This category will list companies that manufacture and sell products that assist in inspecting and checking workpieces with high accuracy (sub-millimeter and often ±0.01mm) according to design drawings and specifications. This includes linear dimensions, diameters, location of features, levelness, flatness and geometric form fitting. The type of products listed here are micrometers, calipers, plug gauges, thread gauges, surface plates, columns and all fixed gauging for manufacturing process.
Albion Devices, Inc.
Provide temperature compensation systems and temperature compensated gages for industrial metrology.
Allen Gauges
Gages and Tool Company. Gauges for threaded tubular products like lead, thread height, buttress and profile gages.
Ames, B.c., Co.
Manufacturer of dial and digital indicators, custom, bore, depth, dial and thickness gages, comparators, micrometers; repairs, calibrating service.
Birdsall Tool and Gage
Designs and builds gages, fixtures, special tools and tooling. Builds variable gaging, go/no-go and functional gaging.
Brunswick Instrument, Inc.
Supplies dimensional inspection instruments, gages (gauges) for quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA).
Checkline Europe
Provides a variety of test instruments like stroboscopes, tachometers and force, wall thickness, and coating thickness gauges.
Chicago Dial Indicator
ISO9000 / CE Mark / American-Made manufacturer of standard, special, and OEM dial indicators. Digital indicator and probes have travel ranges from .060" to 4". Over 400 standard mechanical gages. CDI offers a full line of accessories including granites, contact points, and readouts.
Comtorgage Corporation
Manufacturer of hand held, variable gaging. Supplying gages for dimensional inspection of bores, grooves, splines, threads, gears, and many other applications.
Manufactures Class-X-tolerance plug gages, pin gages, thread wire gages, and gear wire gages, in knch and metric sizes.
Deterco, Inc.
Distributor of precision hand gauges, laboratory and metrology equipment. Products include: calipers, inserts, dial indicators, bore gages, torque wrenches, cmm, optical comparators. Manufacturers include mahr federal, gagemaker, sherr tumico, fowler, flexbar, renishaw, mountz, vermont, A.A. Jansson, Allen Gauges, PMC, Tool Flo
Digiwork Instruments: Thickness Testers
Sales and services of the leeb hardness tester, ultrasonic thickness gage and coating thickness gage in the North American area.
Eastern Industries
Offering custom feeler gages in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and configurations.
Houston based manufacturer of precision inspection equipment and measuring devices for the Quality Control industry
Guilin Measuring & Cutting Tools Works
manufacturer and exporter of micrometer, dial indicator, vernier caliper, dial caliper, and other precision measuring instrument
Harford Industries
Manufacturer of the EPAC electronic micrometer, a PC-based electronic profile acquisition caliper.
Gauging products, including chrome gauges.
Houston Precision, Inc.
Onsite and in-lab repair, calibration and certification of metrology equipment including CMM's, hand tools, granite plates, roundness systems, profile systems, optical comparators, hardness testers, mag particle inspection equipment, etc.
Ideal Thread Gage Manufacturing Co, Inc.
Manufactures thread plug gages and thread engineering software. Calibration of thread gages.
Ingram Gage Company
Manufactures internal and external thread and plain ring and plug gages in large and small special sizes.
International Tools Syndicate
Supplier of measuring instruments, micrometers, vernier calipers, height gauges, dial gauges and calibration tools. From India.
Jingstone Enterprise CO., Ltd.
Manufacturer of length calibrator, electronic dial and gauge calibrator, checkmaster gauges, micrometers, calipers, dial gauges. Contains information on products.
Kordt GmbH and Co.
Manufacture measuring instruments and gauges. Specialised in thread measuring. From Germany.
Digital and analog thickness gauges, measurement equipment, and custom instrumentation. From hand held inexpensive paint thickness gauges to complete process control systems.
Medford Tools and Supply
Machine tools such as calipers and micrometers for machine shop and general use.
Meyer Gage Company
Manufacturers of fixed limit gages. Product lines include English and Metric plug, pin, ring, trilock and taperlock gages.
Mueller Precision Dimensional Gages
Makes precision dimensional inspection and measurement gages.
Oryx Systems, Inc.
Supplies dimensional inspection instruments and thickness gauges for inprocess and quality control.
Pennoyer-Dodge Co.
Manufacture, recondition, and calibration of thread rings, thread plugs, and cylindrical gages. Custom Go and Not Go thread gauges and functional gaging.
Phase II Machine Tool
Supplier of portable and benchtop hardness testers, surface roughness testers, ultrasonic thickness gages, coating thickness gages,borescopes, material testing instrumentation, machine tool accessories, precision measuring instruments, and cutting tools.
Ring & Plug Thread Gages
Offers every style of ring and plug thread gages available.
Measuring instruments, quality control, calibration.
Spartan Tool Sales Inc.
Supplier of precision taper and feeler gauges for industrial manufacturing and maintenance.
Standridge Granite Corporation
Manufacturer of granite machine bases, granite surface plates and granite inspection accessories. Serving aerospace, PCB, LDI, CMM, industries, machine tool designers, machine base components.
Swissmann Engineering Inc.
Manufacture groove gages, wall thickness gages, concentricity gages and other precision inspection tools.
Taft-Peirce Metrology
Manufactures bench centers, sine angle magnetic chucks, compound sine plates, universal right angle irons, angle plates, v-blocks, box parallels, tri-blocks, magnetic parallels and pallet irons.
Thread Check, Inc.,
Manufacturer of thread gages, plain cylindrical gages, patented 3-wire thread measuring systems, powerful thread engineering software, measuring instruments, cutting tools, ISO 17025 Registered calibration services, and free technical support. Free software trial.
Tomco Tool Inc.
Manufacturer of simple to complex gages including air and electronic gaging.
True Precision Corporation
Manufacturer of patented multi-ball thread gage products including micrometers, hole location gages, standard sizes or custom made.
Vermont Gage
Industrial, Technical and product information for the fixed limit gaging community and users.
YATO Electronics Co Ltd
Manufacturer electronic digital caliper.
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