Websites related to investing in precious metals. There are numerous ways to invest in precious metals, including: owning the metal itself; owning a certificate that is backed by physical metal; owning shares in mining companies; owning precious metals through Exchange Traded Funds; and owning precious metals within your own Independent Retirement Account (IRA). There is more than one way of putting precious metals into your IRA (you can store physical metal at a specialized IRA Custodian) or you can buy mining shares, precious metal trusts, or Exchange Traded Funds that specialize in precious metals. A number of Bullion Dealers are listed here. These dealers specialize in buying and selling precious metal bullion based on current market spot prices. Bullion dealers do not usually offer historical coins at premium "collectors' prices". If you are not sure which investment vehicle is best for you then you should try to find out more about investing in precious metals by doing some research and/or speaking with a financial adviser.

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Butler Research
Issues a monthly publication on the primary forces effecting precious metals and other markets. Its sole author is Ted Butler. The main purpose of the research and commentary is to provide a genuinely independent view of the markets.
CFTC Commitments Of Traders Report
Commodity Futures Trading Commission COT report for gold, silver and copper regularly updated. Important statistics used to understand the trading environment for gold and silver.
India Bullion
A site providing news and analysis on precious metals with special coverage on the Indian market. Dynamic quotes, charts, news and research.
Investment Rarities Incorporated
Commentaries on investment in precious metals. Archive of the precious metal investment commentary, including, Ted Butler, and the Mogambo Guru.
Metal Silver & Co
Resources on precious metals and mining stocks, charts and quotes. Mobile application Precious Metal Spot.
A business-to-business trading community hub for raw material commodity exchanges in precious metal. Designed to promote the trading of goods and services by bringing buyers and sellers together.
Miles Franklin
Provides the reader with a continuous analysis of the precious metal market. Has a range of actual investment strategies and a case study of precious metals with contributors from other sites and analysts from different companies.
The Perth Mint
Originally established to mint gold sovereigns for the British Empire. The Mint is owned by the Western Australian Government and is Australia's specialist precious metals mint. Produces collector and investment coins. This site offers a wide range of precious metal gift and collectable items, as well as investment products and services.
Platinum Today
Presents metals prices, applications and sources, supply and demand analysis, and a review of scientific research.
Royal Gold, Inc.
Explores for, acquires, develops and produces gold mining properties. Provides consulting services to companies serving the mining industry. (Nasdaq: RGLD).

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