When a mutual fund company offers two or more mutual funds, it is considered to have a "Family" of funds. Most Fund Families are composed of numerous, categorized, specific mutual funds.

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Activa Mutual Funds
Offers three equity funds and one bond fund managed by different management companies.
Primarily growth funds and a money market option.
Alliance Capital
Provides a wide selection of municipal bond funds and US and global equity and bond funds.
Amana Mutual Funds Trust
Invests its growth and income funds according to Islamic principles.
American AAdvantage Funds
Multi-manager family of funds offering a balance of fund types.
American Century
Money market, bond, balanced, sector and equity funds.
American Funds
A family of funds covering investment mixes from money market to aggressive growth.
Ameriprise Financial
Over 200 mutual funds, money market funds, fixed and variable annuities.
Aquila Funds
Specializes in tax-free single state income funds for states with high tax rates.
Artisan Funds
No-load mutual funds.
Baron Funds
Provides no-load mutual funds that invest in small and medium-sized growth companies.
Bishop Street Funds
Load funds managed by Bishop Street Capital Management.
Burgundy Asset
Provides a variety of value funds to institutions and high net worth individuals.
Burnham Funds
Provides money market, financial services sector, long-term growth, and Dow 30 focused funds.
California Investment Trust
Fund group offers a handful of index funds and bond funds with a focus on California investors.
Calvert Investments, Inc.
Provides mutual funds that invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies.
CGM Funds
Family of 4 mutual funds. Most notably the home of the CGM Realty Fund that invests in real estate securities, including shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).
Charles Schwab
Offers a family of stock, bond, and money market funds as well as funds of funds.
Chesapeake Funds
Specializes in equity growth funds.
Delaware Funds
With over 68 years of investment management experience and over 60 mutual funds.
Domini Social Investments
Small family of mutual funds. Utilizes screening, shareholder activism, and community investing. United States.
Distributor of investment insight and solutions which include mutual funds (equity, bond and money market), separately managed accounts and institutional portfolios.
Dupree Mutual Funds
Specializes in single state no-load municipal bond funds, including Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee offerings.
DWS Investments' Mutual Funds
Extensive line of broad and specialized mutual funds offered by the Deutsche Bank Group.
Federated Investors Funds
Offers a selection of domestic and international income and equity funds.
First American Funds
Create a personalized, diversified portfolio via our 38 mutual funds.
First Eagle Funds
Unique fund company offers a non-diversified domestic fund and a non-diversified international fund.
First Focus Funds
Offers a variety of funds for retail and institutional investors.
First Investors
First Investors mutual funds and other products.
Firsthand Funds
Six science and technology funds based in California's Silicon Valley.
Forester Funds
Offers two funds focusing on value and managed by Forester Capital Management.
Founders Funds
Offers 10 no-load funds ranging from aggressive small cap and international funds to balanced and income funds.
FundX Upgrader Funds
No-load mutual fund family managed by using the Upgrading Strategy from the NoLoad FundX newsletter.
Gabelli Funds, Inc.
Offers a variety of value, growth and specialized equity funds, as well as fixed-income and closed-end convertible and equity funds.
Global Asset Management (USA)
Provides a range of US and international bond, equity and hedge funds. Registration required.
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Offers an array of money market, fixed income, asset allocation, and international and domestic equity funds.
Green Century Funds
Two no-load funds founded by respected non-profit environmental organizations.
Guardian Investor Services LLC
Provides managed investments vehicles, from mutual funds to tax deferred annuities to retirement savings programs.
Hennessy Funds
Provides two funds based on the Dogs of the Dow strategy.
Heritage Asset Management
Mutual fund company offering a diverse family of open-end mutual funds. Provider of financial services, investment management and retirement planning services.
HighMark Funds
Offers a range of mutual funds, from conservative money market funds to more aggressive growth funds.
Huntington Funds
Offers equity, fixed-income, and money market mutual funds.
ICON Funds
Offers a wide variety of sector and regional funds.
Integrity Mutual Funds, Inc.
Specializes in municipal bond funds and also offers an equity fund of funds.
Invesco AIM Funds
Offers a large selection of funds in the major categories with different share classes, plus annuities, retirement plans, college saving and separate accounts.
Australian and international fund broker. Also provides commentary, information and tools on managed funds, shares and other investments.
Ivy Funds
Offers nine aggressive international funds, three aggressive domestic funds and one bond fund.
J.P. Morgan Funds
Provides fund profiles, performance information and commentary on J.P Morgan's extensive line of fixed income, money market and equity funds.
Jamestown Funds
Relatively small fund family offers a balanced fund, an international fund, a domestic fund and a tax exempt (Virginia) fund.
Janus Capital Group
Global investment manager offering institutional and intermediary clients and individual investors complementary asset management disciplines including growth and risk-managed strategies.
John Hancock Funds
Provides a large selection of domestic and international income and equity funds to individuals and institutions.
Kinetics Mutual Funds
Internet and aggressive growth funds.
Lazard Funds
Offers a range of domestic and international bond and equity funds focusing on value.
Litman Gregory Masters Funds
Uses due diligence skills to assemble portfolio managers within a single mutual fund.
