This subcategory deals specifically with ovens and dryers in the manufacturing industries. Due to this equipment being heated by several methods, there are other similar categories which you may want to look at including Electric_Heaters and others which are linked from this category.

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Catalytic Drying Technologies LLC
Manufactures flameless infrared drying ovens to reduce moisture in broad variety of agricultural and industrial products. Applications include wood, rice, grains, herbs, sludge, and various chemicals.
France. Manufactures thermal equipment for drying and calcinating granular materials in the chemical, food, and mineral processing industries. Products include fluid beds and wide variety of drying units.
Despatch Industries
Manufacturer of batch and continuous ovens, furnaces and burn-in chambers for industrial and clean process applications.
DRI Infrared Dryers
Specializes in radiant electric drying and heating systems. Includes oven and web dryers and infraround and infrared heaters. Site explains underlying technology, particular in relation to drying waterbase inks and coatings.
HB Koeltechniek Engineering B.V.
The Netherlands. Full service manufacturers of cooling and drying equipment for process industries. Includes climate rooms, drying systems, and refrigeration and air conditioning units. Site provides detailed product information.
Hon Yeang Machinery Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures assortment of ovens for drying variety of materials. Includes decorated metals, coated tinplate, can inner coatings, nameplates, printed circuit boards, and painted hardware items.
Lunaire Limited
Manufacturers of thermal processing equipment. Products include range of industrial ovens and selection of pharmaceutical dryers and sterilizers. Site includes access to downloadable catalogues.
Lydon Oven Company
Manufactures industrial and laboratory ovens. Applications include electronic, glass, metal, pharmaceutical, plastics, and textile industries.
Lytzen A/S
Denmark. Manufacturing group specializing in ovens for drying and heat treatment processes. Applications include chemical, metal, pharmaceutical, and plastic industries.
Radiant Energy Systems Inc.
Specializes in application of gas or electric infrared heaters and ovens for web, finishing, and process industries. Offers free evaluation of existing equipment and systems via feedback questionnaires.
Wisconsin Oven Corporation
Manufactures range of industrial batch and conveyor ovens, incinerators, and heaters. Includes product information, applications, processes and fuels. Headquarters in Troy, Wisconsin.
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