This category -- and the subcategories included with it -- brings together sites concerned with the supply and service of machines, systems, and associated ancillary equipment that, in one way or another, alter the nature or condition of batches of materials, components, or parts that have so far probably been only partially manufactured. In some cases, the end result is a finished product. In others, the processing is merely a step along the way. Whatever the case, a change certainly occurs between the input and output stages. Note: Process Equipment sites usually have applications to a range of industries rather than one specific type of manufacturing. In contrast, sites that have an obvious relationship to a particular area of manufacturing are indexed in categories that conform with that relationship. (For example metalworking machinery is allocated to the Cutting_Equipment and Machine_Tools categories, just as tanning equipment and shoe making machines will be found in the Leatherworking_Machinery category.)

Subcategories 15

A.T. Ferrell Company Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of equipment for seed conditioning plants and associated facilities. Focus is on machinery for cleaning and grading grass, vegetable, and other seeds, as well as grains, legumes, and popcorn.
Aarkay Group
India. Development, fabrication, and supply of full range of tea processing machinery and related supplies. Includes heating, drying, sorting, packaging equipment and systems. Services include repairs, upgrades, and technical consultation.
Accent Stainless Steel
Specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of component and turn key stainless steel processing equipment for the food, beverage, brewery, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Includes company profile and product descriptions. Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.
Air Process Systems & Conveyors Co., Inc.
Dry and liquid material handling and processing equipment for the food, chemical and plastics industries.
Alfa Laval AB
Sweden. Manufactures wide range of equipment, systems, and services for liquid/solid separation, heat transfer and treatment, and fluid handling. Site provides product, application, and technical information.
Allpax Products Inc.
Manufactures sterilization and materials handling equipment for food and pharmaceutical industries. Includes horizontal, vertical, and overpressure retorts, as well as baskets and automated loaders and unloaders.
Alpha Stainless, Inc.
Supplies process equipment for the biopharm industry. Manufactures special tanks. Represents various manufacturers of fittings, gaskets, pumps, valves, silicone hose, tubing, and other components.
Altieri A. srl
Italy. Wide range of stainless steel equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Includes autoclaves, columns, dryers, reactors, and distillation and fermentation plants. Subsidiary company specializes in liquid/solid separation and filtration equipment.
Amcom LLC
Specializes in design and application of steel and slag recycling systems. Includes screening and crushing equipment, feeders, magnet stations, conveyor systems, and scrap cleaning equipment.
American Steel Line Co.
Manufacturer of heavy duty steel coil handling equipment, including single and double end reels, traveling reels with coil loaders, pallet uncoilers, coil cars, and straighteners.
Manufactures specialized range of processing equipment for the rendering, food, chemical, and associated industries. Includes dryers, expellers, coagulators, percolators, hydrolyzers, and condensing, sterilization, scrubber, and odor abatement systems.
Aqua Products Inc.
Sells and services broad range of chemical feed equipment. Includes bacterial enzymes, booster and metering pumps, chlorinators, gas and leak detection units, flow and process controls and charts, scales, and surge protectors.
Arnold Holstein GmbH
Germany. Manufactures a range of continuous and discontinuous distilling equipment for chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Information regarding available units and accessories.
Aron Equipment Company
Online catalogue of available new and used equipment and accessories for range of processing industries. Services include facilities for trading and leasing items; appraisal and marketing of surplus equipment; and storage, transportation, and reconditioning of existing machinery.
ASC Process Systems
Offers diversified range of products and services for process industries. Includes autoclaves, ovens, and furnaces; software, power, and motor control center systems; and repair, upgrading, and relocation of equipment.
Atomic Vacuum Co
India. Manufactures range of specialized processing equipment. Applications include waste oil refining, production of pesticides, vitamins, and herbal products, and supply of molecular distillation equipment.
Automated Process Equipment Corporation
Manufactures range of process equipment and automation systems. Includes batching, blending, mixing, weighing, proportioning, and liquid application machines.
Avasarala Group
India. Diversified company serving a variety of industries. Products include conveyors, electron guns, tungsten rod and wire, and a range of process machinery for electronic and automotive components manufacture.
Avestin Inc.
