Wrapping and shrinking machines use polymer plastic thin films. When we apply heat on these plastic films, they shrinks tightly over the objects they are covered on. Sealing machines include machines used to seal metal/plastic tubes, pouches, etc. Also machines used to seal containers like bottles, cans, drums, etc using heat or other mechanical mechanisms.
Aman Engineering Works
Manufacturer of cup filling and sealing machines including mineral water, curd and juice cup packaging machine. Has product video.
Amar Packaging
Manufacturer and exporter of heat seal, shrink wrap and continuous nitrogen flushing machines. Has product details with technical specifications.
Ambassador Antalis Packaging
Suppliers of shrink wrap packaging, plus a variety of other products from adhesive tape to cushioning, postal packets and corrugated cases. Has product overview, online ordering facility and company news.
Aries Packaging
Manufacturer of versatile high speed sleeve wrappers. Has company news and details of sales network. Requires Shockwave to enter, English and French.
Arpac Group
Providers of shrink packaging, bundling and stretch wrapping machinery. Has customer service details, links of suppliers, news and events.
Atecmaa Packaging
Manufacturer of stretch wrapping machines, from semi automatic to full automatic stretch wrappers. Has product video and brochure.
Audion Elektro
Manufacturer of heat and impulse sealing machines for industrial and medical packaging applications. Has dealer network details, job opportunities and news. English, French, Dutch, German and Japanese.
Australian Blister Sealing
Contract packaging service provider for blister sealing, clam shell sealing, shrink wrapping, therapeutic packaging and labeling.
AutoMate Technologies LLC
Manufacturer of induction foil bottle sealing systems for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, solvents, beverages and cosmetic industries. Has FAQs and technical/support information.
Autopack Co Ltd
Designer and manufacturer of sleeve and overlap shrink wrap machines and bundle wrappers.
Avero Packaging
Provides shrink packaging equipment from manual to fully automatic and packaging materials.
Suppliers of marine grade shrink wrap and shrinkable fabrics for shrink wrapping yachts and power boats. Also provides training and advice in application of shrinkable covers.
Butler Staple Company
Supplier of machines for shrink wrapping, strapping, banding, stapling, tying and heat sealing of various brands. Has option to request a quote.
Campbell Wrapper Corporation
Manufacturer of horizontal wrapping and feeding equipment. Has product range with news, history and list of their product's applications.
Caps Inc
Provider of stretch packaging solutions using a pallet wrapper with material handling conveyors. Used stretch wrappers and replacement parts also available. Has service details and warranty claim form. English and French.
Chyng Cheeun Machinery Co Ltd (AAM Group)
Manufacturer of continuous sealing machine for the food and packing industry. English, Spanish and Chinese.
Clamco Corporation
Manufacturer of shrink packaging, bag sealing, and food wrapping machinery and parts. Has brochures, videos and news releases.
Supplier of packaging machines, provides packaging solution for shrink wrappers, labeling, filler capper, end of line packaging, cartoning, case packer.
Conflex Inc
Manufacturers of automatic L-Bar sealers, horizontal form fill and seal shrink wrappers. Has news letters and product videos.
Crystal Vision Packaging Systems
Manufacturers and suppliers of shrink packaging machines and supplies. Has a catalog and price list.
Dan Packing Machinery
Supplier of shrink wrap machinery and packaging equipment including cardboard box shredder, heat shrink wrapping machine, pallet stretch wrapping machine.
Davis Packaging
Provides shrink wrapping and laundry packaging equipment. Has product and parts details and technical information.
Deca Packaging Group
Supplier of Top-Seal, form fill seal, filling and canning equipment. Has company profile and news. English, Dutch and French.
Dematics Technology
Manufacturer of packaging machinery including shrink wrapping machine, carton sealer, piston filler, cut and wrap machine, form fill and seal machine and auger filler.
Doug Care Equipment
Packaging equipment includes impulse sealers and shrink wrap machines. Has warranty information and online purchasing facility.
Eagle Custom Packaging Systems Inc
Designers and builders of custom case sealers, tray erectors and case erectors. Product catalog included.
EDL Packaging Engineers Inc
Design and manufacture shrink and tight wrap bundling machinery. Has product brochures and company news.
Extend Great International Corp.
Manufacturer of semi-automatic equipment including stretch wrapping, strapping, carton sealing and tying machine.
Eztec Industries Inc
Manufacture of case sealers, heat sealers and strapping machines.
Fhope Packaging Machinery Co Ltd
Supplier of pallet wrapping machine, stretch wrapper, tube and coil packaging line.
Manufacturer of sewing, sealing, hot air, gluing, and bag handling systems. Has distributor details and company news and events. English and French.
Fords Packaging Systems Ltd
Packaging machines, capping, stacking presses and rotary or linear sealers. Has product support details and company news.
Galley Pak
Suppliers of shrink films, bag sealers, shrink wrapping and L-Sealer machinery, consumables and service. Has online purchasing facility.
Design and manufacturing of horizontal toroidal wrapping machines. Has product videos. English and Italiano.
