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3D Labelling Systems Ltd.
UK: designers and suppliers of labelling systems including applicators, dispensers, rewinders, slitters, print and apply systems.
Manufacturers of a wide range of custom designed and developed pressure sensitive labeling and label printing systems. Also, a range of pre-owned machines. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information and machine specifications. Part of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc.
Advanced Labeling and Marking
Manufacturer of labeling systems, inket systems, thermal color printers, bar coders, scanners, and marking systems.
Advanced Labelling Systems
Supplies a range of thermal transfer labelling and sign printing systems. Distributes in the UK and worldwide.
Almetek Industries, Inc.
USA: manufacturer of identification and labeling systems for electric utilities, telecommunications and other industries.
Ambica Machine Tools Co.
India: manufacturer of labelling and filling machines for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and pesticides industries.
Apack Corporation
Taiwan: importing and exporting packaging equipment, labelling machines and supplies.
ARMM, Inc.
Label applicators, dispensers, and rewinders, and industrial conveyors.
Arthur Products Co
USA: manufactures and distributes filler vent tubes, labeling machines and accessories for the bottling industry.
Auto Labe
USA: manufactures economy labeling equipment for companies with limited production requirements .
Beacon Engineering
Manufactures production machinery for the aerosol and confectionery industries including machines for taping and labeling cans. USA.
Bear Label Machine
Manufacturer of continuous label loading, gluing system and roll through label machine.
Beechman & Co.
Suppliers of Thermal roll label printers, ribbons, labels and labelling software for Windows
Best Label Company, Inc.
USA: automatic pressure sensitive label applicators including Zebra, Sato and Datamax . Thermal transfer printers and ribbons. Custom pressure-sensitive labels up to 10 colors.
Indian manufacturer of wet glue and sticker labeling machines. Profile, history and product range.
Big Bar Packaging
USA: print and apply labeling systems, barcode scanners for product, case labeling, thermal transfer, direct thermal label printers, software, ribbons and printing.
Chicago Automated Labeling,Inc.
USA: manufactures pressure sensitive print and apply labeling applicators, standard, economical and custom.
CoastalTek Inc
Supplies label printers, applicators, dispensers, ink jet and laser coders, carton erectors , scanners.
Collamat AG
Swiss company manufactures labeling machines, printers, and thermal transfer machines. Profile, product range and information for and about distributors.
CTM Integration Inc.
Designers and manufacturers of labeling equipment, printer applicators, custom product handling systems and stands.
Dase-sing plastics Co.,Ltd
Taiwan: manufacturer of machinery and packaging material for shrink labels and label systems.
Doyle and Company
Manufactures coding and marking equipment including hot stamp printers, carton coders, thermal transfer printers, contact ink printers, and moving-head hot stamp systems.
Eselte Ltd
UK: manufactures hand held, desktop, and PC-connected label printers.
Eson Pac AG
Manufacturer of labels, labeling machines, baggage tags, printers and barcode printers.
FOX IV Technologies
Suppliers of label printers, label applicators, bar code verifiers, label design and bar code software.
Marking and barcoding inkjet printers. Profile, product range, news and events.
Generic Manufacturing Corporation
Manufactures full wrap-around automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines.
Germark S.A.
Spain: Manufacturer of labelling machines, label production, and variable data coding.
Graham Labelling Systems Ltd
UK: manufacturer of labelling machines, tamper banding, full body sleeving machines and thermal overprinters.
Graphic Products:
Dealer in labelers, labeling supplies (including discontinued labelers), sign makers, poster printers, laminators.
Great Engineering
Australia: Manufacturers of labeling equipment and the benchmark semi automatic label applicator.
Hawk Labeling Systems
USA: direct distributor of labelers, industrial identification, safety and labeling products.
Healthcare Labeling Systems
USA: labels and labeling systems for the medical profession. Label guns, bar code printers and scanners.
Herma Labelling Systems Ltd
UK: Supplier of labelling machines, hand dispensers and print and apply systems.
In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc.
USA: manufactures Webmaster in line pressure sensitive labelers for round, rectangular, square and oval bottles and OEM parts for labeling machines.
Industrial Labelling Systems
Suppliers of automatic print and apply labelling machines, automated pallet labellers, document/manifest inserters and tray labellers.
Kolinahr Systems, Inc.
USA: manufacturer of print and apply labelers and specialty handling equipment. Customized equipment for the warehouse and distribution center environments.
KOR Engineering Inc.
Specializing in the design and manufacture of label converting equipment. Resellers and service providers for imported waterless-offset and letterpress label printing machines.
Label Accessories Inc.
Manufacturers of label rewinders, label unwinders, labeling equipment, barcode, desktop rewind station.
Label-Aire, Inc.
Manufacturer of pressure-sensitive and print-and-apply labeling equipment. Provides support through a network of distributors.
Labelette Company
Automatic and semi-automaticlabeling for hot glue, skip glue, and pressure sensitive adhesives . Labeling supplies, parts and accessories for container packaging applications.
Labeling Equipment Sales and Service
Services and sells commercial labeling equipment. Line includes Collmat, Label-Aire and others.
Labeling Products
A source for information to about industrial labelers to improve productivity, profitability, safety and employee job satisfaction.
