User account administration, including managing large numbers of accounts on NT, Unix or Apple Servers. Creating file systems, including striped and fault-tolerant file systems, and securing their contents from unauthorized access. Sharing file systems via the network, using Windows NT's native share facility and other facilities such as Samba and NFS. Managing printers, including local printers, network printers, and printer pools. Managing processes, including the Windows NT schedule service, as well as performance optimization and capacity planning. Securing Windows NT systems, including implementing security policies and system auditing. Automating system administration tasks with scripts.
Bernstein, Glen
Senior Systems Architect with over 10 years experience designing, developing, and deploying custom enterprise-wide systems that integrate legacy systems and the web. [PDF]
Burke, Josh
Information security engineer with several years experience in systems and network security.
Clement, Richard
Owner of C-systems Technology Consultants.
Cook, Randy
Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Sun Certified System Administrator, published author and host of the syndicated radio show, Technically News.
Gomes, Rubens S.
UNIX admin, telecommunication systems and software engineer.
Jones, Christopher
UNIX systems administrator also experienced with networks and NT.
Kuhn, Bradley M.
Looking for work as a software developer, system administrator, or technical writer.
Podchosov, Youri
To obtain a position of UNIX systems administrator for advanced, complex and preferably heterogeneous network system based on UNIX specific services.
Seger, Herve
Resume to find a job in canada. Technical Architect for os/390.
Shah, Takshil
System and network administrator looking for opportunities.
Stanton , Mike
Unix Administration and RS/6000 AIX Specialist, with programming experience.
White, Mark
Resume of an Information Technology Manager/Network and Systems Engineer in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area.
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