About this category: This category lists companies that design or manufacture precision optical components including lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, windows, diffraction gratings, and assembled optics such as prisms and beamsplitters.

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Advanced Optics, Inc.
Manufacturer of stock and custom optics including optical flats, front surface mirrors, and optical grade windows. Wisconsin.
Align Optics, Inc.
Manufacturer of stock and custom windows, mirrors, lenses, pentaprisms, ball lenses, and other optics. Florida.
Alkor Technologies Co.
Manfucturer of precision optics including windows, prisms, and mirrors. Specializing in optical crystals. St Petersburg.
Almaz Optics, Inc.
Distributor of optics including lenses, windows, prisms, blanks, and crystals. Surplus finished optics. New Jersey.
Altechna Co. Ltd.
Stock and custom optics, optomechanics, laser crystals, positioners. Lithuania.
Anteryon BV
Anteryon is an innovative high tech optical solutions company from component to product level. Netherlands.
Asahi Optical Filters and Instruments
Design and manufacture of optical filters, from UV to NIR.
Astro Optics Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of optics including lenses, windows, prisms, filters, and specialty components. India.
Bach Research Corporation
Manufacturer of custom precision optics and gratings. Colorado.
Berliner Glas KGaA
Manufacturer of optics including lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, filters, and assemblies. Berlin.
Bern Optics, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom precision optics including, axicons, lenses, prisms, mirrors, and filters. Specializing in miniature and micro-optics. Massachusetts.
Bolder Vision Optik
Manufacturer of custom and standard waveplates, liquid crystal components and polarizers. Colorado.
Bond Optics LLC
Manufacturer of precision custom optics including lenses, mirrors, prisms, and specialty large, deformable, or lightweight optics. New Hampshire.
Changchun Fortune Optronics,Inc.
Manufacturer of precision optics including Lenses, windows, mirrors, and prisms. Specializing in cylindrical, ball, and rod lenses. China
Codixx AG
Manufacturer of polarizers for infrared, ultraviolet and visible spectra range, and of structured and LED based large display systems. Germany
Crystal River Optics
Custom fabrication of optical components.
Drews Optical, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom precision flat optics. Specializing in odd shapes and sizes up to 24 inches in diameter. California.
Electro-Optical Products Corporation
Manufactures optical modulators, choppers, shutters, scanners, galvos, and drivers. New York
Esco Products
Manufacturers of custom and catalog optics since 1953.
eSource Optics
Provider of optical components, specializing in filters. Stock items available from web storefront. Massachusetts.
Ferson Optics, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, windows, mirrors, prisms, and coated and assembled optics. Mississippi.
Glass Dynamics, LLC
Manufacturer of custom optics including coated optics, blown glass, glass tubing, architectural glass, and bonded assemblies. New Jersey.
Glass Fab, Inc.
Fabricates unfinished optics from raw optical glass stock. Services include grinding, cutting, slicing, and CNC machining. Rochester.
Global Precision Optics
Custom fabricated optical components for aerospace, defense, medical, commercial and research applications.
GratingWorks Co., Ltd
Producer of holographic gratings and diffractive optics. Ningbo, China.
Guild Optical Associates, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom lenses, windows, mirrors, and optics. Specializes in sapphire optics. New Hampshire.
Hauser Optik GmbH & Co.
Precision optics for lighting and projection systems, specializing in precision spheres. Germany.
Headwall Photonics
Designs and manufactures advanced optical solutions that manage wavelengths. Core expertise in holographic gratings. Massachusetts.
Holographix LLC
Manufacturer of custom replicated mirrors and lenses, holographic diffraction gratings, and diffractive optical systems. Massachusetts
Ibsen Photonics
Manufacturer of phase masks and mastered holographic transmission gratings, etched in fused silica. Denmark.
II-VI Incorporated
Industrial CO2 laser optics OEM supplier.
Ikeda Lens Industrial Co., Ltd
Japan. Manufacturers of glass and plastic lenses for spectacles, magnifying glasses and microscopes. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and Japanese.