Labeling Solutions
Manufactures label printers, software, tags, ribbons, and label applicators.
Labelmen Machinery Co., Ltd.
Taiwan: manufacturer of automatic label printing machines, automatic roll silk screen machines, laminators and label applicators.
Manufacturers thermal transfer imprinters, coders, high resolution inkjets,specializing in bar code and label printers.
German: manufacturer of a range of labeling machines for cylindrical, rectangular, tapered slighty tapered, and oval containers. Distributing worldwide.
German: manufactures a range of print and apply labelling applicators, printers and systems.
Mark-O-Print Gmbh
Labeling, coding, printing and addressing machines. Inkjet printers, hot foil piezo ink coder, thermal transfer labels.
Maxim Computer Services
Supply commercial printer and barcoding hardware, support, training, spares, consumables, repairs and maintenance.
Metec Inc.
Manufactures automatic labelling machines for electronics, boxes, and pallets. Thermal transfer printing. Label sizes 5x5mm up to full A4. Standard and customized machines.
Manufactures transfer tape applicators and pressure sensitive label application systems. Profile, services and product range.
NJM/CLI Packaging Systems International
USA: manufacturers pressure sensitive, thermo-sensitive, hot melt, cold glue, print and apply labeling machines and complete lines.
Pack Leader Machinery Inc.
Taiwan. Manufacturers of pressure sensitive labeling machinery and equipment. Also, liquid filling and capping systems and sleeve labeling machines.
Panther Industries
Labeling equipment, print and apply labeling systems, bar code labeling machines.
Paragon Labeling Systems, Inc.
USA: manufactures thermal/thermal transfer, print-and-apply system with print engine modules coupled to label applicator modules.
Pdc International Corporation
Manufacturer of stretch sleeve labeling, tamper in line neck banding and shrink tunnel packaging machinery. Has product specifications and trade show details.
Pipe Markers Inc.
Sales and rentals of a range of labelers for pipe marking and industrial safety labeling. Provides maintenance and support.
Potdevin Machine Co
USA: manufactures a range of labelers, gluers, pasters, labeling and laminating equipment.
Precision Business Machines Inc
USA: dealer in Varitronics labeling systems, PVC paste-on labels and letters.
Pro-Motion Industries, LLC
Provides numerous lines of labeling equipment such as Collamat, Label-Aire, and CTM labeling equipment.
Progressive Scale and Software Solutions
USA: manufactures label printing systems and custom scale or bar code systems to specifications.
Pulsa Industry
Singapore: manufactures labeling and filling machines for a range of packaging products.
Quadrel Labeling Systems
USA: manufacturer pressure-sensitive labeling equipment, printer applicator, in line models and table top applicators.
Quanta Inc.
USA: offering a selection of labeling and identification systems in cooperation with manufacturers and dealers.
Quenard Systems
French: manufacturer of automatated and semi-automated labeling systems for pressure sensitive and glued on labels.
QuickLabel Systems
USA: color and barcode printers, print-and-apply, label creation software, custom labels, ribbon.
Re-Pack Inc.
Designs and builds packaging machinery with focus on label applicators, also supplies product handling equipment such as rotary tables and conveyors.
RTK Resource
Right-to-Know and Hazard Communication labeling equipment. Manufacturers like Brady, Brother and Varitronics.
France: manufactures different sealing waxes and machines. Manual labeling machines, and maintenance products.
Shorewood Labeling Systems
Design and manufacture of custom pressure sensitive labeling systems, engineered to specific applications.
Sinclair Int.
Provider of automated high-speed labeling equipment, tray labelers, service, and custom designed or generic labels.
Skylark Sales Corporation
Manufacturer, exporter, supplier and trader of labeling equipment such as industrial labels barcode. India.
Soabar Ltd
Manufacturers of thermal label printers and label overprinting equipment to the food and clothing industry.
Southern California Packaging Equipment
Manufacturer of label applicators, conveyor systems, robotics, engineering and technical support.
Sprinter Marking Inc.
Offers in-line and off-line code-marking and labeling machines in a range of standard models.
Squid Ink Manufacturing Inc
Manufacturer of ink and ink printing equipment for substrates like corrugated cases, plastics, metals, etc and case tapers. Has company news and employment opportunities.
Stralfors AG
Manufactures labels, labeling machines, baggage tags, printers and barcode printers.
Take-a-label Inc.
Manufacturers of a line of manual label dispensers and applicators.
Tonas Graphics
USA: distributing a range of labelling machines specializing Roland, Kroy and Viatronic labeling systems, labeling and signage services.
International designer and manufacturer of purpose-built systems to label a wide range of containers, materials and shapes. Also supplies a range of leak detectors and product coders.
Universal Labeling Systems, Inc.
USA: provides pressure sensitive labeling equipment, automatic, semi-automatic, print and apply labeling and custom labeling applications.
Varitronics Supply Warehouse
USA: labeling supplies for discontinued Varitronics label makers, including the Merlin series, Accent, EasyStep series, ChartPak and Stylewriter labelers.
Weyfringe Labelling Systems
UK: manufacturers and distributors of label and barcode systems, automatic label applicators and handling machines .

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