A subdirectory of manufacturers and suppliers of environmental test chambers. These manufacturer would include the large environmental room manufacturers and the smaller test chambers like altitude, thermal shock, vibration, humidity, temperature, etc. These chambers are used in various industries including automotive, battery, pharmaceutical, medical, etc
Manufacturing and testing of environmental test chambers for use in high-tech manufacturing and a variety of other application.
C&C Technologies Inc.
Refurbished chambers for temperature, humidity, and vibration testing. Available for sale or on lease with option to buy.
Chasewood Environmental Systems
Design, engineering, and supervised installation of environmental chambers for lithium battery, pharmaceutical, and paper industries, as well as for computer test labs and offshore rigs.
Environmental Stress Systems, Inc.
Manufactures and sells thermal platform systems used in functional and reliability testing of electronic components for microwave, aerospace, telecommunications, military, automotive industries.
Environmental test chambers for scientific testing of humidity, temperature, thermal shock, stress screening, including walk-in, drive-in chambers.
Manufactures environmental test chambers to simulate various temperature and humidity environments. Products include benchtop, walk-in sizes, environmental stress screening (ESS), HAST, thermal shock.
LR Environmental Equipment Company
Buys and sells used, refurbished environmental test chambers, industrial ovens, research and development test equipment.
Pro Temp Mechanical Inc.
Specializes in sale, rent, and leasing of environmental testing equipment.
Scientific Climate Systems Inc.
Manufacturers, designers and suppliers of dry rooms, desiccant dehumidification systems, and low humidity chambers for the lithium battery, medical, pharmaceutical and all other industries.
Screening Systems, Inc.
Manufactures vibration and temperature environmental test chambers for use within ESS, HALT, HASS, other accelerated testing programs.
Sharetree Systems
UK manufacturer of environmental test chambers and stress screening equipment. Products include thermal and humidity stress chambers, vibration test equipment and thermal shock chambers.
Tescor, Inc.
Manufactures calorimeters, psychrometric test rooms, test stands and environmental rooms for automotive, HVAC pharmaceutical industries. Products include compressor, condenser, radiator, evaporator, heater core calorimeters, psychrometric test rooms. Also, environmental rooms and low temp freezers.
TestEquity LLC
Manufactures environmental, temperature, and humidity chambers for a wide range of environmental test applications. Based in Thousand Oaks, California.
Thermotron Industries
Manufacturer of environmental test chambers and equipment. Range includes stress and vibration test equipment and thermal shock chambers.
U.L.T. Services
Environmental chamber service and consulting company.
UK. Development, supply, and maintenance of standard and special environmental test chambers for simulation of climatic conditions.
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