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Sadoff Investment Management LLC
Manage investments and retirement plans. Describes investment strategy, client benefits. Features monthly newsletter and contact details.
Sage Financial Group
Offers fee-based financial planning and investment management services.
Sanco Services Managed Asset Allocation
An investment manager specializing in portfolio asset allocation. Diversification, Quality and Income are key concepts. Manager actively trades positions in well established, profitable NYSE companies.
Sandalwood Securities
Hedge funds, alternative and non-traditional investment strategies. A multi-manager/multi-strategy approach to investing.
Sanford C. Bernstein and Co., Inc.
Manages portfolios and provides investment research.
Santa Barbara Asset Management, Inc.
Provides investment counsel and portfolio management services.
Sargent Bickham and Associates
Fee only firm providing services on an independent and objective basis.
Schnieders Capital Management, LLC
Provides wealth management for individuals, families and corporations.
Schroder Investment Management Limited
A global asset management company.
Seilern Investment Management Ltd.
Portfolio management services for high net worth individuals, family trusts and institutions.
Select Financial Group, LLC
Offers asset management and insurance services. Features guides, research and contact details.
Sensible Investment Strategies
A fee-only registered investment adviser, specializes in customized asset allocation.
SG Asset Management
International fund managers active on all financial markets.
Shaker Investments
Equity portfolios representing small and mid-cap companies whose attributes favor exceptional, long-term investment performance.
Sheaff Brock Investment Advisors, LLC.
Investment advisory firm providing portfolio management and financial advisory services located in Indianapolis, IN.
Shearwater Capital, LLC
Offers customized investment solutions based on academic principles. Prepares diversified portfolios tailored to investment goals and risk preferences.
Sheffield Investment Management, Inc.
Registered investment counseling firm based in Atlanta, Ga.
Shilanski and Associates, Inc.
Investments and financial planning and education.
Signia Capital Management
Managing investments for individual investors and institutions.
Siguler Guff & Company, LLC
Independent, multi-strategy private equity firm based in New York
Slayton Lewis, Inc.
Offers financial planning and investment services.
Sonata Capital Group
Investment advice for individuals, families and foundations.
Sontag Advisory LLC
Provides solutions to individuals, non-profit organizations and retirement plans. New York, NY, USA.
Southbrook Capital Management LLC
A registered investment advisor specializing in mortgage and asset backed securities.
Sovereign Offshore Limited
International financial advisers.
SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Features investment strategies, offers fundamental research based on direct company visits.
Spin-Off Advisors, L.L.C.
Investment research boutique, registered investment advisor and hedge fund manager.
Spyglass Investment Management Corporation
Registered investment advisory providing fee-based asset management to individuals and corporations.
Stamford Asset Management Limited
Multi-manager investment solutions for institutions and high net worth individuals.
Stellar Capital Management, LLC
An independent money management firm providing custom tailored professional portfolio management of stocks and bonds.
Stepp & Rothwell, Inc.
Offers fee-only advice and assistance on estate, tax and education planning, cash flow and risk management, and wealth accumulation and preservation. Kansas, USA.
Stolper and Company
Investment advisory firm for high net worth clients.
Stonebridge Capital Management Incorporated
A professional investment firm dedicated to serving the special requirements of affluent individuals and institutions.
Storkey & Co Limited
Offers international management consultancy services. Specializing in sovereign debt, cash and risk management for central and local governments.
Summit Global Management Inc.
Firm focusing on water industry stocks and hard asset based companies.
Suncoast Equity Management, Inc.
Provides investment advisory services to individuals, families and foundations, as well as to corporate pension, profit-sharing plans and individual retirement accounts.
Sycamore Financial Group
Regional firm that specializes in investment management.
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