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Access Worldwide
International mailing and tracking services. Offers a quote form and newsletter.
African Business Alliance
A 501c3 non-profit organization of business, political and civic leaders helping to raise the standard of living for Africans on the continent by creating jobs, products and services
Alura Group
CE Marking testing and certification services for the European market. Contains quick guide and frequently asked questions.
Amsel & Co
Investigation into the use and abuse of intellectual property rights. Provides a list of services offered and a contact link.
Business Catalog
Services include a search feature to find listed offers and demands of member companies worldwide.
Business India/Japan
Provides a list of services, articles, fee structure and contact information.
Centre for International Trade
Provides a discussion forum, newsletter and many other resources.
China WTO
A guide for Americans to do business in China as well as to help Chinese business enter the U.S. market. Offering tech consultant and business services, such as law, tax/accounting, custom, trading issues, and communication.
Compiler Trade Web Site
Trade portal delivering business news, reports, outlooks and surveys. Country pages on Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuani and Poland. Bi-lingual, mostly in English, partially in Finnish.
Europe Authorised Representative
Acts as an authorized representative in Europe. Handles regulatory and legal issues and supplies office address, telephone and fax numbers. Site features include FAQs,features and benefit comparison.
European Centre of Domiciliations
Provides a registered office in Paris, France. Creation, repurchase or sale of companies in Paris. Site offers prices, sample documents and information.
The Executive Centre
Offering "serviced offices" in several Asian locations. Caters to busy international executives by providing temporary office and flexible office needs. Features include a travel guide link, company information and locations.
Export Credit Guarantee Department
UK Government official export credit insurer offering support for buyer and supplier credit facilities.
A business center offering several services to the Greek and international business community. Site features include a help desk, travel advisory and links.
Janus Singapore
Offers company formation, tax and accounting, immigration and other services for International businesses.
Mercado International
Sourcing and procurement services. Includes a list of services and contact information.
Mercosur Trade Center
An organization with an operating business network in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay, offering specialized services in international trade. The site offers links, information and services provided.
Meyer Services
Offers a variety of services designed to give businesses a local presence in Israel. Provides a list of services, feedback and a search feature.
One Step To Europe
Offers marketing and business development services for U.S. companies interested in the European (German spoken, French, Italian, Scandinavia, Benelux) market.
Provident Traders, Inc.
Trade finance services for difficult export transactions Site offers company history and description of services performed. Contains a Spanish link.
Tender Direct
Tender management system offering advertising, broadcasting and management services to owners and sellers, while broadcasting information on tenders to bidders and contractors all over the world. Holds a repository of tenders and project information for macro analysis and statistical use.
Multi-user European warehousing, and order processing for small and medium U.S. manufacturers. Offers FAQs and registration form.
Provides small and medium size businesses an affordable and efficient means for participating in international trade. Includes news, a list of customers and resources. Several language links.
Wen Mei Co., Ltd.
Offers start up, marketing, and distribution services for businesses interested in Taiwan and China.

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