Canada. Manufacturer of equipment for reducing particle size and creating even distribution. Uses include drug dispersion, herb extraction, and industrial coatings and pigments. Site incorporates detailed product and process information.
B & P Process Equipment and Systems, LLC
Manufactures mixers, centrifuges, and extruders for bulk and specialty chemicals industry, waste and water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and hot-melt adhesives processing.
Baskerville Ltd.
UK. Manufactures agitated and non agitated pressure vessels and related equipment, including instrumentation control software, for industrial, research, and educational applications. Technical details of product range.
BelAir Finishing
Manufactures and distributes finishing machines, media, and precious metal recovery and wastewater treatment equipment for finishing, polishing, deburring, drying, and cleaning jewelry, metal, and plastic parts.
Bematec SA
Switzerland. Manufactures variety of equipment for the paper, film, plastic, and converting industries. Includes fiber processing machines, screen/filter units, and coating systems. Product information.
Bendall's Engineering
UK. Specializes in design and manufacture of pressure vessels and other specialist steel fabrications for the nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, and process industries.
The Bethlehem Corporation
Manufactures broad range of filtration and thermal processing equipment. Includes centrifuges, dryers, calciners, furnaces, and filter and dewatering presses. Can also rebuild and upgrade customers' existing equipment.
Biazzi SA
Switzerland. Specializes in design and supply of chemical processing equipment. Includes units for hydrogenation, nitration, creation of gas/liquid derivatives, and manufacture of explosives.
Blue-White Industries
Manufacturer of precision rotameters, Paddlewheel flowmeters, chemical metering pumps, tank systems, mixers, and proportional chemical feeders.
Bombay Pharma Equipment
India. Manufacturers selection of liquid and powder processing equipment for pharmaceutical Industry. Includes filter presses, transfer pumps, bottle fillers, pressure vessels, sifters, blenders, coating pans, and drying ovens.
Bono Group
Producers of industrial boilers, special heaters, water and environmental treatment systems in Italy. Provides industrial solutions for energy and ecology, liquid dosing and transfer.
Branch Environmental Corp
Specializes in pollution control equipment. Includes scrubbers, oxidizers, and air strippers. Applications include cleanup of acids, organics, and other contaminants, as well as removal of volatile organics, ammonia, and other gases.
Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG
Germany. Manufactures plants and equipment for the manufacture of products such as sugar and ethanol.
Bühler Bindler GmbH
Germany. Technology company specializing in processing equipment and systems for chocolate and other food and beverage industries.
Ceever s.r.l
Italy. Manufactures wide range of cleaning and processing equipment. Includes products for washing, de-greasing, phosphating and burnishing, and sandblasting. Site incorporates detailed product and application information. plants.
Central Fabricators Inc.
Manufactures corrosion resistant storage tanks, jacketed vessels, pressure vessels, reactors, and tank coils for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.
Chemical Transfer Partnership (CTP) Corporation
US representative of European equipment manufacturers Buchi AG, Genser and Huber. Products include reactors, filters, scrubbers, heaters and chillers, and rotary evaporators.
Chemitherm Plants & Systems P. Ltd.
India. Manufactures and offers installation services for broad range of equipment for process industries. Includes agitators, clarifiers, heat exchangers, mixers, pressure vessels, and reactors.
Chemray Corporation
Distributors of process equipment accessories for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and electro-plating industries. Includes actuators, filters, fittings, flow and level gauges, hose assemblies, pumps, and various types of valves.
Chiral Technologies Europe
France. Specializes in supply of chromatography products for enantiomeric analysis and separation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Site includes detailed product and application information.
Cimbria Group
Denmark. Manufacturing companies supplying equipment for processing grain and seed, powders, granulates, and similar products. Includes cleaners, dryers, conveyors, silos, bellows, filters, and waste treatment and recycling systems.
Coe Press Equipment Corporation
Manufacture and supply of steel coil feed line systems and equipment. Includes servo roll feeds, power straighteners, and coil reels and cradles. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Core-Rosion Products
Distributes broad range of processing equipment. Includes tanks, filter presses and driers, clarifiers, double wall piping, water filtration systems, and oil/water separators.
