This category contains sites concerned with two main aspects of finishing or altering the nature or surfaces of parts made from metal and a small variety of other materials. On the one hand, the focus is on such processes as cleaning, deburring, degreasing, polishing, and generally improving the appearance of something. On the other hand, the interest is in changing its original or final composition through such processes as electroless or electrolytic plating. Note: There is a certain degree of overlap in the sites gathered in this category and others that are scattered through other parts of the Machinery_and_Tools segment of the Open Directory Project. To mention only two examples, centrifuges have a category all of their own and many machine tool sites feature deburring equipment. However, although the distinctions are perhaps somewhat fine, the essential rationale for including a site in this Plating,_Polishing category is the focus on the finishing industries rather than the process and metalworking ones.

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A.E. Aubin Company
Manufactures finishing equipment including vibratory and rotary tumblers and abrasive blasters. Incorporates details of each product and its appropriate uses.
A.W. Stahli AG
Switzerland. Specializes in manufacture and applications of lapping, polishing, and fine grinding machines and systems.
Alvar Process Technologies
Supplier of advanced finishing equipment and systems for variety of industries. Applications include buffing, deburring, grinding, polishing, washing, and dust removal. Contains links to product information and video demonstrations of equipment in use.
B&P Plating Supply
Manufacturer of barrel plating equipment and tanks. A online catalog of pictures and diagrams is provided.
Barranca Diamond Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of notched rim lapidary and segmented rim diamond blades, as well as saws, grinders, polishing units, abrasives and diamond polishing pads for both lapidary and stone industry.
Buff Polish & Grind Industrial Supply Co. Inc.
Specializes in the supply of buffing, grinding, polishing equipment and supplies. Services include consultation, provision of technical information, and arrangements for employee training.
Burr King Manufacturing
Manufactures belt and disc grinders, polishers, and vibratory finishing machines. Applications include masonry, metal, plastic, rubber, and wood materials. Machinery details and specifications listed.
Butler Plating Equipment Inc.
Specializing in new and used metal plating equipment including, DC power supplies, pumps, and filters heaters. Includes a list of in stock equipment.
C & M Topline
Manufactures selection of rotary tumblers and barrels, vibratory bench top units, and vibratory finishing machines. Applications include deburring, degreasing, cleaning, and polishing. Pricing and product specifications provided.
Carborundum Abrasives
Manufacturer of abrasive products including belts, wheels, flap wheels and fibratex products for the metal finishing industry.
Ceramed Engineers
India. Manufactures and supplies metal finishing equipment and consumables. Includes vibratory and centrifugal finishing and polishing machines, chemicals and abrasive media, and rotary driers.
Dan di De-Antoni
Italy. Manufactures robotized and semi-automatic plants for grinding and polishing hardware pieces with irregular geometrical shapes. Applications include door handles, faucets, sinks, and cutlery pieces.
Dutch Reverse Pulse Plating
DRPP has been manufacturing and marketing pulse electroplating power supplies for the world-wide metal finishing industry since 1995.
duva chemical (pvt) Ltd.
South Africa. Specializes in equipment for chemical and electrochemical treatment of stainless and corrosion resistant steels. Includes pickling and passivation, as well as electroplating and various related processes.
Dynabrade Inc.
Design and manufacture of portable abrasive power tools for grinding, deburring, sanding, and polishing. Separate catalogues feature products for industrial and automotive aftermarket use.
Gilbeyco Ltd
Plating supplies, filter pumps and media,RGB rectifiers, tank heaters and temperature controllers, plastic tanks, and other plating consumables.
Glory Plating Materials Sdn Bhd
Malaysia. Specialists in design, fabrication and supply of electroplating equipment, abrasives, buff, chemicals, polishing materials and surface finishing products.
Goad Company
Supplies corrosion-resistant tanks, tank linings, process lines, equipment, and consumables to the metal finishing and chemical processing industries. Services include onsite repairs and fabrication.
GTI Engineering Inc.
Specializes in design and supply of hot dip galvanizing plants and equipment. Provides detailed product information and includes an explanation of processes and applications.
Hardwood Line Manufacturing Company
Manufactures complete electroplating systems and associated equipment. Includes plating and phosphating barrels, replacement cylinders, tanks, and rinsing and ventilation systems. Offers detailed product brochures.
Hung Li (Hurmg Yieh) Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures selection of electroplating machinery, including up rail, down rail, hanging, rotary, and single armed models.
Jackson Lea
Manufactures buff and compound products for metal finishing industry. Selection includes abrasive belts, flap wheels, non-woven items, cleaners, and specialty chemicals.
Jessup Engineering Inc.
