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Addaptron Software
Decision support software for investors to pick the best stocks, maximize performance, and manage portfolios. Prediction is based on fundamental, technical, and timing analyses together.
AIQ Systems
Provider of artificial intelligence based technical analysis software to individuals and professionals. The software analyzes stocks, bonds, futures, mutual funds and ETFs.
Software for creating market simulation models for price forecasting of real world stocks and other securities. Thousands of competing and adapting trading bots collectively generate trading signals.
Develops risk management and portfolio optimization software.
AssetBook Inc.
Provides advisors with a combination of web based software and personalized service.
The spreadsheet templates allows computation of direct and full allocated margin, internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), and return on investment (ROI).
Byte Consulting Inc.
Provides research and analytics support and technology consulting services in the fixed income and real estate domain.
Catalyst Corner
A financial website that provides research on companies with significant milestones or "catalysts" coming up in the near term.
Chart Oasis
Free technical analysis software with support for 27 countries, free services and information on investing.
Investment software package for stock charting, screening, and researching securities on the major US and Canadian stock exchanges.
Checklist Investor
Individual investors can work through checklists that are generated by the software according to different investment strategies.
Churr Software
The Stock Investment Guide (SIG) is a tool for performing fundamental stock analysis of publicly traded companies and determining buy, hold, and sell prices.
Conscious Investing
Stock investing and analysis software used to screen and sort companies for potential investment.
Digital Trading Tools
How to use modern computer hardware and software for day-trading and active investing. Includes software reviews, book reviews, and a discussion forum.
Excel based trading software developed for trading in foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and indices.
Investment software that monitors stock investments and sets exit strategies for portfolio holdings.
Provides investment management training, tools and resources to individuals and organizations.
Floodlight Investing
Strategic asset allocation and portfolio construction service for financial advisers and investment professionals. Subscription based.
Collection of advanced forecasting algorithms for Equis Metastock. ARIMA with seasonal trend detection. Stepwise multivariate regression.
Gann Trading
Software for applying the strategies of WD Gann.
Free financial stock market charting software for end of day stock quote data download, charting, and screening.
High Growth Stock
Software tools that perform comparative analyses of many groups of securities.
Free financial market visualization tool for the charting, analysis and prediction of different stock markets.
Investment Audit Systems
Calculate cost basis and entitlements from trade information, historical corporate actions, prices and dividend data.
A trading platform for the research, development and execution of automated trading systems in equities, futures and FOREX.
iStock Systems
Provides software for the Indian stock market. Whether you are a first time investor, a seasoned pro, an "in and out" day trader or a long term investor, there are systems available.
Tool for financial advisors to model portfolios and produce customized reports.
Mad Scan
MadScan is a stock scanner. It is a real time stock alert company dedicated to helping its clients receive the latest, up to date stock information for stock trading online.
Market Technologies
Offers VantagePoint trading software which uses neural networks to forecast prices.
2D and 3D charting compares hundreds of stocks on one screen.
Software application that enables quantitative developers and financial engineers to model and deploy financial analytics in a controlled and easy-to-use environment.
MicroTrends Ltd
NinjaScript software development services and NinjaTrader products to independent traders.
Neural Network Stock Prediction
Software that uses a three level neural network which provides stock quotes and historical backtesting to make a prediction.
Options Neuromaster
Stock trading software that uses neural networks and other artificial intelligence technologies.
Provides software solutions for investment management analytics and workflow management.
Piatek Software
PortfolioTK provides quantitative statistics and portfolio tracking.
Develops PocketPC software to manage and analyze portfolios of bonds, options, option spreads and hedged stock positions.
Portfolio Correlation Pro
A free investment performance analysis tool available for immediate download.
Portfolio Monkey
Provides free online portfolio management tools to manage risk, optimize and rebalance portfolios, and find uncorrelated investment ideas.
Advanced (multi-databases) trading software with back-testing features, charting and drawing capabilities, several plug-ins and a sharing server where traders can review, vote and share trading items.
Quote Downloader
stock quote downloader for Yahoo, Google
RT Swing Trader Software
Web-based software program analyzes market action and projects market swings using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principals.
Scila Surveillance
A trading surveillance tool for exchanges, other market places, regulators and compliance departments. The system is built on modern technology by experts in the fields of market surveillance and trading engine development.
Software for fundamental analysis, not technical analysis of market movements. Sharepricer calculates fair value for the company share. It is also possible to compare what kind of expectations are present in the market prices of different companies.
Asset allocation and portfolio optimization software.
Stock Fusion
Market scan and portfolio optimization software with enterprise database connectivity and distributed grid performance.
Stock Reflex
Software that allows virtually trading stocks while replaying their historical stock charts.
Style Research
Stock portfolio analysis and graphing software.
Tao Analytics
Investment software technology for the investment management industry.
Fixed income analytics software development tools. Provides fixed income calculations software for the financial services industry.
Trade From Home
Offers an investment and charting software package for shares of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
Trader Bots
Specializes in making technical investing easy to access for the average investor by using artificial intelligence.
TradingDiary Pro
Trading journal and performance recorder with a wide range of configurations, useful statistics and reports.
Trend Catch
Subscription based software that computes the short term market trend for day trading the E-mini futures and the FX spot market.
Triage Trading
Messaging software that connects trading platforms to phone, mobile device, FAX, instant messenger and e-mail.
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