Corrosion Resistant Products Limited
Supply of fluorpolymer lined valves and piping products to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and fine chemical industries.
Cortech Engineering
Specializes in supply of pumps for process industries. Includes centrifugal, seal-less, and positive displacement varieties. Site incorporates links to manufacturer sites for detailed product information.
CRL Glass Machinery
Manufactures wide range of flat glass processing equipment and distributes glazing supplies for automotive and glass industries. Available machinery include bevellers, edgers, washers, cutters, drills, and various production lines.
Crown Iron Works Company
Specializes in equipment and replacements parts for oilseed and edible oil processing industry. Includes preparation, extraction, refining, and drying units. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Cv Technology In.
Specializes in equipment and devices for preventing and mitigating effects of explosion and over pressurization in dust collectors, dryers, coffee roasters, hammer mills, sifters, blenders, and pneumatic conveyance systems.
Cyclotherm SA (Pty) Ltd.
South Africa. Specializes in broad range of heat generation equipment for variety of industries. Includes autoclaves; gas, oil, and coal fired boilers; calorifiers; pressure vessels and tanks; hot water generators; and water treatment equipment.
DBS Manufacturing Inc.
Manufactures specialized equipment for water and wastewater industries. Includes clarifier and thickener drive units, low speed aerators, rotary distribution center mechanisms, and foam cleaning systems. Bolt-in retrofit drives also available.
DCMS Engineering Co.
India. Specializes in custom fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, reactors, condensers, and storage tanks. Clients include atomic energy, fertilizer, petrochemical, synthetic fibre, and water treatment plants.
Driam USA Inc.
Specializes in machinery for the pharmaceutical and confectionery industries. Range includes tableting tools and equipment for coating, inspection, sorting, packaging, cup and tube filling, and container manufacture. Services include access to test and demonstration lab for customer use.
Provides engineered fluoropolymer solutions and products for corrosion protection, ultrapure product delivery, and release applications. Pennsylvania, USA.
Elgin National Industries Inc.
Parent company of manufacturing group serving wide range of mining, material processing, and bulk handling industries. Products include separators, centrifuges, screens, fasteners, electrical equipment, and maintenance supplies.
Formulates and manufactures performance polymer systems for rebuilding, resurfacing, and protecting fluid flow machinery, equipment and structures.
Enoveneta s.n.c. di Fiorin & C.
Italy. Manufactures equipment for wine making industry. Includes receiving and refrigeration units, destalkers, presses, and pumps. Product information.
Evans Machinery & Fabrication Inc.
Specializes in design and manufacture of custom built machinery, with particular focus on heat exchangers, dust collectors, and variety of other equipment for tobacco processing industry.
FillPro Inc
Manufacturer of precision powder filling and fillers, dispensing, net-weight dosing and weighing systems.
Flo Trend Systems Inc.
Sells and rents broad range of filtration, separation, and mixing equipment. Includes filter presses, hydrocyclones, oil/water separators, polymer mixing units, and vibratory screening devices.
France. Manufactures probes and sensors to measure moisture content in powdered and granulated materials. Primary applications include sand, cement, and concrete, with secondary ones found in food and vegetation industries.
Forbes (Aust) Pty Ltd
Australia. Design, development, manufacture, installation, and servicing of pressure vessels, air compressor units, and medium and high pressure steam boilers.
Force Flow Equipment / Floquip
Manufactures equipment for weighing and monitoring chemical content and usage in water and wastewater treatment plants and variety of other industrial processes. Site includes product and application details.
French Oil Mill Machinery Company
Manufactures preparation equipment and mechanical screw presses for the oilseed industry, with extended applications for the rubber and polymer industries. Site incorporates detailed product and process information.
Gallium Industries Ltd.
India. Manufactures broad range of tube production and processing equipment. Includes units for uncoiling, shearing and welding, accumulating, drawing, push pointing, end facing, straightening, and hydrotesting.
Offers licenced use of specialized separation and product recovery technology. Basis is patented obstacle induced preferential dispersion process. Applications include biotechnology, fermentation, and pharmaceutical industries.
Gladstone Engineering Co. Ltd.
UK. Manufactures a range of pottery equipment. Includes pugmills, extruders, wheels, whirlers, spraybooths, slab rollers, and mixers. Product information.