Photonics and fiber optics components reseller in Israel.
ISP Optics
Manufacturer of precision optics including windows, wedges, lenses, domes, prisms, polarizers, filters, microptics, and beamsplitters. New York / Russia.
Kaleido Technology
Manufacturer of precision molded micro-optical components and subsystems. Denmark.
Keystone Crystal Corporation
Producer of cadmium telluride and cadmium zinc telluride products. Crystals grown, sawed, fabricated, and polished. Pennsylvania.
Kryptronic Lasertainment - Stefan Horvath
Catalog supplier of optics, optomechanics, mounts, and positioning equipment. Munich.
Light Works
Designer and manufacturer of telecentric lenses, optical field splitters, and engineering services.
Max Levy Autograph, Inc.
Specializes in patterned optics. Standard products include targets, encoders, calibration grids, and precision metal parts.
MediVision Optics
Manufacturer of custom precision optics including lenses, prisms, mirrors, and filters. Also offers modeling of optical systems. Bellorussia / California.
OP-Unite Solution
Specializes in precision optical components with kinds of coatings. Such as lens, window, mirror, filter, prism, beamsplitter, assembly, and crystal. China.
OPCO Laboratory, Inc.
Optical shop offering fabrication, polishing, and thin-film coating of optics and custom optical assemblies. Massachusetts.
Optics In Motion LLC
Fast steering mirrors, beam stabilizers, voice coil mirrors.
Opto Engineering
Offer standard products, such as telecentric lenses and LED illuminators.
Manufacturers of lenses, prisms, mirrors, beam splitters, filters. New York.
OptoLife Optics
Manufacturer of custom precision optics including aspheric lenses, mirrors, prisms, and windows. Shanghai.
Optometrics LLC / Dynasil
Manufacturer of optical components and instruments. Massachusetts.
P&P Optica Inc.
Optical consulting and spectrometer manufacturer. Provides high performance, multichannel, and imaging spectrometers. Offers optical design, prototyping and manufacturing services for custom optics. Ontario, Canada.
PG&O - Precision Glass and Optics
Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, mirrors, prisms, and assemled optics. Offers raw glass through coating and assembly. California.
PLX Inc.
Manufactures complex optics including retroreflectors, pentaprisms, and monolithic interferometers. New York.
Singapore Optics Shop
Singapore Optics shop retail laser optics and fiber optical components covering the entire spectrum from UV to FIR.
Spectral Systems LLC
Manufacturer of optics. Specializes in the production of spectroscopy optics for UV and IR regions. New York.
Spectrum Scientific, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom holographic gratings and precision replicated optical components. Irvine.
Sterling Precision Optics
Optics fabrication and manufacturing shop offering slicing, CNC machining, grinding, and polishing of optics from raw stock. Illinois.
Suss MicroOptics
Manufacturer of refractive microlens arrays and micro-optics. Switzerland.
Sydor Optics, Inc.
Precision optics manufacturer specializing in flat surfaced optics. High-volume double-sided grinding and polishing capabilities to 18" diameter along with CNC machining of glass. Rochester.
Syntec Optics
Manufacturer of polymer optics, optics molds, and diamond turned optics. Specializing in tight tolerances and high-index polymers. Rochester, New York.
Universal Optics Manufacturing Company
Optical components manufacturer in China.
Valley Design
Edge and angle polishing of waveguides, edge mirrors and beamsplitters in fused silica, silicon, sapphire, LiN, Pyrex, LiTa03 and other materials used in optical and optoelectric devices.
Wasatch Photonics, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of volume phase gratings, holographic gratings, and diffractive optics. California.
Westchester Technologies
Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, mirrors, windows, prisms, and micro optical elements. New York.
WZW-optic AG
Optical shop offering cutting, grinding, polishing, coating, bonding, and assembly of precision optics. Switzerland.
ZYGO Optical Systems
Providing optical system design and manufacturing services, and fabrication of precision plano and spherical surface optics ranging in size from 8 mm to more than 1 meter. Costa Mesa.

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