This category is for listing COMPANIES, so please submit company sites, not product sites. The title of your site should reflect your company name, nothing more. Note that this is for companies who sell or resell high technology, high precision, optical equipment, such as precision lenses, mirrors, detection or imaging equipment, and prisms. Laser entertainment (such as light shows) does not belong in this category. It belongs in a business or entertainment category. Companies selling low-tech products which can be purchased at a local general store probably is not appropriate for this category. This would include small He-Ne lasers for use as laser pointers, 3-D glasses, and light bulbs. A business category would be best in that case.

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Advanced Optical Systems, Inc.
AOS specializes in optical signal processing including automatic target recognition and remote attitude measurement systems.
American Polarizers Inc.
Manufacturer of linear and circular polarizers. Contrast enhancement display filters, polarmotion animated displays and motion signs, aircraft cabin windows, sunglasses and 3-D glasses.
Andor Technology
Manufacturer of CCD, ICCD, sCMOS and EMCCD scientific cameras, spectrographs, software and confocal microscopy systems for research imaging.
Apollo Instruments
High-power fiber-coupled laser diodes, optical design and optical engineering.
Brimrose Corporation of America
Manufacturer of electro-optic solutions for the optical communication arena, pharmaceutical and chemical process-control fields. Includes product listings, careers, trade shows and investor relations.
Canyon Materials, Inc.
Specializes in the fabrication of high-resolution gray-level masks using a standard e-beam tool.
Optical components, coatings, optical devices and equipment, optical materials, and custom design.
Designs and builds equipment for ultra high speed imaging. CCD cameras, image converter cameras and support equipment.
Creative Stars Electro-Optics
Supplies high-quality precision positioning equipment and optics products.
CTP Coil
Manufacturer of plastic optics.
Docter Optics, Inc.
Produces standard and custom lens assemblies and precision optical components for industrial, medical, military and scientific applications.
ELCAN Optical Technologies
Part of the Raytheon group of companies with manufacturing operations in Canada, Texas and Spain.
Elliot Scientific
UK based distributor and manufacturer of optical products.
Supplier of optical systems, instruments, and made-to-measure components.
GAM Laser, Inc.
Manufactures very long lifetime, high reliability excimer lasers and 157nm fluorine lasers for industrial, medical and scientific applications.
HOLOEYE Photonics AG
Services and products in the fields of diffractive optics, active spatial light modulation and LCoS microdisplay systems.
II-VI Incorporated
Manufacturer of laser-optic materials, optics, components, electro-optical products and radiation detection devices from gamma rays to far infrared wavelengths.
JML Optical Industries, Inc.
Designer and manufacturer of optical components such as singlets, doublets, triplets, mirrors, planos, prisms, filters, coatings, shutters, irises, reticles and diffusers.
Lake Image Systems
Supply imaging and vision components to the general imaging market, and complete vision systems to the printing and mailing industries.
Laserex Technologies Ltd
Designs and manufactures high quality laser diode systems for industrial, commercial, medical and defence customers.
Laseroptik GmbH Germany
Supplier for high power coatings and substrates.
Linos Photonics Ltd.
Design and manufacture of optical components and assemblies. lenses, achromats, mirrors, beamsplitters, prisms, polarisers, and laser optics.
Lomo PLC
Offers telescopes, microscopes, endoscopes, cameras, night vision equipment, and special aerospace and military equipment.
Market Tech, Inc
Manufacturers representatives for photonics manufacturers based in California. Products represented include optics, lasers, colorimeters, fiber optics and light meters.
Microtrac, Inc.
Sales and technical information on particle analysis equipment, including particle size, and surface area.
Musser and Associates
Providers of new and renovated optical tables, supports, and components.
Offers scanning spectrophotometer instruments for non destructive determination of refractive index, extinction coefficient and film thickness by combined transmittance and reflectance.
New Focus
Manufactures and markets optical components, modules and subsystems. Division of Bookham, Inc.
Newport Corporation
Laser and optical components, optical filters and gratings, spectroscopic and photonic instruments and devices.
Optical Product Development
Custom lens design, illumination design, OEM optics, and product development.
Optics Technology Inc
Designer and manufacturer of precision miniature and sub-miniature optical and mechanical assemblies and systems.
Optimet Optical Metrology Ltd.
Innovative method of non-contact 3-D measurement.
Plan Optik
Technical optics and thin film coatings.
Polymicro Technologies
Manufacturer of fused silica including micro-tubing, optical fiber, and assemblies.
Precision Optics Corporation, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and sells thin film coating optical systems and components for medical, industrial and government applications from Gardner, Massachusetts. (Nasdaq: POCI)
Princeton Instruments
Provides spectrometers, monochromators and spectrographs for research and industrial spectroscopy applications. Also provides VUV-UV optics, coatings and subassemblies.
Design and manufacture of optical systems based on flexible laser technology for high precision industrial measurement applications.
Reflex Analytical Corporation
Fabricates lenses, windows, polarizers, prisms and rods.
Rocky Mountain Instrument Co.
Specializes in manufacture and coating of optical products.
Manufactures and distributes special glass and glass-related systems.
Sciencetech Inc.
Optical spectroscopy from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared. Products include light sources, monochromators, detectors and accessories.
Scientific Solutions, Inc.
Designs and manufactures custom liquid-crystal Fabry-Perot (LCFP) tunable filters for visible and NIR wavelengths.
Seoul Optical
Maker of optical components.
sp 3 plus
Seller of DPSS lasers, filters, mirrors, UV radiation sensors, and gold coated optics.
Symons Mirror Technology
Diamond machined optical components.
Laser interferometry systems, ESPI (holography) and shearography systems provide real time, non contact, full field methods for strain stress measurement and nondestructive testing.
Vermont Photonics
Supplies optical test and measurement equipment for manufacturing facilities and standards labs in industry, aerospace and research.

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