Greenbrook Automations Ltd
UK. Manufactures specialized equipment for color dipping and screen printing of balloons, latex gloves, and similar products.
Guan Candle Machine Factory
China. Manufactures candle and chalk making machines and accessories. Product details and explains set up and operating procedures.
Heinkel Aktiengesellschaft
Germany. Manufactures range of specialized centrifuges, related gas circulation equipment, and selection of multi-spindle drilling/reaming/tapping machines. Site provides detailed information regarding each product group.
Hemraj Enterprises
India. Supplies equipment for process laboratories. Includes dryers, granulators, reaction and distillation systems, and spray dryers.
Hoferick Engineering GmbH
Germany. Designs and installs automated measurement and weighing systems for continuous streams of bulk materials. Components provide detection and monitoring of flow level, measurement, weight, and material condition. Services include start up, maintenance, calibration, and repairs.
Horan Screening and Crushing
Authorized dealer for Powerscreen and BL-Pegson brands of quarry screening, crushing, and washing equipment. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Hosokawa Micron International Inc.
Manufactures range of equipment and systems for powder and particle, toll, blown film, and confectionery processing. Products and applications.
Howard E. Hutching Co. Inc.
Represents several manufacturers of water metering and control equipment. Includes chemical injection pumps, flow computers and controllers, and pH and conductivity test systems. Site includes links to each manufacturer website.
IEM Technologies Ltd
UK. Manufactures and services broad range of systems for air pollution control, chemical recovery, liquid effluent treatment, and waste gas abatement. Site provides detailed information regarding products and capabilities.
Imsa Impex S.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures and distributes equipment for handling, processing, and transforming flat glass, with particular applications in the construction and furniture industries. Product and equipment information.
Indian Ion Exchange & Chemicals Limited
Specializes in design, supply, and installation of reverse osmosis, demineralisation, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and waste water treatment recycle systems.
Industrial Equipment & Design Company
Designs, manufactures, and integrates powder and tablet handling systems and equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries. Product and application information.
International Exposition Company
Organizers of the 2001 Chemical Processing Industry Trade Show, scheduled for October 23/25. Details of facilities, exhibitors, and conference program and includes contact for additional information.
International Rolling Mills Inc.
Manufactures machinery for producing strip, wire, and tubing from precious and semi-precious metals, with applications for the electronics, semi conductor, and clad metal industries.
Italimpianti Orafi S.p.A.
Italy. Manufactures wide range of equipment for precious metalworking and jewelry making. Includes units for assaying, melting, casting, sheet and wire preparation, hollowing, refining, chain soldering, and finishing.
ITM Group
Poland. Manufactures broad range of primary and secondary machines for tobacco industry. Includes feeding, slicing, cutting, drying, conveying, filling, and filtering equipment and systems.
Jagdish Group of Companies
India. Manufactures equipment for producing and processing cooking oil, soap, animal feed, rice, and sugar. Product information.
Jim Robbins & Associates, Inc.
Sales agents for wide range of processing equipment and systems. Includes products for loading, storage, and unloading, mixing and blending, size changing, separation, and pollution control. Details obtainable per Information Request form.
Jingjiang Tianhe Drying Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Manufacturer of drying equipment including conveyour type, ovens and centrifuge. Company profile and product descriptions.
John L. Underwood Inc.
Parent company of manufacturers providing a variety of equipment and systems designed to treat, heat/cool, move, and distribute air and water. Applications include commercial, industrial, and marine markets.
JR Automation Technologies Inc.
Specializes in range of integrated manufacturing systems, stand alone machines, and individual tools. Site includes descriptions of available heatstaking, welding, assembly, and edgewrapping equipment.
UK. Full service manufacturers and distributors of equipment for the process industries. Includes centrifuges, cyclones, filters and strainers, oil adsorption units, separation systems, and pressure vessels.
Kongskilde Industries A/S
Supplier of material and process waste handling equipment for the paper, plastics and packaging industries
Krytem GmbH
Germany. Provides details of manufactured equipment and devices for handling and delivering variety of technical gases. Includes pumps, valves, piping, heaters, heat exchangers, and cylinder filling machinery.