Loomis Sayles & Company L.P.
Provides a family of funds, primarily value based but also including bond funds and an aggressive growth offering.
Lord, Abbett & Co.
Provides more than 30 funds covering several bond and equity investment styles.
Mackenzie Investments
Offers a large selection of bond and equity funds to US and Canadian investors.
MainStay Funds
Offers taxable and tax exempt income, value, and growth equity funds.
Mairs and Power Funds
The Mairs and Power Growth Fund and the Mairs and Power Balanced Fund.
Marketocracy Funds Family
Two mutual funds. One managed by the site users, the other focusing on technology funds.
Marshall Funds
Provides money market, income, and a range of equity funds.
Marsico Funds
Offers a focus fund and a growth and income fund.
MFS Mutual Funds
A family of over fifty funds covering all areas of the investment spectrum.
Monetta Funds
Seven no-load mutual funds focusing on growth using fundamental analysis to make trading decisions.
Monteagle Funds
A family of no-load domestic equity and fixed income funds.
Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management
Provides a selection of fixed income, domestic, and international equity funds to institutional investors.
North Track Funds
Offers a tax exempt bond, equity index, and equity funds along with financial, technology and healthcare sector funds.
Northern Funds
A variety of money market, growth and income funds managed by Northern Trust.
Numeric Investors L.P.
A small family of value and growth funds using quantitative investment principles.
Oak Associates Funds
Offers seven no-load growth funds: large-cap, all-cap, small-cap, technology and health care.
Oakmark Funds
Provides domestic and international equity funds.
OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
Offers municipal bond; taxable bond; balanced; value, growth and global equity; and real asset funds.
Papp and Associates
Provides long term growth, focus, and international funds.
Parnassus Investments
Family of screened funds. United States.
PAX World Mutual Funds
Family of mutual funds that use a sustainable-investing approach to determine which companies to invest in, based on environmental, social and green criteria, in addition to financial analysis.
Payden and Rygel
Offers a variety of bond funds in addition to domestic, European, and global equity funds.
Pearl Mutual Funds
Offers a total return fund and an aggressive growth fund investing primarily in other mutual funds.
Pioneer Funds
Provides a selection of funds for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors.
Principal Mutual Funds
A family of growth, income, and international funds with four share classes.
Provident Institutional Funds
Institutional money market funds.
Prudent Bear Funds
No-load, actively-managed short mutual funds for declining stock market and declining dollar and rising gold prices.
Quadrus Group of Funds
Mutual fund family in Canada, offering a wide variety of Canadian and international funds and funds of funds.
Quaker Funds
Offers equity mutual funds specializing in traditional as well as alternative investment strategies in a variety of market capitalizations and investment styles.
Rainier Funds
Five no-load funds named after the mountain.
Robertson Stephens Funds
Offers contrarian value as well as growth and aggressive growth funds.
Royce Funds
Specializes in micro and small cap funds with both concentrated and diversified offerings.
Security Benefit Group
Offers funds in a range of risk/return categories with three share classes.
Selected Funds
Provides US Treasury, small-cap growth, and growth and income funds.
Shay Assets Management
Chicago-based Shay Assets is the adviser to the Asset Management Fund (AMF) family of no-load mutual funds and the M.S.B. Fund.
Sit Mutual Funds
Offers several funds ranging from money market to development market offerings.
Smith Breeden Associates
Global asset management firm.
STAAR System Trust
A family of two bond funds and four funds-of-funds covering large, small, international and alternative equities.
STI Classic Funds
Managed by Trusco Capital Management, this fund family includes more than 38 stock and bond funds.
T. Rowe Price
Provides domestic and international equity funds as well as taxable, tax-free, and international bond funds.
Thornburg Funds
Offers income, both taxable and tax exempt, and domestic and global value funds.
Thrivent Funds
Funds offered by a fraternal benefit society of Lutherans joined together for insurance, investment, educational and volunteer opportunities.
Touchstone Investments
Provides a variety of value, growth and specialized equity funds, as well as fixed income and money market funds for individual and institutional investors.
US Global Investors
A mutual fund company; provider of financial services; investment management; gold; precious metals and retirement.
USA Mutuals
Managers of focused funds such as ViceFund and Generation Wave Growth Fund. They also offer insured cash-sheltered accounts.
Van Eck Global
Specializes in global funds including bonds, equities, hard assets, and real estate.
Victory Funds
Offers a variety of funds, but mostly equity and specialty funds.
Vontobel Funds
Provides six fixed income and equity funds investing in US and international securities.
Waddell and Reed
Offers a range of fixed income, balanced, and growth funds including domestic and international securities.
Wasatch Funds
Offers a US Treasury fund and five equity funds including micro-cap growth and value funds.
Wells Fargo Funds
With 67 funds, this bank covers a wide variety of mutual funds.
Westcore Funds
Offers twelve no load fixed income and growth funds.
Wright Investors' Service
Offers a broadly diversified family of Blue Chip mutual funds.
Yacktman Funds
Provides two no load funds, one diversified and one focused, aimed at providing a blend of growth and value investing.
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