelry, coins or bullion using the latest spot prices and currency exchange rates.
Soft Green Corporation
Property management and income analysis software.
Stamp Duty Calculator
Calculate stamp duty on a property bought in any state in Australia.
Time Value Software: Online Financial Calculators
Offers Web-based financial calculators for financial planning, mortgages and investing.
Tools for Money
Features a variety of personal finance software.
Basic online calculators for savings planning, growth and tax advantage estimates.
West Appraisal Analysis Inc.
Real estate appraisal software, calculates cap rates, yield rates, direct capitalization, and discounted cash flow analysis.
Wheatworks Software
Financial calculators for consumers and professionals in the banking, real estate, mortgage and financial services industries.
The Yield Book
A fixed income analytics system.
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