Metrology systems/companies which rely on non-contact methods to make measurements (e.g. video, laser scanners, etc).

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Aeroel srl
Manufacturer of laser systems and sensors for on-line diameter measurement and control.
Autocollimators for precision angle measurement, and machine vision technology components in Hutchinson, Minnesota.
Breuckmann GmbH
Offer a complete product spectrum for 3- dimensional metrology and digitization for automotive industry, model, die and tool making, quality control, dental and medical industries.
Correlated Solutions
Provides non-contacting optical inspection systems for shape and deformation measurements. Based upon a technique called Digital Image Correlation it allows high accuracy measurements of both 2D and 3D specimens.
Everest VIT GmbH
Develop, supply and provide rentals of Remote Visual Inspection equipment. Also provide on-site inspection services and training.
Indev Gauging Systems
A supplier of non-contact industrial gauging equipment.
Supplies non-contact sensor systems to measure vibration, deformation, strain and stress using interferometry and imaging techniques.
Laser Vision Technologies
Provides used and refurbished optical and laser-based measurement systems for the electronics manufacturing industry.
LaserLinc, Inc.
Manufactures non-contact, precision laser and ultrasonic systems.
LMI Technologies
Provide non-contact laser sensors and systems for measurement and control of industrial systems.
Specializes in the design and implementation of intelligent computer-aided visual metrology and quality control systems for high-precision metal and plastic industries.
Supplies a large range of optical measuring and test equipment for the optical, semiconductor, machine-building, beverage can and glass manufacturing industries.
Optical Gaging Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of non-contact and multi-sensor measuring systems used for quality control, coordinate measuring, and general purpose inspection.
Origin Technologies Corporation
LaserGauge is a non-contact, portable, laser-based profilometer for automatic identification and analysis of pitting, wear, corrosion, step height, angles, gap, flush, welds, fasteners, rivets, and scratches.
Schmitt Industries, Inc.
Designs, assembles and markets computer-controlled balancing equipment primarily for use by the machine tool industry. Includes specification of products manufactured in Portland, Oregon. (Nasdaq: SMIT)
Manufacturers of 3D non-contact surface measurement equipment (profilers) based on confocal microscopy and interferometry
Sensory Analytics
Manufacturer of optical, RF and related sensors and systems to measure color and thickness for control applications.
Manufacturer of Flatness and Cross-bow measurement Laser based systems for in-process measurement for steel and metal production.
Solarius Development Inc.
Manufacturer of non-contact 3D measurement systems based on laser and optical inspection technology. Products include laser profilometers, confocal microscopes, and metrology software.
SR-Instruments Oy
Finland. Design, development and manufacture of on-line monitoring and process control systems for continuous and real-time inspection and quality measurement of metal strips and foils, and paper and board. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information, system lau-outs, application guides and data sheets on PDF files.
Surface Inspection
Manufacturer of the Flawmaster and Biscuitmaster automatic tile inspection systems.
TaiCaan Technologies
Manufacturer of precision surface metrology equipment, offering state-of-the-art non-contact surface profilers and analysis software.
Third Dimension Software Ltd
Non-contact dimensional metrology systems includes robot mounting, real-time, hand-held solutions.
Reseller of Video Microscope and Automation equipment
View Engineering Inc.
Manufacture of vision-based non-contact metrology systems.
Zygo Corporation
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-performance, laser-based, non-contact electro-optical measuring instruments, systems and accessories and optical components. (Nasdaq: ZIGO).
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