The intended use of this category is for manufacturers and or distributors of equipment and or tools designed for professional use by businesses that provide technical and or repair service for private or public sector vehicles utilized for the transportation of products or people.

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A.D.E.R. Inc.
Electronic repair services to the automotive repair industry including timing lights, battery chargers, testers, scopes and emission analysers. Parts for older equipment and wheel balancers.
Acme Automotive
Offers air tool accessories and air line controls including hose, tubing, blowguns and FRLs.
ADS Limited
Vehicle workshop service (vehicle diagnostics, tuning repairs and servicing) to Preston, and diagnostic equipment sales and training across the UK.
Alba Diagnostics
Expertise in the field of brake fluid test technology. The design and manufacture of professional diagnostic equipment for the automotive aftermarket.
Altus-Escon-Company BV
Manufacturer of test and measuring equipment for use by automotive service shops, garages and test stations.
Apac s.r.l.
Italy. Supplies wide range of garage equipment. Includes cranes, lifts, jacks, trolleys, tire changers, wheel balancers, headlight testers, and oil and grease kits.
Auterra, LLC
Specializes in a Palm OS-based J1850 and ISO-9141 compliant OBD II scan tool that connects to an automobile computer for diagnostics purposes.
Auto Tool
Automotive service equipment distributor.
Automotive Garage Equipment
Supply and service of tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners including those by the following manufacturers: Balco, JBC, Beissbarth , Coats, Giuliano, Focus, John Bean, Sicam and Corghi.
Automotive Specialty Tools
On-line retailer features specialty automotive tools for the professional and weekend mechanic
Manufacturer of diagnostic tools and testing systems for shops and test centers. World-wide presence.
Bee Line Company
Producer of wheel balancing, collision correction and wheel alignment equipment for tractor-trailers and autos. Uses computerized speed and laser accuracy to achieve quality and speed. Over 80 years in the industry.
Beissbarth GmbH
Specialists in heavy-duty tire store equipment, tire changers, tire balancers and brake lathes.
Blair Equipment
Tools for body or mechanical repairs.
Borg Tire Supply
Tire supplies to the retail, commercial and re-tread tire industry. Also services car dealerships, gas stations, fleets and others.
Bosch Production Tools
Manufacturer of air tools, cordless tools and high frequency tools for use in industrial production line assembly and shop and service applications.
Bridge Analyzers
Produces hand-held gas analyzers for automotive diagnostic use and headspace (controlled atmosphere transportation) monitoring.
Buck Equipment
Self-propelled automotive loading and unloading ramp equipment. The product line includes an innovative 4-wheel steering ramp. Additionally, skid-resistant bridge plates are available.
C Air Co.
Vehicle exhaust extraction equipment .
Canbuilt Mfg.
Manufacturers and Distributors of Automotive garage equipment
Carl Turner Equipment
Providing automotive repair equipment for auto service professionals in San Antonio, TX.
Case Equipment Sales
New and used automotive machine shop equipment distributed throughout the Northwest United States.
Chia Wei Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of many types of high precision processed hardware parts, tools and accessories.
Chuan Phang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of the Come Up Winch brand of direct current (DC) electric winches. The manufacturer also offers the following (DC) powered electric products: hoist, material hoist, cable puller and a boat crane windlass.
Collision Services
Tools, equipment, business forms and promotional products designed for the collision repair and auto body industry.
Manufacturer of test and measuring equipment for use by automotive service shops, garages and test stations.
Corghi S.p.A.
A manufacturer of tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, lifting equipment, testing equipment, reeling machines, hank-to-cone winders, cone-to-cone winders and assembly winders.
CTA Manufacturing Corp.
Range of professional specialty tools from micro-thin plastigage to 600 foot-pound torque wrenches.
Datron Technology
Suppliers of high precision vehicle testing equipment as well as CMC, milling machines and engraving technology.
Delafield Controls Corp.