Manufacturer of vacuum and heat sealing equipment and sealing bags. Has product catalog and online shopping cart.
Hana Corporation Ltd
Manufacturer of band sealers, vacuum sealers, hand wrappers and tie machines. Has product catalog. English and Korean.
Heat Seal LLC
Manufacturer of shrink wrap machinery (sealers and tunnels) for industrial applications including supermarkets. Has product catalog.
Highlight Industries
Manufactures stretch wrapping, case sealing and strapping machines. Has product catalog and video.
Impak Packaging Systems Inc
Supplier of shrink packaging equipment, packaging materials and service.
Integrity Machine Services
Manufacturer of aluminum foil capping, bottle sealing, fillers used for filling dairy foods, pharmaceutical and household products. Has product details and warranty information.
International Machine Technology Inc
Manufacturer of Cigar Packmaster and drawmaster and other cigar packaging and testing machinery. Has product catalog and video.
J.J. Elemer Corporation
Supplier of heat sealing equipment, heat sealers, shrink film, safety seals and other supplies.
Jda Packaging And Processing Equipment
Deals in new and used packaging and processing machines like induction cap sealing, bag and case sealing, shrink tunnels, form fill seal, blender and conveyors. Has product videos and finance options.
Jet Pack Machines
Manufacturer of machines including tube filling, capping, cap pressing, neck sleeving, foil sealing, over wrapping and collating.
Kapsall Packaging Systems Inc
Manufacturer of induction foil sealer. Bottler filler, cappers, cleaners and unscramblers. Has product videos, brochures and FAQs.
Karlville Development Group
Manufacturer of narrow web slitting and inspection equipment. Fabricates a complete line of shrink sleeve converting equipment from entry level solution to non-stop productions. Has product video, distributor list and company news.
Offers a comprehensive range of shrink films and shrink wrap machinery. Has case studies and product video.
Lava Vacuum Packing Machines
Offers a range of vacuum packing machines and vacuum sealing supplies like vacuum sealing bags and containers. Online purchasing facility. [English, German, and French]
Manon Machines
Manufacturer of wrapping, sealing and blister packaging and other packaging machines. English and Chinese.
Mavpac Equipment and Films Inc
Dealer in shrink sleeve labelling machines and baking, food processing, and chemical industry equipment.
McLeod and Dewey Inc
Supplier of flexible packaging machines and consumables focused on stretch wrapping and shrink packaging. Has product catalog and online purchasing facility.
Minipack Torre
Manufacturer of packaging and systems, shrink wrap film and machinery. Has product technical specifications and company news.
Movitec Wrapping Systems
Manufacturers of automatic stretch rotating ring wrapping machines. Has product details and company news.
Muller Load Containment Solutions
Manufactures plastic wrap film and equipment to secure and protect merchandise for transport. Has product videos and news.
Nestech Machine Systems Inc
Manufactures post molding automation machinery for the plastic closure and container industries. Has employment opportunities and general announcements.
Nitech IPM
Manufacturer of stretch wrappers with straight forward features and economical pricing. Has product catalogs.
Ocme S.r.l.
Manufacturer of packaging systems, partition inserters and shrink wrappers. Has commercial network information and company news and employment opportunities.
Ok International Group Inc
Manufacturer of hot air sealers, band sealers, pouch handling systems, and integrated conveyors for sealing applications in food, staples, and medical device industries. Has product brochures, news, events and press releases.
Manufactures a complete line of semi and fully automatic stretch wrapping machines for a variety of load unitization needs. Has product videos, company news and events.
Orion Packaging Machinery
Manufactures end of line stretchwrapping equipment for palletised and unpalletised goods including automatic rotary arm machines, semi automatic wrapping machines and orbital wrapping machines.
Packaging Technologies And Inspection
Manufacturer of machines to inspect the seal quality of pouch, bottles and other containers used in pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. Has distributor network, trade shows and product details.
Heat sealing equipment for poly and barrier bags and pouches. Has warranty and order cancellation details.
Designs and produces multi-pack handles for a variety of plastic containers and their inline automated applicators. Has company news and tradeshow details.
Penguin Engineers
Manufactures fully automatic stretch wrapping machines and supplier of wrapping materials. Has product videos and company news.
Performance Abatement Services
Provides service to shrink wrap structures like buildings of any type or size and for any market or application. Has product details and company news.
Pester Pac Automation
Supplier of end of line packaging equipment including walleting, film wrapping, case packing and palletizing. Has product technical datasheets and company news. English and Dutch.
PFM North America
USA. Design, manufacture and turnkey construction of semi-automatic and automatic flow wrappers, and form, fill and seal equipment for the packaging, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and food and beverage industries.
Phoenix Innotech
Manufacturer of pallet stretch wrapper and stretch wrap equipment. Has product brochures, videos and company news.
Poly Bag Sealer
Supplier of impulse sealers, vacuum sealers and poly bag sealers.
