Acevedo, Raul
Java, C++, XML, Internet, SQL, and Unix software development and consulting in the San Francisco area.
Aksonov, Pavel
Remote software developing, including Internet, voice, database experience.
Azarov, Alexander
An experienced in Internet, database and network projects freelance programmer.
Cheng, Nathan W
Java, C/C++, Perl, VB/VBScript, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XML, TCL, JSP, ASP, CGI, WebLogic, Blue Martini, COM, and ISAPI.
Ciulla, Chris
Specialized in client / server development using Java and Visual Basic.
Coval, Philippe
Software engineer: 3d, internet, multimedia.
Crownover, James B.
Cobol programmer with unisys a-series experience.
Dattaraj, J. Rao
Software Engineer located in Bangalore, India. Experienced in Java, VB, VC++, COM, ActiveX, Oracle, Perl, Unix.
Deca, Rudy
Resume of Rudy Deca. Software Engineer specializing in Java and C++ programming and development, Internet, animations and multimedia applications.
Guzairov, Timur
Experienced software engineer; C++, C#, ASP.NET, MFC.
Horch, Edward B.
Engineer with 20 years experience seeks fulltime direct employment doing Unix or Linux based software integration, release engineering or project management in the New York and NEw Jersey area.
Kachurovsky, Vladimir
Software Developer / Programmer, Client-Server Database Applications. C++, and Oracle PL/SQL. Looking for a position in USA, Canada.
Kruger, Clem
Senior systems engineer. Experience includes Lotus Notes, UNIX, Microsoft systems, and a variety of languages, hardware and software.
Lerios, Apostolos
Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University (computer graphics) with extended working experience in programming, research and teaching.
Maher, Ed
Experienced software developer specialising in software performance tuning and transaction processing applications.
Marcelino, Gilbert
Senior programmer/analyst and DBA, information systems position.
Norton, Chris
.NET, Web, UNIX, Windows. Over 13 years experience in the analysis, design, development, installation, documentation, and troubleshooting of software systems.
Pommen, Brad
Includes resume, personal information and other webpage links.
Poyzner, Mikhail
Lead software engineer working in software design with Java and C/C++ programming experience.
Salkham, Asad
A computer science graduate from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.
Stamatov, Stamat
Process control engineer and Embedded programmer - willing to relocate. Automatic process control engineer and embedded application C /C++/ assembler programmer.
Syed, Akramulla
MS Access, Visual Basic, and HTML programming projects.
Thiel, Matthew Allen
Bachelor of Science, Computer Technology with experience as a programmer.
Tokman, Yevgeniy
COBOL, Pro C, SQL*Plus, Oracle, TOAD, Focus, JCL, Easytrieve, Smart Test, Visual Basic, Changeman.
Tripathi, Rakesh
Systems analyst and programmer, primarily in the client-server based Oracle programming environment.
Tweedly, Edward
Resume in English and French of Paris-based British computer engineer experienced in development and support of business applications in Oracle and C on unix and Windows.
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