Manufacturers of automated metal finishing hoist and handling systems. Provides details of basket, barrel, rack, and phosphate lines. Also offers conversion of existing manual systems.
Jestco Products
Specializes in buffing compounds and supplies. Also offers buffing supplies, parts, compounds, wheels, and supplies for auto, car and motorcycle restoration.
Joseph T. Butler Inc.
Specializes in materials and equipment for metalizing exposed steel structures to ensure superior resistance to corrosion. Detailed explanation of process and comparisons to painted coatings.
La Habra Welding Inc.
Manufacturer of rectangular plating tanks and round chemical storage tanks in steel, stainless, titanium, pvc, poly and fiberglass. Capable of fabricating tank capacities from 5 to 50,000 gallons.
Lanco Corporation
Sells used metal finishing and waste treatment equipment. Range includes blowers, chillers, dryers, filters, plating machines, rectifiers, scrubbers, vibratory finishers, and washers. Provides details and pictures of current inventory.
Lustre Products Ltd.
Manufacturer of metal finishing equipment for belt sanding, buffing, grinding and wheel polishing. Includes photos and information on machinery and finishing techniques.
Maltz Sales Company Inc.
Suppliers of an line line of products including tanks, liners, filter systems, pumps heating, cooling controls and equipment for process industries.
Mass Finishing Inc.
Manufactures selection of high energy centrifugal barrel finishing machines and vibratory tubs and bowls for deburring, deflashing, and polishing applications. Services include offer of free sample processing.
Mass Metal Finishing
Manufacturer of vibratory machines, media and compounds for mass metal finishing and waste water treatment
Midwest Finishing Systems Inc.
Sells and services a broad range of finishing equipment. Includes vibratory, sandblasting, polishing, and dust collection units, parts washing systems, and a selection of abrasive and blasting supplies.
Napco Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of plating systems and related equipment. Includes return type machines, modular lines, plating hoists, tanks, barrels, and waste treatment systems. Product information and photos provided.
Nova Finishing Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of small, heavy duty industrial bench top vibratory mass finishing equipment for job shops, machine shops and jewelers.
Osborn International
Offers a range of technical brushes and surface finishing tools. Includes product catalogs and technology data. Germany.
Plating Equipment Ltd.
UK. Manufactures manual and automated plating equipment for printed circuit and metal finishing industries. Applications include electroplating, phosphating, anodizing, chemical cleaning, and electrophoretic coating.
Plating Process Systems Inc.
Specializes in electroless and electrolytic chromium and nickel plating systems and products. Provides product information and a detailed section regarding nickel and chromium troubleshooting tips.
Precise Fabrication Systems
Malaysia.Supplier of automatic and manual plating equipment. Custom designed plating jigs, chemical tank linings and exhaust fans.
Progalvano Inc.
Italy. Specializes in manufacture of rotary barrels, cylinders, and accessories for the plating industry. Detailed pictures of available product configurations.
R K Incorporated
Equipment for electroplating and metal finishing, including tanks, barrels, black oxide systems and exhaust systems. Can supply a single barrel part through to a complete automated plating line.
RJH Engineering Ltd
Manufactures grinding, polishing, and finishing machines for educational establishments and general industry . Features product data sheets and manuals in pdf format.
Royson Engineering Company
Manufacturer of vibratory finishing machines, screen separators, settling tanks, and compound dispensing units. Supplies a variety of tumbling media and bowl relining.
Select Brushes
Canada. Manufactures and supplies broad range of wire brushes for deburring, polishing, and general surface conditioning. Provides part numbers and details of available products.
Sequel Corporation
Manufacturer of aluminum anodizing racks, provides online catalog and rack specifications.
Servi-Sure Corporation
Designs and fabricates titanium racks and accessories for the anodizing or e-coat process.
Technic, Inc.
Manufacturer of plating chemicals and custom automated equipment for plating including hoists, reel-to-reel, continuous vertical platers and specialty equipment.
Thumlers Tumbler
Supplies a range of professional quality rock polishers, case polishers and vibratory tumblers.
Ultramatic Equipment Co.
Manufactures vibratory finishing machinery and related equipment. Applications include deburring, burnishing, polishing, washing, and drying. Services include relining and custom designed systems.
Weiler Corporation
Manufactures power brushes and coated, bonded, and non-woven abrasives for surface finishing, deburring, grinding, and cleaning. Customer service includes availability of information literature, videos, and interactive CD ROMS.
Yongkang No.1 Steel Wire Wheel Factory
China. Manufactures wide selection of steel wire brushes for cleaning, sanding, and finishing applications. Numerous photos of available products provided.
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