Polypack Inc
Packaging solutions, shrink, carry handle and bundling machines. Has dealer network details, news. English, German, Spanish and Russian.
Polythene Uk
Supplier of bags, covers, films, tubes and stretch wrap.
Pro-Tect Plastics & Supply Inc
Supplier of shrink wrap containment system for packaging of large products and equipment for transport, storage and winterizing. Has product brochure, distributor details and FAQs.
Pyramid Packaging Inc
Reseller of packaging machinery and flexible packaging supplies that includes bagging systems, blister sealers, case formers erectors, case sealers, counters, weighing systems, shrink packaging systems, stretch wrappers, void fill systems and skin card die cutters.
Record Packaging Systems Ltd
Supplier of shrink wrapping machines, flowrappers, l-sealers and vacuum sealers used in bakery, meat and poultry, fresh produce and print industries. Has company news, distributor details and press releases.
Redpack Packaging Machinery
Manufactures machine to pack products such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, household products, bakery, greeting cards, gifts, toys, etc.
Rennco Inc
Manufacturer of vertical polyethylene and shrink packaging machines and systems. Has product details, company news, events and tradeshow details.
Royal Enterprizes
Manufacturer of sealing machines including shrink wrapping, heat sealer, impulse sealer and strapping machine.
Sealed Air Corporation
Manufacturers of shrink packaging machinery and supplies. Has product details, company news and employment opportunities.
Sealers And Supplies
Supplier of machines including bag heat sealers, bag impulse sealers, shrink sealers, bags, films and other packaging supplies. Has online shopping facility.
Manufacturers of thermo shrink tunnels designed for shrink sleeving, heat shrinking and shrink wrapping tunnels. Has company news, distributor details and FAQs. English, German, Spanish and French.
Sevana Group
Manufactures shrink packaging, liquid filling, pouch sealing and vacuum packaging equipment ranging from manual to semi-automated operation. Has product catalog and technical specifications.
Shrink Packaging Systems Corp
Manufacturers of shrink packaging systems and packaging materials.
ShrinKit Ltd
Manufacturers of propane shrink wrap guns. Has product brochure, user guide, video, health and safety information.
Sinlon Package Machine Co Ltd
Manufacturer of horizontal automatic form fill seal and wrapping machines. Has product and exhibition details.
Smi Group
Manufacturer of L-seal hood packers, L-sealers with shrink tunnel and shrink wrappers. Has product brochure and news. English, French, Spanish and Italiano.
Manufacturer of over-wrapping, banding, four side security sealing and case-packing machines.
Standard Knapp Inc
Manufactures tray packers, case packers and shrink wrappers. Has product training course catalog and company news.
Stanok Packaging Machinery
Manufacturer of machines including heat sealing, vertical packaging units, wrapping, vacuum sealing and supplies like films and bags. English and Italiano.
Steelnor Systems
Manufacturer of heat sealing machines including bag sealers, web sealers and conveyors. Has product catalog.
Stevenson Industries Inc
Shrink film packaging systems. Bar and L sealers, and shrink tunnels for a variety of industrial uses. Supplier of shrink film materials. Has technical FAQs.
Strategic Group
Manufacturer of shrink wrapping, sealing and bagging machinery. Has product videos and brochure.
Manufacturer of collating and wrapping machines, tube fillers and cartoning equipment. Has product brochure and company news.
Traco Manufacturing Inc
Manufacturer of machines like shrink wrapping, impulse bag sealer, L bar and tunnel machines and shrink film supplier. Has product brochures.
Trentpack Ltd
Offering specialist packaging machinery and a full range of packaging supplies. [UK]
Manufacturer of shrink sleeve labeling, steam tunnels, shrink bands and application systems. Has product video, product sheet, company news and details of trade shows.
Unisource Packaging Pvt Ltd
Manufacturer and exporter of packaging machinery, ffs machines, collar type multi track machines, multi track machine and shrink wrapping machine.
Manufacturer of shrink wrap machinery and wrapping machines including L sealers, sleeve sealers, shrink tunnels, automatic wrapping machines and automated, L sealing machinery. Has product videos.
Vac Tec Inc
Manufacturer of vacuum packing machines including table top vacuum packaging machine, continuous band sealers, double chamber vacuum packing machine, mini vacuum chamber and belt driven vacuum pump.
Van der Stahl Scientific Inc
Manufacturers of sterile device packaging, cleanroom, vacuum, medical pouch, and table top bag sealers.
Veks Upackmach
Manufacturer of packaging machinery, stretch wrappers and luggage packing equipment.
Wasatch Equipment Sales And Service
Provides sales and service to packaging related industries, including new and refurbished equipment by factory trained technicians.
Wraps UK
Manufacturer and supplier of shrink wrap machine, L sealer, sleeve sealer, shrink tunnel, bundler and pvc, polyolefin, polyethylene film. Has products brochures, videos, FAQs and distributor network details.
Xutian Pack Machinery Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of packaging machines including pallet wrapping, stretch wrapper, strapping, carton sealing. Has product catalogs, videos and press releases.

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