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MacKellar & Associates
Estate and financial planning services, insurance and investment products.
Main Street Research LLC
Provides investment and wealth management expertise to a limited number of individuals and institutions through a fee-based arrangements.
Marathon Strategic Advisors, LLC
Strategies and solutions for the long-term investment needs of individuals, corporations, trusts, estates, and retirement programs.
Marcuard Family Office
Financial estate and tax planning.
Marque Millennium Capital Management
U.S. large-cap value equity money manager.
Martin Capital Advisors
A registered investment advisor managing individual investment portfolios and mutual funds forlong term capital appreciation and income.
Marvin & Palmer
Investment manager founded in 1986 and focuses exclusively on equity management.
Mast Investment Advisors LLC
Registered investment advisory firm providing investment management services to individuals and institutional accounts.
Matthai Capital Management
Offers portfolio management services. Features articles and a glossary of investment terms.
McDonough Capital Management
Financial advisory in areas of investment, retirement, estate tax, and insurance planning.
McGibbon Asset Management
Professional money management in the Denver Area. Specializing in growth stocks and risk management.
McMahan Capital Management
Financial planning and investment advisory firm offering retirement and estate planning, and portfolio management. based in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Medford Financial Group, Inc.
Management firm focused on providing investment advice and services.
Meeder Financial Services
Custom investment solutions for individual and institutional investors since 1974.
Members Capital Advisors, Inc.
Investment management company serving credit unions and their members.
Mercer Asset Management
Investment advisory firm providing portfolio management and financial planning services.
Meridian Business Group
Asset management, transfer agent, and web services for individuals and small businesses.
Merk Investments
SEC registered investment advisor serving private clients in the US and Europe.
Merriman, Paul
Registered investment advisors that deal strictly with no-load mutual funds.
Millennium Trust Company, LLC
Trustee for IRA's, pension plans and personal trusts for individuals and investment advisors.
Millie Capital Management
An investment management company located in San Ramon, California.
Mission Management & Trust Co.
Investment management, domestic and global securities custody, and personal trust services.
Mitchell Capital
Registered Investment Advisor serving employee benefit plans, foundations, and individual investors with accounts of $400,000 and above.
MKP Capital Management, L.L.C.
Private investment management company and registered investment advisor.
Monaghan Financial Services Inc.
Investment advisory firm providing portfolio management and financial planning services located in Denver, CO.
Money Advisors Group
Registered investment advisor based in Tampa, Florida.
Company offers financial services products.
Montanaro Investment Managers
An independent investment company specializing in UK and European smaller companies.
Montgomery Investment Management Inc.
Provides portfolio management services.
Moore Wealth Inc
Offers asset allocation and retirement planning strategies, estate planning, defined enefit and college funding plans. Specializes in working with business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. Frederick, MD, USA.
MRM Asset Allocation
Investment advisory firm, specializing in low risk strategies for long term accumulation.
MRM-Horizon Financial Advisors
Offering equity management services to high net worth individuals, families, and institutions.
MW Investment Strategy Group
Offering financial planning and investment management services to individuals and families.
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