About this category: This category lists companies that design and create optical coatings. Some companies work with precision optics including mostly reflection and antireflection thin-film coatings. Some are opthamalic which include thin-film antireflection coatings, and also wet-process scratch-resistant coatings.
Abrisa Technologies
Offers thin film optical coatings. Also offers optical glass specializing in lighting components. California.
AccuCoat Inc.
Provides thin-film optical coatings. Specializing in low-temperature coatings for polymer optics. Rochester.
Acktar Ltd
Moisture barrier coatings for fiber optics, high emissivity optical coatings for thermography and porous coatings for electrolytic capacitors
American Computer Optics
Manufacturer of thin film optical coatings and safety tempered coated glass.
Andover Corporation
Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Online store offers and stock and custom optics. New Hampshire.
Angstrom Sciences, Inc.
Offers magnetron sputtering cathodes for thin film deposition. Also offers target materials, backing plates, and bonding services. Pennsylvania.
Bayview Optics
Provider of thin film optical coatings. Maine.
Charles Bishop Consulting
Consultant on vacuum system design and process development. UK.
Cilas Marseille
Provider of thin-film optical coatings. France.
Daheng Optical Thin Film Center
Optical components and optoelectronic product development, production and sales of products. Beijing, China and North America.
Denton Vacuum
Manufactures systems for vacuum deposition for electron microscopy, precision optics, electronics, and ophthalmic applications. New Jersey.
Deposition Research Laboratory
Experience in the design, development and fabrication of thin film materials and sophisticated multilayer optical filters and devices.
Displays & Optical Technologies
Manufacturer of lightweight, massive optics, offering specialty optical coatings.
Evaporated Coatings, Inc.
Offers thin film coatings for precision optics. Specializing in coatings on plastics. Pennsylvania.
Gaertner Scientific Corporation
Gaertner manufactures precision optical measuring instruments covering a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.
UK based manufacturers of scientific and optical components. UV, visible and infrared windows, prisms, filters and lenses. Stock components and custom manufacture
Offers antireflective opthamalic coatings. California.
Infrared Multilayer Laboratory
Development and manufacture of infrared filters and coatings for space-flight atmospheric sensing instrumentation. UK.
International Micro Photonix, Inc.
Provider of thin-film optical coatings and coating consulting services. Massachusetts.
Iridian Spectral Technologies
Canadian corporation designs and manufactures thin film filters that can be used in a wide range of applications.
Kamis Inc.
Manufacturer of supplies for thin film coating including sputtering and evaporation targets, pure metals, crucible liners, and earth metals. New York.
L&L Optical Services
Provider of single and multi-layer optical coatings. California.
Majestic Optical Coatings
Supplier of thin film optical coatings, reflective and anti reflective. 24 to 48 hour turn around for selective coatings.
Microsharp Corporation Limited
Polymer optical film expertise (design, development, manufacturing).
Distributor of front surface mirrors, specializing in large precision mirrors. California.
North American Coating Laboratories
Vacuum thin-film and dip coating services for optics. Specializes in anti-reflective wide and narrow band for plastics. Ohio.
Provides thin-film optical coatings. Specializes in large-volumes. Japan.
Optical Filter Source, LLC
Provides thin film optical coatings. Specializes in coatings for lighting applications. Texas.
Optical Filters Ltd
Design and manufacture of EMI-shielded and contrast enhancement windows.
Opticorp Inc.
Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Massachusetts.
Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Lithuania.
P&T Consulting Limited
Offers consulting and sales representation for thin-film optical coatings. Scotland.
Quality Thin Films Inc.
Provider of thin film optical coatings. Specializing in coatings for laser crystals. Florida.
Rescue Technologies
Consulting, sampling and prototyping, thin films, products and processes.
RPC Photonics
Micro-optical structured surfaces and Engineered Diffusers.
SDC Technologies, Inc.
Provider of wet-applied coatings for abrasion resistance, tintability, index matching, anti-fog, and release. California.
Seoul Precision Optics
Supplies optical filters for laser mirror, fiber optics and many of the latest thin film applications.
Manufacturer of optical filters and coatings. Stocking of laser and laser diode filters. Hard oxide sputtered and ion-beam assisted optical filters.
Thin Film Center Inc.
Provides software, training courses and consulting services for the optical thin-film industry.
Thin Film Lab
Provider of thin-film optical coatings. Pennsylvania
Ultra Optics
Provider of equipment and coating chemistry for scratch resistant opthamalic coatings. Minnesota.
Vacuum Process Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of equipment for thin-film vacuum coatings. Also refurbishing, upgrading, and retrofitting existing systems. Massachusetts.
Valley Design Corp.
Luag slicing and optical polishing.
Vampire Optical Coatings, Inc.
Provider of polymer based wet antireflective, antiabrasion, and conductive optical coatings. Ohio.
VST Service, Ltd.
Manufacturer of systems for thin film deposition, vacuum ovens, test chambers and other high and ultra high vacuum related equipment. Israel.
Wavefront Technology Inc.
Provides holographic diffusers, microstured film, prismatic film for light management.
Multilayer coating based solutions for the design, development and manufacture of EUV, X-ray and neutron optics

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