This category contains sites related to the manufacture, distribution, and servicing of industrial equipment used in a variety of heat transfer processes. The objective is to heat or cool products as a part of a process application or manufacturing procedure. Examples include annealing, brazing, hardening, and tempering metal parts, as well as baking, drying, curing, and bonding materials and products in several different industries. Note: A quite considerable number of furnace type sites are also indexed in a category of their own, reflecting their application beyond the heat treatment one. Searchers and submitters are therefore advised to look at the Furnaces_Incinerators_Kilns category and well as this Thermal_Process one to determine where their interests are likely to be best served. Note: The accompanying Heat_Exchanger subcategory has its own description. In a sense, it deals with equipment designed to transfer heat from one medium to another.

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1st Choice Portable Chillers
Industrial portable chillers for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to plastics, rubber, chemical, and printing.
Ab & Co.
Produce a range of process heating systems, industrial heaters, and heat exchangers . Includes downloadable product data, and heat exchange formulae and calculators.
Advantage Energy Group, Inc
Specializes in design and installation of heat recovery, water chilling, and pollution control systems. Site includes explanation of waste heat conversion and thermal oxidizing processes.
Anchor Autoclave Systems
Designs and manufactures autoclaves used in composite manufacturing, rubber vulcanizing, medical waste sterilization, aerospace manufacturing, and food processing.
Anderson-Bolds Inc.
Product lines include heating systems, control panels, annunciator systems, ovens, furnaces, and air conditioning for in plant and project applications.
Ansa Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysia. Specializes in design, manufacture, installation, and service of microwave systems for food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical, and textile industries. Applications include heating, drying, tempering, and sterilization.
Baba Therm Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufactures and distributes line of air, fluid, and water heaters and steam generators. Site provides detailed description and specifications of each available unit.
Bader Engineering GmbH
Germany. Specializes in supply of cooling units designed to overcome heat build up in switch cabinets. Site provides illustrations of available models.
Callidus Technologies Inc.
Specializes in manufactures burners, flares, rotary kilns, waste and solids incinerators, and vapor recovery systems for the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and wood products industries.
Caltherm, Ltd
UK. Manufacturers of a wide range of purpose-built industrial ovens for variety of drying, curing, pre-heating, and heat treatment applications. Includes top loading, box, tunnel, conveyor, infra-red, and ultra-violet models.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
Manufacturers of infrared gas catalytic heater and electric infrared heaters for process heat and curing systems. Specializations include explosion-proof heaters for hazardous locations and filtration systems for air and gas.
Produces induction heating and melting systems, anticollision telemeters, and ultrasonic cleaners. Italy.
Cho-il Thermal Oil Heater Co. Ltd.
Korea. Manufactures various models of thermal oil heaters, as well as associated equipment such as preheaters, heat exchangers, steam generators, electric air heaters, and control units.
Chromalox Precision Heat and Control
Manufactures a range of commercial and industrial electric heating equipment. Includes heaters, sensors, heat tracers, and process and power controls. Information leaflets and training manuals.
Ellab A/S
Denmark. Manufactures equipment for measuring, recording, monitoring, and validating thermal processing information, primarily for food and pharmaceutical industries. Includes sensors, probes, recording units, and related software.
Entherm Inc.
Distributors specializing in heating, sensing, and control process equipment. Selection includes sensors, temperature transmitters, pressure transducers, and heat tracers. Site incorporates links to detailed product information.
Exergy Inc
Manufacturer of heat transfer equipment, including shell-and-tube, tube-in-tube, cold plate, sanitary and miniature heat exchangers with sanitary and custom models for industry use.
Gerlach Inc.
Specializes in manufacture and supply of equipment for the rubber industry. Includes range of curing ovens, cooling and cutting machinery, pollution and process control systems, and material handling equipment.
Glass Service Inc.
Czech Republic. Offers consultancy services related to glass melting and conditioning. Expertise includes furnace design and operation, optimization of controls, defect analysis, and availability of equipment for handmade production.
Gooch Thermal Systems
Manufacturer of heat transfer equipment including Spiral Heat Exchangers, Falling Film Evaporators, and Thin Film Evaporators.
Goudsche Machinefabriek BV
The Netherlands. Manufactures specialized equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Includes units for drying, solidifying, crystallizing, peeling, and sterilizing various products.