KTH Sales Inc.
Distributes variety of corrosion resistant fluid handling equipment such as tanks, pumps, valves, mixers, heaters, and filtration systems. Applications include water treatment, chemical processing, and plating industries.
Lambert Engineering Ltd.
UK. Full service engineering company focused on design and manufacture of automated, special-purpose machinery in a range of industries. Examples include installations in pharmaceutical, food product, chemical, and packaging plants.
Liad Company
Israel. Specialized controlled weighing and additive feeder systems with applications in chemical, concrete, food, and plastics industries.
Lingley Control Systems Ltd.
UK. Specialty is design, development, and implementation of process control systems utilizing various software packages for range of industries. Services include feasibility and conceptual design studies plus training and support.
Long Bliss Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures cotton machinery. Includes bailing machines and units for agitating and opening fibers. Site includes product photos and descriptions.
Lowinger GmbH
Germany. Manufactures glass tube production machinery for items such as thermometers, pipettes, test tubes, fluorescent lamps, and screw top bottles. Equipment includes cutting, sorting, and cracking off machines. Can also supply and install complete plants for manufacture of glass syringes.
The M&W Group
Denmark. Process equipment for optimization of coal fired power plants. Instruments for sampling of fly ash and pulverized coal, explosion relief systems, preparation of bulk material and special tooling.
McClean Anderson
Manufactures broad range of filament winding equipment and related accessories. Includes winding machines, resin baths, creels, tensioners, mandrels, delivery tooling, software, and controls.
Metal Stamping Equipment Inc.
Distributes selection of coil handling and metal processing equipment. Includes scrap choppers, stock reels, servo roll feeds, parts collectors, cut to length lines, die carts, straighteners, and cradles.
Micro Machines
India. Manufactures machinery for production of laundry, toilet, and detergent soaps and powders. Site incorporates step by step product information.
Nantong Yangzijiang Graphite Equipment Co. Ltd.
China. Manufactures ranger of corrosion resistant chemical process equipment. Includes heat exchangers, synthesis furnaces, graphite falling-film aborbers, graphite sulphuric diluting coolers, and non corrosive pipelines.
Neoperl Inc.
Manufactures range of faucet attachments and check valves to regulate and enhance flow and prevent backflow.
Netzsch Incorporated
Manufacturers of diversified range of processing equipment. Includes wet and dry grinding, dispersion, and classifying equipment, and progressing cavity pumps.
Newson Gale Ltd.
Manufacturer of pressure vessels and static grounding equipment for the process industries. Translated into three languages.
Ningbo Mingxin Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.
China. Manufactures broad range of equipment for the chemical and allied industries. Includes pressure vessels, glass-lined reactors, storage tanks, and vaporisers.
Nortan s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures capsule dispensing equipment, bottle corking and wirehooding machines, and sleeving/sealing machinery for food and other industries. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Northeast Pump & Instrument Co.
Sells and services broad range of chemical feed equipment and instrumentation for water and wastewater treatment industry. Includes metering pumps, controllers, flow meters, electrodes, valves, pulsation dampeners, tanks, alarm monitors, and panel mounted systems.
Nothum Mfg. Inc.
Manufactures broad range of food processing equipment, especially for bread and meat production. Includes units for freezing, preparation, cooking, and frying. Site incorporates detailed information of available propducts.
NRM Equipment Company
Buys, sells, and trades new, used, and reconditioned process equipment, including centrifuges, mixers and blenders, and reactors. Also offers centrifuge repair and rebuilding service. Site incorporates database of current inventory.
Orientech Inc.
Canada. Manufactures broad range of standard and custom product feeding units, with some focus on the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. Includes centrifugal, vibratory, inline, and elevator and hopper prefeeder versions.
Pap-Flon Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of steel process components lined/coated with PTFE and other fluoropolymers for corrosion resistance. Productgs include stirrers, valves, pipes, fittings, and vessel components. Based in Ahmedabad, India.
Park Environmental Equipment Company Ltd.
Manufactures range of water metering, storage, flow control, and contaminant separation equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial requirements. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Paul Mueller Company
Manufactures large stainless steel storage tanks, bins, and processing equipment for food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
Paul Wurth S.A.
