On the example of a Cics Application Developer we'd like to show those who don't what a application developer does: - Develop and modify existing applications - CICS Java environment, Java wrapper for a COBOL applications - Develop a web front end using servlets, JSP and JavaBeans - Link the web front end to an existing COBOL application using CORBA - Write Visual Basic applications to develop a customer GUI - CICS Client ECI call - Develop Java applications using Swing as an MQSeries Client - Use the MQSeries-CICS bridge to access an existing COBOL application - Debug CICS applications
Averkiev, Yury
Microsoft Certified Professional experienced in design and implementation of full scale Windows based applications. C++, COM/ATL, .Net technologies, Java, XML.
Bichot, Guillaume
Senior engineer of distributed system. Multimedia, DVB, Set top box, HAVi, IEEE1394, EUREKA, Research Engineering , Software, Telecommunication, Network, IP, X25, Home Network, Java, C, Unix.
Carroll, Michael L.
Senior systems and software engineer. Avionics and inertial applications; real time, Java, Kalman filtering.
Haines, Kevin
Microsoft Certified software engineer and application developer for Windows, the web, and wireless PDA.
Khan, Azimuddin
Looking for Good IT opportunity as Project Manager, Project Leader experience in Oracle, Power Builder, Unix and Windows.
Kroupa, Brady
Java and C++ developer living in San Francisco, developed applications such as Macromedia Contribute.
Papalini, Enrico
Software engineer, specializing in e-Learning projecting and development, based on Livelink.
Prundaru, Ioana and Mihai
Engineers with over 15 years international experience in managing and developing large IT projects for image processing, pattern recognition, banking and stock exchange, would like to contribute to the growth of a multinational company located in Europe. Fluent in English, French, German.
Quest, Michael
Professional IT experience from project member to leadership, team management in international environments.
Ramzi, Sheikh
Nine years of information technology experience - Architecture and complete product life cycle (business application and system software development from conception to implementation)
Resume for Susan Ramlet
Web application design, desktop systems design, Microsoft Office MVP.
White, Donovan
Content development, project management.
Wolff, Cameron L.
Master degree in Computer Science, work experience at senior level in IT product engineering.
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