News letters with investment information or advice. Readers should realize that the newsletters in the field of investing range in quality and reliability from ones that are written by fully licensed and regulated financial professionals (with excellent long term track records) as well as by writers with virtually no financial background but who may have taken this on as a hobby or business (for example, offering advice from their limited personal experience). Check independent reviewers for background, longevity and performance of funds and please read the fine print of any site you visit if you are more than a casual "browser."

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Consensus National Futures and Financial Weekly
Contains market letters, special reports, and technical analysis.
Futures Truth
A bi-monthly newsletter in which publicly offered futures trading systems are ranked based on performance.
Gann Global Financial
Providing traders and investors with historical market forecasting.
The Gartman Letter
Daily financial newsletter and trading advice.
The Hightower Report
Stocks and commodities forecast service using both fundamental and technical analysis.
Inside The Market
Commentary, market direction, picks and plays in stocks, index futures, and the OEX.
Inter-Market Relationships Analysis
Provides a chart-based daily review of global capital markets. Covers stocks, fixed income and commodity markets.
Jim Wyckoff on the Markets
Charts and analysis for futures traders by Jim Wyckoff, seasoned analyst.
Money and Markets
Offering daily financial advice, investment news and analysis, including investing in oil and gold.
Penny Stock Strategy
Penny stock strategies and how to get started in investing.
Stan Tamulevich's Marketline
Daily futures trading fax and email advisory.
Trend Pointers
Analyzes the news and indices to provide investors with actionable information first for better returns on any investments.
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