Full Service brokerage firms usually offer investment advice, stock and bond portfolio management, research and stock recommendations, and typically have a physical address where a client can meet with a broker or representative. To be listed in this category the firm needs to have offices, real or virtual in the United States.

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Abel/Noser Corp.
Offers trading for institutional investors and trade cost analysis.
Alamo Capital
A substantial, fixed income specialist in California; it buys, sells and underwrites municipal bonds and taxable, fixed income securities. Nationwide, full service broker.
Beaufort Securities
A UK regulated stockbroker providing a range of services from advisory, execution only and online trading.
Bedics Financial
A privately operated Investment Management firm located in Bethlehem, PA. Visit our website for more information on how we manage stock, bond, and mutual fund portfolios.
BTR Capital Management
Professional asset management for individuals, foundations, IRAs, and retirement plans.
Burgeonvest Securities Limited
Independent, full-service investment dealer serving the needs of private, corporate, and institutional clients.
Cabrera Capital Markets, Inc.
A broker-dealer registered with the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD), the Municipal Securities Review Board (MSRB) and the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC). Chicago, IL, USA.
Christopher Street Financial
Firm providing life and wealth management for the gay, lesbian and supportive community.
City Index Ltd
Provides trading advice, discretionary, and execution services to traders and investors.
Coastal Securities
A full service investment firm focused on fixed-income securities.
Conrad Capital Management, Inc.
A Registered Investment Advisory Firm, based in New York State, with full service, specializing in estate, retirement, and investment planning.
Davenport and Company LLC
Providing clients with investment advice for over 135 years.
Divine Capital Markets LLC
Woman owned and operated full service market making firm specializing in institutional execution and investment banking.
Edward Jones
Offers individualized service with risk level based on each person's needs and goals. Serving the United States and Canada.
The Financial Company, Inc.
Independent brokerage offering mutual funds, annuities, stocks, bonds, options, and estate planning.
First Tryon Securities
Brokerage firm offering investment grade corporate bonds through our real time bond inventory for broker dealers.
Global Securities Corporation
Full service brokerage working closely with both individual and institutional clients.
Harbour Investments, Inc.
Brokerage and investment advisory serves.
Janssen Partners
A registered NASD broker dealer providing a diverse range of investment banking, merchant banking, and brokerage services.
La Jolla Cove Investors
Advisors specializing in stock sales of rule 144, form 144, securities and other restricted stock loans.
Master's Financial Group
Financial planning advisors focusing on retirement and estate planning, financial planning, and investments.
Moors and Cabot, Inc.
Over a century of experience and personalized account services ensure.
Multi-Bank Securities
A full service investment firm, specializing in the sales and trading of fixed income securities. Member NASD, SIPC and MSRB.
Mutual Securities, Inc.
Brokerage services to independent registered representatives.
National Securities Corp.
An independent full service brokerage firm offering professional, individual services for fifty years.
Oriental Patron Financial Services
Online trading, mutual fund, corporate finance, and direct investment. Expert advising on raising corporate capital overseas.
Partnervest Financial Group LLC
Providing broker dealer services, backoffice operations compliance, and investment solutions for financial institutions, individual investors, and financial planners.
PTI Securities and Futures L.P.
Full service brokerage offering managed accounts.
Questar Capital Corporation
A national securities broker dealer and registered investment advisor.
R.M. Stark and Co., Inc.
Full Service stock and bond broker. Retirement, financial planning and portfolio review services available.
Rhodes Securities, Inc.
Independent full service brokerage offering investment consulting to their customers including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, CDs, managed accounts, qualified retirement plans, variable annuities and financial planning.
RJR Associates Inc.
Investment professionals helping a broad spectrum of investors establish and achieve long-term investment goals.
Securities Service Network, Inc.
SSN is the Nation's first Fee-Based Broker-Dealer proudly servicing a community of financial professionals across the country.
Syndicated Capital, Inc.
Independent broker/dealer affiliate of Pacific Income Advisers (PIA), offering financial services.
WH SelfInvest
Offers Internet trading and broker assisted services covering all European and US markets.
Winslow Evans and Crocker, Inc
Broker dealer, mutual funds, and retirement plans.
Wolverton Securities Ltd.
Founded in 1910, full service investment firm based in British Columbia.
World Choice Securities, Inc
Independent broker-dealer, registered investment advisor, and insurance brokerage for brokers.
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