This category lists individual closed-end funds and CEF families. Closed-end (or "close-end") funds (CEFs) are distinguished from open-end funds (eg., mutual funds and exchange-traded funds) because they don't increase available shares as investment dollars received by the fund come in. Moreover, with open-ended funds, the quantity of shares decreases when investors withdraw money by selling shares. This is the basis of some investors preferring certain, specific kinds of well managed closed end funds. Its manager has the freedom to avoid selling illiquid, slowly traded shares they hold and further protects the closed end from massive "all at once" liquidations. However, buyers must learn the ropes, because being closed end in no way assures the quality of the managers or the investment potential of the fund. Another major difference between CEFs and mutual funds, is that the shares of the former are traded in stock exchanges, as if they were ordinary company stock.

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Alpine Closed-End Funds
Funds managed by Alpine Woods Capital Investors with an active, value-oriented, investment methodology practiced on global equity and real estate.
Asia Pacific Fund
Holdings consist of investments in equity securities of companies in the Asia Pacific region (NYSE:APB).
DWS Investments CEFs
Stock-exchange-traded funds managed by the Deutsche Bank Group, including the New Germany Fund (NYSE: GF) and the Central European Equity Fund (NYSE: CEE).
Equus II Incorporated
Makes equity investments in small and medium-sized privately owned companies (NYSE:EQS).
Family of funds including utlity, global multi-media, and equity trust.
Liberty Asset Management Company
Press releases, descriptions, and prices for All Star Equity (NYSE:USA) and All Star Growth (NYSE:ASG) funds.
Mexico Fund Inc.
Invests in stocks listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange.
Morgan Meighen & Associates
Fund family that includes two Canadian (TSE:CGI THD) and one global fund(TSE:CWF).
Preferred Income Funds
Offers two preferred stock funds that trade on the NYSE.
Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors, Inc.
Providers of research, consulting, stock brokerage and investment advisory services and managers of The Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund, Inc.
Tricontinental Corporation
Invests primarily in common stocks with an objective of producing long-term growth of both capital and income while providing reasonable current income.
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