IT Professionals with Skills in: - Web environment, monitors, and browsers - HTML and Server Side Includes, including browser support for every tag and attribute - GIF, JPEG and PNG graphics, including designing with the Web Palette - Multimedia and interactivity, including audio, video, Flash, Shockwave, and JavaScript - Cascading Style Sheets, browser compatibility information - HTML tags, attributes, deprecated tags, proprietary tags, and CSS compatibility
Abhilash, K.T.
MCA degree with concentration in management, MIS, data management and system analysis. Experience in Web development and programming.
Albert, William
Research interests, background, and selected publications on navigating virtual environments.
Arnold, John W.
Multimedia web developer with B.A. in Media Arts. Skills include Tango, Flash, SQL, PHP, Cold Fusion, 3D, Video.
Becquey, Marc
Experienced freelancer, seeking a position or contracts as a senior web designer, graphical user interface designer or webmaster on a fulltime or contract basis. Bilingual, French and English.
Chowdhury, Sayma Shahely
Senior web programmer and developer.
Doucette, Jason
Real-Time computer graphics, artificial intelligence, physics simulations, entertainment and educational software, screen shots and free downloads, traditional paper resume available on-line.
Escofet, Eduardo
Programmer and software engineer specializing in Web applications and design. Includes education, work and teaching experience.
Fortune, Chris
Freelance computer programmer in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, Perl, CGI, ecommerce.
Goldstein, Steve
Web designer and technical writer with skills in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Freehand, Microsoft Visio, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP.
Gubman, Jon
Web developer, proficient in Java, Perl, HTML, JavaScript, Unix and ATG Dynamo, provides a resume and code samples.
Herbert, Glenn
Web design and development. Includes portfolio.
Ho , Andrew
Web backend engineer and web application programmer.
Huggins, Josef
HTML and Java script, Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, hardware upgrades and repairs to networking.
Jacobs, William J.
Background in web design and development, based in Spokane, Washington.
Jones, Jeffrey A.
Senior web designer and user interface developer living in Northern Virginia.
Kendrcik, William
HTML, CGI experience in C, game development under Linux.
Klimov, Victor
Main expertise is designing customized web based applications using PHP and MySQL for Linux, Unix and Windows NT platforms.
McCarthy, Carol
Offers 20 years experience in business problem solving, project management and web design.
Mittal, Kunal
J2EE, EJB, XML, Web Services, Weblogic and Cajun technologies Internet architect.
Pollanen, Russel
creator and manager of websites for businesses and organizations
Rebelo, Andre
Specialized in marketing focused content development and design, with a BA in English and Philosophy.
Rettig, Craig
Intermediate to senior level developer.
Robbins, Wendy
Web developer and content writer for hire. Over 5 years professional Web development experience and over 10 years professional online experience.
Saha, Diganta
To obtain a full-time position in the area of computer graphics development within a challenging and team oriented environment.
Schneider, Dominique Gérard
Résumé of a French citizen living in the United States with a strong knowledge in localization and globalization of software and web sites, as well as programming for tools and utilities development.
Scurggs, Gary
Web designer and programmer. HTML, C++, AS400, RPG, Lotus Notes.
Shanks, Peter
Development of Internet and intranet sites on Unix and Windows platforms.
Taylor, Brian
Website designer and search engine promoter, with skills in ASP, Cold Fusion, Photoshop, JavaScript, Perl, InterDev, DHTML, SQL, Macromedia Flash, Unix, NT, 3#, Animation, e-commerce and custom search engines. Seattle, Washington.
Toews, Philip
Educator and a professional Web developer.
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