Manufacture of automatic tire inflation equipment, for use by tire manufactures, rental car, golf cart and other fleet vehicles.
Dymatronic Oy
Designs and manufactures brake testing systems. Includes company details and product information. [Danish and English]
Sales and technical information for directly coupled (no roller) chassis dynamometers.
Eagle Equipment
Automotive repair shop tools and garage equipment that includes: hydraulic lifts, wheel alignment machines,air compressors and car storage racks.
Manufacturer of exhaust gas extraction (venting) systems for automotive, bus and heavy truck maintenance facilities. German/English web site.
Endeavor Tool Company
Product and purchase information for Gator-Grip universal sockets.
EnviroLution Solution
The Envirolution engine flushing system power flushes sludge and grime from your engine's oil system resulting in better engine performance, longer engine life, reduced emissions and improved mileage.
Exhaust Gas Analyzers
Exhaust Gas Analyzers Manufacturer
A manufacturer of wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tire changing equipment. English / Italian web site.
Gabbert Equipment, Inc.
Automotive shop equipment at wholesale distributor cost.
Greening Inc.
Specialized brake test equipment manufacturer and testing laboratory. Providing transportation manufacturers and their suppliers improved and safer products to compete in today's global market.
The Heartland Group
Professional automotive service equipment and facility planning.
Hubei FOTMA Machinery Co
12PSD series and 12PSDW series injection fuel pump, test bench, spare parts and implements.
Hunter Engineering Company
Automotive service equipment, including state-of-the-art wheel alignment systems, wheel balancers, brake lathes, tire changers, lift racks and brake testers.
Interstate Marketing Corp.
Spraybooths for cars and trucks from crossdraft to super-downdrafts, prep stations and paint mixing rooms. Additionally offers a complete line of frame racks and electronic measuring equipment.
KK Electronics
Manufacturer of car, bus, truck and train wash equipment, brush or brushless models available.
Korea Iyasaka Machinery
Manufacturer of brake testers, exhaust gas analyzers, headlight testers, 2-post and 4-post lifts and static vehicle road test equipment.
Tire repair and workshop equipment
Lanzoni Autoattrezzature
Lubrication equipment products, exhaust extraction and other professional garage and automotive equipment.
Lawson Products
Offers a variety of MRO products including MRO fasteners, industrial supplies, electrical products, hose fittings, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, welding equipment and automotive hardware.
Lujan USA
Manufacturers of optical headlight aimers for automotive maintenance.
Mac Tools
Offers professional automotive mechanics and technicians quality tools and equipment supported by a lifetime warranty.
MacNeil Wash Systems
Equipment design focuses on the reduction of maintenance and costly downtime while providing opportunities for higher throughputs and increased profits for the car wash operator.
Matco Tools
Manufacturer and distributor of professional quality mechanics tools and service equipment for the automotive aftermarket. Our product line ranges from mechanics hand tools and toolboxes to shop equipment.
Maverick Technology
Supplies and supports automotive diagnostic equipment, specializing in PC-based solutions. Based in Buckingham, England, UK.
Mecanique Energetique
Manufacturer of special hand compressors for car service, for replacement of struts and shock absorbers. Technical specifications and models for each type of car listed on the site.
Manufacturer of automotive and vacuum-related equipment used for fluid evacuation, brake bleeding, testing cooling systems and engine compression.
Offers an off-the-road tire repair system for all plant and machinery.
Motive Products
Manufacturer of the Power Bleeder, a one-person pressure brake bleeder.
Nederman Ltd
Manufacturer of extraction systems for dust, exhaust and welding fumes. Additionally, hose and cable reel systems are available for providing water, air, oil, grease and cable to the workspace.
2, 4 and 5 gas exhaust analyzers that integrate with OBD software scan tools. NOx analyzers are also available.
OBD Scan Tools
These OBD MIL check engine reset tools allow any shop to reset service and oil change lights for european cars such as Volvo, VW, BMW and Audi. Used in conjunction with our software scan tool.
