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B.C. Ziegler and Company
Investment manager and provider of institutional investment services with expertise in church and school financing.
Badgley, Phelps and Bell
Investment counsel for high net-worth individuals and institutions since 1966.
Specializing in multi-asset portfolio management, real estate and alternative investments for high net worth individuals and institutions.
Baker Ellis Asset Management LLC
Provides investment management services to high-net-worth individuals, institutions and non-profit organizations.
Baker Steel Capital Managers LLP
Specialist investment managers in the gold, precious metal and natural resources sectors, managing the Genus Natural Resources Fund and Genus Dynamic Gold Fund. London, United Kingdom.
Baker Street Advisors, LLC
Offers private wealth management services. Company details and research information.
Bares Capital Management, Inc.
Discretionary investment management for private individuals and institutions using value investing principles.
Baring Asset Management
A global investment management firm.
Barrett Capital Management, LLC
Independent money management firm specializing in equity, fixed income and hedge fund portfolios.
Bartlett and Co.
Providing investment advisory services, custom tailored portfolios and investment education to both institutional and private clients.
Baxter Investment Management
Manages fixed income, equity, and balanced investment portfolios for foundations, endowments, and high net worth individuals.
BBR Partners
Financial solutions for a select community of wealthy investors.
Beam Capital Management, LLC
An independent investment management and advisory firm catering to individuals, foundations, endowments, and corporate retirement plans. New York, NY, USA.
Becker Capital Management
A 100% employee owned registered investment advisor managing assets for individuals, corporate pension and profit sharing trusts, multi-employer trusts and endowment funds.
Bedlam Asset Management
Manages equity portfolios. Information on funds, news and market commentary.
Bell Investment Advisors
Provides financial planning and investment management to individual investors and corporate entities.
Big Oak Advisors
Employee benefits, group insurance and retirement plans.
Bill Few Associates, Inc.
A wealth management firm specializing in retirement planning, estate planning, portfolio management, and IRA accounts based in Pennsylvania.
Bill's Asset Management
Investment Advisory with offices in Nashville and Knoxville areas.
Brandes Investment Partners, L.P.
Advisor center allowing professionals to view client's accounts on line.
Bridge Financial Technology
Outsourced trading, model management and rebalancing, performance reporting, reconciliation, and on-demand billing.
Bridges Investment Counsel, Inc.
Full service investment management firm founded in 1945.
Bridgewater Advisors Inc
Fee-only investment management and financial planning.
British Columbia Investment Corporation
Professional funds management services for public bodies and publicly administered trust funds.
Brotherton Investment Consultants, LLC
Portfolio management and total wealth planning.
Brown Advisory
Provides investment management, strategic advisory and brokerage services.
Buckingham Asset Managers
A registered investment advisor and money management firm.
Bullard, Mcleod and Associates, Inc.
Offers tailored investment advice, financial planning and portfolio management to suit clients objectives.
Bullhound Funds
Discretionary asset management for technology investments.
Burroughs Hutchinson
Fee based investment management for individuals, families, trusts, non-profits and corporations. Links to resources, newsletters and articles.
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