Gyrotron Technology Inc.
Customized design and installation of high frequency microwave heat treatment systems. Applications include curing, annealing, drying, joining, and coating. Site incorporates detailed explanation of technology and its uses.
Heat Technology Products
Stocking distributors of industrial heat transfer products. Range includes boilers, boiling room equipment, burners, chillers, controls, cooling towers, heat exchangers, hydronic systems, instrumentation, and underground piping.
Heatex Ltd.
UK. Manufacturers broad range of engineered and industrial heating equipment. Includes oil, air, water, and electrical systems, as well as control units. Site provides detailed product and application information.
India. Specializes in manufacture and application of two-stage evaporative air cooling ambiators, designed as alternatives to traditional air conditioning products. Site includes detailed account of underlying technology.
Honesom Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures broad range of infra red quartz and halogen heaters and filaments. Site provides specifications of available items.
Hydro-Thermal Corporation
Specializes in manufacture of direct steam injection systems, designed as an alternative to heat exchangers and similar products. Site incorporates account of system design, features, benefits, and applications.
Manufactures equipment for heating chemical solutions, gases, and dionized water. Range include various heaters, process etch baths, and tank heaters and controls. Site includes glossary of technical terms and formulas.
Increase Performance Inc.
Specializes in evaluation and modification of existing furnaces, heaters, dryers, and boilers to optimize combustion efficiency. Site includes examples of applications in ammonia, chemical, and petroleum plants.
Innovative Industries
Manufactures industrial infrared heaters and heating systems for drying, curing, and plastic thermoforming. Site includes product and application information.
International Thermal Systems LLC
Equipment manufacturer of industrial process ovens, furnaces, washers and associated material handling equipment for various industries.
IR Systems
Manufacturer and distributor of industrial infrared heaters, web dryers, conveyor ovens, and custom heat processing systems. Products serve a wide variety of converting and processing industries.
JC Younger Industrial Chillers
Sales and rental of industrial chillers. US based (MN).
Jenton International UV
UK. Specializes in supply of UV units for drying and curing inks, resins, and adhesives. Radiometers and spectroradiometers for process control also available. Site includes product and application details.
Jordan Technologies, Inc
USA. Design and manufacture of vapor recovery systems, combustion manufacturing and services, and air filtration products and services for the petrochemical industry. Also, system rental services.
KAM Thermal Equipment Ltd.
Manufactures broad range of customized heat transfer equipment in variety of configurations. Includes condensate coolers, steam generators, liquid chillers, and steam and vapor condensers.
Körting Hannover AG
Germany. Manufactures wide range of industrial process heating and cooling products. Includes units for cooling, evaporating, steam ejection, residue removal, off gas purification, boiler firing, and domestic heating.
Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik
Germany. Offers wide range of software for pressure vessel and heat exchanger design. Site includes details of available modules. Downloadable trial/test packages available.
Loikits Technologies Inc
Sells broad range of heat transfer and air pollution abatement products. Includes heat transfer fluids, pressure vessels, emission monitors, and actuators, pumps, and valves. Also offers related repair and maintenance services.
Marsden Inc.
Manufactures custom designed gas infrared drying systems, with primary applications to paper and paper converting industries. Customer base also includes glass, paint finishing, and textile companies.
Marshall W. Nelson & Associates
Specializes in process heating, metering and control applications for the industrial marketplace. US based.
Microdry Inc.
A custom industrial microwave equipment manufacturer.
Manufactures broad range of circulating water and oil temperature control systems, as well as portable chillers and leak detection and descaling units. Site provides detailed product information.
Mydax Inc.
Manufacture chillers, heat exchangers, and air conditioners incorporating computer driven proportional temperature control. Site includes technical explanations.
N.M. Knight Co. Inc.
Supplies broad range of combustion related products to the glass forming and working industry. Includes burners and torches, lehrs and ovens, stress observation instruments, and cutting, drilling, and glazing equipment.
NEM bv
The Netherlands. Specializes in design and manufacture of heat recovery steam generators, gas and oil fired boilers, and industrial and domestic waste incinerators. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Ontario Ovens Inc.
Canada. Distributors of industrial/laboratory thermal processing equipment for variety of industries. Includes ovens and furnaces, freezers and refrigerators, and environmental test chambers.
