Computer/Internet/technology columnists in both the popular and(to a lesser extent thus far)the trade press. Usually, the sites have the current column as well as an archive of past columns (To be included the columnist must have, at the very least, a static URL). The name of the author is followed by the name of the column.

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Dvorak, John
The PC Magazine columnist covers a broad range of technology topics.
Cringely, Robert - I, Cringely
Web site for PBS Host and author Robert Cringely.
David Akin
Working notes, observations, links and other errata from a technology and business journalist. He is the national affairs columnist for Canwest News Service.
Francisco, Bambi - Net Sense
CBS Marketwatch columnist covers Internet investing.
Kane, Madeleine Begun
Award winning humor columns about computers, technology, and the internet.
Katt, Spencer F.
eWeek's Opinion columnist Spencer F. Katt wraps up the week's news, rumors, and hot topics.
Komando, Kim - CyberSpeak
USA Today columnist and radio host.
Lessig, Lawrence
Opinion pieces from the Stanford professor and technology commentator.
Lundquist, Eric
eWeek editor-in-chief Eric Lundquist gives a weekly commentary on the week in enterprise information technology.
Miller, Michael J.
Opinions and essays from PC Magazine's Michael J. Miller.
Mossberg, Walter - All Things D
The Wall Street Journal columnist has his own technology-focused website.
Pogue, David - Pogue's Pages
Writer of the "Circuits" column for the New York Times. Also author of many "Missing Manual" books and a column for MacWorld. Archives of columns as well as links to other material written by Pogue.
Quain, J. Q. -
Technology reporter, writer, and television correspondent. features coverage of the Net, computers, and high tech entertainment.
Rothenberg, Matthew - Mac Matters
Keep up on the latest Apple rumors and news
Schwabach, Bob - On Computers
Weekly column covers consumer and business technology topics.
Slatalla, Michelle - Online Shopper
New York Times' Circuits columnist.
Stark, Thom
Collection of his @internet, Web Technologies, and other related columns.
Sterne, Jim - Customer Interface
Internet Marketing column for CIO Magazine.
Ulanoff, Lance
Opinions, rants, essays, and personal viewpoints on computers and technology from PC Magazine's Lance Ulanoff.
Ward, Nathaniel -
Technology news and commentary.
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