Optimo Maskinfabrik
Wheel-alignment equipment.
Outils Pro-Tek Tools
Wholesaler of body shop tools, equipment and accessories. From paint guns to air tools.
PDQ Tools & Equipment
Source for guaranteed paintless dent removal supplies, pdr training and auto reconditiong.
Power Test
Manufacturer of high performance water brake dynamometers.
Manufacturer and exporter of gear hobbing machine, precision machine, milling machine and bar automat machine.
Sales and service of truck and automotive wheel service equipment featuring Beissbarth products.
Catalog of automotive products distributed in the UK. Includes items such as reels, spray gun cleaners, tool balancers, and lubrication equipment.
Buys and sells new and used automotive, workshop, and body shop equipment and tools. Products offered are purchased direct from most major manufacturers.
Rotek Equipment
Alternator test equipment.
A worldwide provider of competitive, technical automotive expertise pertaining to the development and testing of modern vehicle drive trains, and, is a manufacturer of sophisticated automotive test equipment, primarily dynamometers.
S and H Industries
Manufacturer of automotive body repair tools and equipment.
Safe Shop Tools
Quality engineered shop tools for truck, trailer and bus maintenance.
Safety Seal
Tubeless tire repair products.
Sarveshwari Engineers
Manufacturer of wheel balancing accessory items such as balance weight pliers in addition to tire service, valve stem and tire repair tools.
Serdi UK
Serdi UK is the official United Kingdom distributor of Serdi and Rottler machinery for engine re-manufacturer, precision engineering and competition engine building.
Suburban Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturers of replacement brake lathe parts, tool holders, adaptors, turn plates and lift boxes.
SuperFlow Corporation
Engine dynamometers, chassis dynamometers, flowbenches, data acquisition, towing dynamometers, advanced engine technology conference, dynos, autodyn, cycledyn, SF-901, SF-600.
Symtech Corporation
Manufactures a line of optical headlamp alignment systems.
Target Lifts International
Manufacturer of tube benders and frame machines for various vehicle and heavy duty applications.
Inventors of high voltage tire testing technology offers a versatile, light weight and portable tire testing machine called the Micro.
Manufacturer of industrial grade aqueous parts washing cabinets for automotive and other various service industry use. Available in six sizes and are sold factory direct.
Three-In-One Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of anti-freeze testers, auto circuit testers, auto windshield tools, radiator flush kit, battery testers, and professional windshield hand tools., Inc.
Automotive repair tool kits including pneumatic tools, hand tools, spray guns and impact wrenches.
Portable laser wheel alignment system. Accurate, quick and cost effective method to align passenger cars, trucks, RVs and race cars.
Tyrepliers Engineering P/L
Manufacturer of innovative, quality manual tire changing and repair equipment including tire bead breakers, tire levers, and tire changing machines.
Ultra Dent Tools
Manufacturer of paintless dent repair tools. Over 180 different tools and accessories in stock. Training available.
V8 Tools
Manufacturer of affordable tools including tube benders and spring pliers. Catalog and dealers.
Vericom Computers
Vericom provides brake meters and accelerometer computers for automobiles.
Vetronix Corporation
Develops and manufactures automotive diagnostic equipment and software for both the OEM and aftermarket segments of the automotive service industry.
Visual Instrumentation Corporation
High speed video and film cameras for motion analysis applications. Speeds from 50 to 44,000 frames per second. Specializing in Hycam, Locam, Milliken, Fastax and Hytax equipment.
Why Wait Machinery Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of automotive and motorcycle repair and maintenance equipment such as: hydraulic presses, lubricators, oil changers, oil absorbers and a submersed plate lift.
Wikco Industries, Inc.
Manufactures and markets many unique products through our tool and equipment division and exercise equipment division.
Helical wire threaded inserts, installation tools and related equipment.

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