Build blast furnace plants and related equipment. Features corporate overview and history, operating divisions, procurement requirements, and company news.
Pdc Machines
Design and fabrication of gas and chemical processing equipment, including pumps and compressors, reactors and agitators, and fully instrumented process skids. Warminster, Pennsylvania.
Online information site for the process industries. Permits product and supplier searches and includes links to events, industrial associations, and articles related to codes, standards, and projects. Downloadable version available.
Pick Heaters Inc.
Manufactures direct steam injection units for use in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and pulp and paper industries. Site incorporates detailed descriptions of heating process, available equipment, and main applications.
Pierre Guerin Technologies
France. Extensive range of storage and processing equipment for the dairy, wine, biopharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Includes vats, pumps, valves, agitators, mixers, and equipment for heat transfer, cleaning-in-place, and sterilization.
Plastic Glass S.r.l.
Italy. Specializes in manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic and thermoplastic products for processing industries. Include tanks, piping, scrubbers, filters, and reactors.
Prasad Group
Manufacturers of plastic processing machinery. Range includes equipment for dosing, mixing, and drying; for melting, molding, and cooling; and for cutting, shredding, grinding, and recycling granules. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Prenex s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures a selection of machines for processing and packaging ampoules, pills, powders, and tablets, mainly for cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industries. List and details of available items.
Process Equipment Manufacturers' Association
Information site providing details of membership, meetings, services, and objectives. Includes list of members and available products.
Process Innovations, Inc.
Supplies bulk bag handling, conveying, and storage products, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, separation, and pollution control equipment. Contains products and manufacturers represented.
Pulse Combustion Systems LLC
Manufactures patented pulse combustion spray dryers for processing food products, minerals, speciality chemicals, and nutriceuticals. Site incorporates detailed explanation of equipment, applications, and underlying technology.
Pultrex Limited
UK. Manufactures pultrusion, pullwinding, tube winding, and filament winding machines, as well as related tension, resin impregnation, and control systems. Site incorporates photos and technical product details.
R K Fabrication
Manufactures range of surface preparation and plating equipment, tanks, fume scrubbers, and fibre reinforced plastic ducts and fittings. Customer base includes electroplating, chemical, and waste treatment industries.
R. Stahl, Inc.
Manufacturer of explosion protected electrical equipment for hazardous locations in the process industry.
R.A.S.Process Equipment Inc.
Designs and manufactures broad range of process equipment. Includes reactor, heat exchangers, columns, and pressure vessels.
R.E.Morrison Equipment Inc.
Canada. Distributors of special purpose equipment and systems for processing industries. Range includes vacuum and compressed air products, blower systems, and drying equipment. Applications include food processing, printing, packaging, and fluid power companies.
Richwood Industries Inc.
Manufactures and distributes broad range of deburring, finishing, cleaning, and wastewater recycling equipment, as well as a variety of associated media and compounds.
S.S. Techno Services Pvt. Ltd.
India. Designs, supplies, and offers upgrades and retrofits of processing and pollution control equipment for the food, milk, vegetable, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
Sant Engineering Company
Manufactures range of equipment for rubber processing industry. End products include tires, tubes, footware, hoses, and moulded items.
Santoni Electric Co. P. Ltd.
India. Manufactures industrial cleaning, pollution control, and pneumatic conveying equipment. Includes vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, filters, dust collectors, fume extractors, and powder/granular handling systems.
Schleifenbaum & Steinmetz
Germany. Manufacturers of special purpose metal forming machinery. Applications include manufacture of tank heads; surface cleaning and paint spraying; chip-free spinning; and production of cylindrical precision parts.
Schobertechnologies GmbH
Germany. Manufactures rotary processing equipment and tools for printed paper, cardboard, nonwoven, plastic film, and related industries. Includes punching, die cutting, perforating, and creasing modules, dies, and knives.
Shah Forged Rolls Private Limited
India. Manufactures rolls for cold rolling mills. Includes work, backup, leveller, and sendizimir types.
Simson Innovation
Switzerland. Engineering company focused on development of innovative products in the mechanical engineering field. Site lists examples of capabilities and provides details of hydraulic presses that incorporate several special features.