Paratherm Corporation
Manufacturers of heat transfer fluids, thermal fluids, and hot oil for process industries. Site includes access to technical information, charts, and graphs for the different fluid types.
Pathak Electrical Works
India. Manufacturers specializing in range of heating and testing instruments, primarily for laboratory and scientific use. Site includes detailed information about available products.
Phoenix Air Systems
Manufactures heating, cooling, and conditioning air systems for variety of industrial and commercial applications. Includes make up and recirculated air, pressurization, and control for critical process environments.
Pillar Industries
Manufactures broad range of induction heating and melting equipment and systems. Applications include heat treating, mass heating, forging, melting, and hot metals forming.
Pirobloc S.A.
Spain. Specializes in manufacture and installation of thermal fluid equipment. Applications include textile, petrochemical, food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, wood, and paper industries.
Polar Trading Company
Distributor in India of spare parts for air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing equipment, and refrigerant gases.
Power Equipment Company
Provides a range of steam boilers, mobile steam generating plants, air compressors, and pumps. Includes links to product manufacturers .
Process Thermal Dynamics
Manufactures electric infra red heaters and process heating equipment. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Manufactures selection of standard and custom solder pots and melting tanks, suitable for low melt alloys and broad range of non metallic materials. Site provides detailed product and usage information.
Italy. Manufactures wide range of heating and cooling equipment. Includes steam condensers and ejectors, deaerators, evaporators, heaters, heat exchangers, and refrigeration and sea water desalting units.
Sociedade de Refrigeracao LDA
Portugal. Designs, manufactures, and installs air and water cooled chillers for wide range of industrial process applications.
Southwest Thermal Technology, Inc
Distributes and services broad range of thermal processing equipment. Includes heat exchangers, electric heaters, dryers, purifiers, and combustion, refrigeration, and noise abatement products.
Spreafico R. s.r.l.
Italy. Specializes in equipment for heat and thermo-chemical treatment of metal parts. Applications include carbonitriding, carburizing, hardening, nitriding, quenching, stress relieving, and tempering.
St. Clair Systems
Provides temperature control solutions of paint, sealant, and adhesives for automated application systems. Product range includes temperature control valves and specialized heat exchangers. US based (MI).
Stalam S.p.A.
Italy. Manufactures radio frequency heating and drying equipment for range of commercial and industrial applications. Site includes explanation of technology and gives examples of its uses.
Stelter and Brinck
Design and manufacture of process heat and packaged air pollution control equipment including air heaters, oxidizers, incinerators, and steel and aluminum mill equipment.
Strayfield Ltd.
UK. Manufactures radio frequency heating equipment, with applications in the textile, paper converting, glass fiber, woodworking, food processing, and plastic welding industries. Site provides detailed product and usage information.
Stulz Air Technologies Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of air conditioning and humidifying equipment and systems. Includes floor and ceiling mounted models and air, water, and glycol cooled designs. Also available from international sister companies.
Taricco Corporation
Specializes in manufacturing thermal process equipment. Includes autoclaves, pressure and vacuum vessels, sterilizers, ovens, and presses. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Temperature Corporation
Canada. Manufactures industrial cooling and heating units and systems, especially for rubber and plastics industries. Includes portable and central chillers, cooling towers, and tank sets. Site provides product information.
Therma-Tech Corporation
Manufacturers of electrical infrared heaters and systems, especially to meet customer's requirements. Site includes details of product range and possible applications.
Thermal & Mechanical Equipment Co
Manufacturers' representatives involved in engineering design, sales and distribution of heat transfer, filtration and process equipment. Searchable database of available products.
Thermal and Process Sales
Manufacturer's representative specializing in engineered heat transfer and process equipment. Site includes application data sheets and links to manufacturer's web sites.
Tigerholm Products AB
Sweden. Manufactures selection of specialized products for use in industrial heating, water, and sanitation systems. Includes oil de-aerators, draught regulators, and tool kits for working on air and water pipes under pressure.
UV+IR Engineering
South Africa. Manufactures and distributes broad range of infra-red and ultra-violet products for curing, drying, and process and work area heating applications. Site provides details of products and available services.
Vatell Corporation
Manufactures various heat flux measurement instruments based on patented results of university research. Offers downloadable newsletter on heat transfer topics.

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