France. Specializes in manufacture of ultrasonic-based processing equipment. Applications include sieving, filtration, desagglomeration, homogeneization, atomization, and granulation. Site provides detailed product information.
Special Metals Inc.
Specializes in fabrication of corrosion resistant process equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Includes heat exchangers, piping, and vessels, all incorporating use of tantalum, a refractory metal.
UK. Develops and markets precision instrumentation and controls.
Full service manufacturers of hot-mix asphalt plants. Supplies and provides parts, components, and service for a wide range of permanent and mobile requirements. Site incorporates detailed examples.
Manufactures a range of separation, filtering, drying, grinding, and classification equipment for the processing industries. Product information and offers selection of catalogs.
Team Industries Inc.
Specializes in steel plate fabrication. Products includes bins, chutes, ducts, pressure vessels, tanks, pipe spools and modules, and large diameter pipe.
Offers equipment, supplies, and services for wastewater treatment applications, including filters and pumps, flocculants and chemicals, tanks, and instrumentation. Brazil.
TermoTran S.A.
Mexico. Distributes diverse range of equipment for process industries. Includes basket strainers, exhaust heads, heat exchangers, inline purifiers, liquid jet eductors, oil coolers, steam jet ejectors, and vacuum systems.
Transicom Engineering Pte. Ltd.
Singapore. Specializes in design and fabrication of automation systems for food and chemical industries. Services include equipment selection, installation, project management, and availability of spares.
Transvac Company
Manufactures broad range of equipment for handling fluids and solids, such as jet ejectors, compressors, heaters, and scrubbers. Applications include nuclear, petrochemciasl, pharmaceutical, food processing, and wastewater industries.
TRF Limited
India. Manufactures range of handling and processing equipment for power, steel, cement, mining, and fertilizer industries. Includes conveyors, feeders, cranes, coke ovens, and coal benefication and dust injection systems.
Tri-Flo International Inc.
Supplies equipment for fluid processing needs of drilling contractors and operators. Includes products for desalination, reverse osmosis, trenchless microtunneling, wastewater treatment, and environmental compliance.
Uhde Inventa-Fischer GmbH
Germany. Engineering company, involved in the design, construction and commissioning of industrial plants for polyester and polyamide polymers, chemicals, reactors and special process equipment. Part of the ThyssenKrupp Group. Multi-lingual site.
Unison International
UK. Manufactures equipment for manipulating, handling, and washing pipes and tubes, as well as supplying related software. Site provides detailed product information and links to distributor network.
Universal Engineering Systems
Indian company offers food and chemical processing and storage vessels. Profile, product range and client list.
the vac company GmbH
Germany. Designs and produces broad range of custom made vacuum machinery and equipment for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical processing industries. Site includes detailed product information.
Vincent Corporation
Manufactures special purpose dewatering screw presses and fiber filtering equipment for citrus, food processing, and pulp and paper industries. Discussion of product line and applications.
William Boulton Vibro Energy Ltd.
UK. Manufactures a range of vibratory equipment. Applications include sieving, milling, mixing, and surface treatment. Product and usage information.
Wm. A. Schmidt & Sons Inc.
Specializes in custom manufacture of process equipment, primarily for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Includes pressure and jacketed vessels, columns, and storage tanks. Site includes details of available items.
Wohl Associates Inc.
Buys and sells used processing and packaging machinery and equipment. Site incorporates detailed listings of available items, including pasta machines, cappers, tablet presses, kettles, mixers, dryers, tube fillers, and can seamers.
WSF Industries Inc.
Manufactures a broad range of autoclave systems, pressure vessels, and tanks. Applications include composite bonding, dewaxing, leaching, sterilization, vacuum pressure impregnation, and vulcanizing.
Wyssmont Company Inc.
Designs, manufactures and services turbo-dryers, continuous tray dryers, crossflows, feeders, lumpbreakers, and solvent recovery dryers.
Yaw Jye Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Specializes in manufacture and supply of bread making machinery. Includes automatic dough encrusting and steamed pie machines, as well as regular, French, and crisp-skin bread machines.
Zeton Inc.
Designs, engineers and constructs automated pilot plants for chemical, oil refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other process applications.

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