This category indexes sites involved in the supply and service of relatively simple hydraulic and pneumatic tools; a broad range of more complex machinery and equipment (such as presses and handling/lifting systems) that make use of fluid and air power technology; and the components (such as hose and valves) and accessories (such as power packs) that make everything possible.

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3B Filters, Inc.
Manufactures high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic filter housings and replacement elements. Markets served include medical, industrial, petro-chemical, aerospace, and military.
A.C. Hydraulics Ltd
UK. Stocks and distributes wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic products. Includes cylinders, filters, power units, pumps, and valves, as well as a line of work and tool holding devices.
A1 Hydraulics Limited
UK. Distributes wide range of hydraulic components and accessories. Includes hoses, fittings, clamps, couplings, pumps, motors, and filters. Also offers cleaning, repair, testing, and equipment hire services.
AB Momento
Sweden. Specializes in design and manufacture of impact sockets and accessories. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Aerial Specialists Inc.
Distributes range of branded parts for aerial work platforms and man and scissor lifts, as well as variety of hydraulic and pneumatic components.
Air Tool Service Company
Specializes in new and rebuilt pneumatic tools, parts, and accessories. Inventory includes hard to find and obsolete items.
Air Tools Direct
Sells several brands of compressed air tools. Photos, descriptions, and manufacturer background information for available items.
Air-Mite Devices Inc.
Manufacturers specializing in pneumatic automation components. Products include air arbor presses, air cylinders, air and hydraulic valves, safety circuit components, and miniaturized accessories. Applications include packaging, textiles, chemicals, construction, electronics, and woodworking industries.
Airmo Inc.
Manufactures broad range of standard and custom equipment and provides contract services related to hydroforming, end forming, tube expansion, and hydrostatic testing. Also stocks selection of high pressure components.
Ajay Industrial Corp.
India. Specializes in manufacture of hand pumps, primarily for use with water wells. Site incorporates details of available models.
Al Xander Company Inc.
Stocking distributor of selection of hydraulic and pneumatic components and accessories. Includes cylinders, compressors, couplings, fittings, gaskets, hose, motors, pumps, seals, tubing, and valves.
AlfaVaria Liberec spol. s r.o.
Focuses on equipment of assembly lines, production plants, car shops and craft workshops with industrial tools and accessories. [Czech Republic]
Alkar S.C.L.
Spain. Manufactures selection of hydraulic tools for industrial electrical installations. Includes shears, drivers, crimping and pipe bending tools, and punching heads and machines.
ASA Hydraulik
Austria. Developers and producers of oil/air coolers, filter cooling units, heat exchangers, accessories, and power station components for the hydraulic industry. Multi-lingual site.
Assembly Automation Industries
Specialty is manufacture of screwdriving machinery and related equipment. Models range from hand held machines to fully automated multi spindle systems. Site incorporates photos and descriptions of available products.
Atlas Hydraulics Inc.
Canada. Manufactures hydraulic tube and hose assemblies for construction, forestry, agricultural, automotive and materials handling equipment industries. Site describes processes involved and available services.
Atwell International Ltd.
UK. Specializes in passenger and goods lifts and associated equipment. Details product and application information.
Aztec Bolting Services Inc
Sells and rents range of hydraulic torque wrenches, stud and bolt tensioners, and stud removal tools. Site incorporates detailed information regarding products and applications.
Bernhard Hilfrich GmbH
Germany. Large mechanical components, including hydraulic cylinders, for the machine building industry. Applications include lathe work, deep hole drilling, grinding, milling, boring, and special purpose assemblies.
Birim Makina
Turkey. Manufactures line of hydraulic equipment. Includes bale presses for metal scraps, metal and cable cross-cutting shears, and cable stripping machines.
BiS Valves Ltd.
UK. Manufactures variety of check, directional flow control, pressure relief, safety, and solenoid valves. Applications include offshore oil and gas, hydraulic power, civil engineering, and emission control industries.
Specializes in repair kits and replacements parts for broad range of hydraulic jacks, pumps, and rams.
Bloom Manufacturing Inc.
Manufactures line of hydraulic and other equipment. Includes cable and capstan winches, speed reducers, agricultural augers, and screw conveyors.
Bucher Hydraulics GmbH
Germany. Manufactures range of hydraulic equipment and components. Includes valves, motors, pumps, moulding machines, weaving looms, and lifting tables and devices. Applications include farming, construction, and various manufacturing industries.
Buffalo Hydraulic
Designs, builds, and services wide range of high pressure hydraulic equipment. Includes presses, pumps, cylinders, valves, jacks, and accessories. Site provides detailed product information.
Cal-West Machining Inc.
Designs and manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, swivels, and related components. Focus is on use in lifting platforms, trucks, cranes, and other materials handling equipment.
CanTorque Inc.
Canada. Specializes in sale, service, and renting of industrial bolting equipment. Products include hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanicial wrenches, torque screwdrivers, wire wrapping tools, and steel erection equipment.
Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.
Manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic workholding devices designed for clamping, positioning, or supporting workpieces, especially in cases of high speed machining or long production runs.
Cascade Precision Inc.
Manufactures non-lube pneumatic cylinders designed for use in high temperature and high speed applications and corrosive environments. An account of features and advantages.
Chanto Air Hydraulics Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic products. Includes cylinders, converters, actuators, valves, presses, grippers, vacuum generators, fittings, shock absorbers, and silencers.
Chyn Rong Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd.
China. Manufactures hydraulic machines and parts. Includes manifold blocks, oil tanks, valves, and logic systems.
Clampwell Company Ltd
Taiwan. Manufacture automatic hydraulic and pneumatic swing clamping cylinders. Features product catalog, technical data and Autocad drawings in DXF format.
Comav s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures equipment for emptying bagged and boxed materials in powdered and granulated form, for compacting paper, polystyrene and other materials, and for use in pneumatic transport applications.
Controlled Motion Inc.
Canada. Distributes wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic products. Includes actuators, accumulators, pumps, valves, fittings, and accessories. Site incorporates links to manufacturer websites for product information.
CS Unitec Inc.
Wide range of portable construction power tools, with some applications in other industries. Includes saws, drills, mixers, wrenches, grinders, metal finishing, and dust extraction items. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Deca Products Inc.
Manufactures range of pneumatic and hydraulic vibration equipment. Includes vibrator machines; vibrating tables, conveyors, and feeders; dust collection devices; and air cannons, slides, and shooting shells.
Donghae Machinery & Aviation Co. Ltd.
Korea. Manufactures broad range of truck and van mounted hydraulic cranes. Action photos, product features, and specifications of available models.
Swedish manufacturer of a range of lift tables, scissor lifts and work positioners for industrial sectors which involve heavy lifting. Examples of lift table applications.
Emmco Inc
Hydraulic power units and hydraulic accessories used in assembly and maintenance of industrial machinery. Includes pump motor skids, valve and accumulator stands, and selection of fittings.
Engrenax Inc.
Canada. Manufactures parts for elevators, transport equipment, farm machinery, and transmissions. Includes replacement parts adaptable to Caterpillar, Denison, and Linde brands of hydraulic pumps.
Equalizer International Ltd
UK. Specializes in manufacture of hydraulic and mechanical pipe flange spreaders and alignment tools. Product and application details.
Erie Mill and Press Co. Inc
Manufactures hydraulic compression presses, intensive mixing mills, and other processing equipment for plastic, rubber, fiberglass, metalworking, and wood manufacturing industries. Also has inventory of used equipment available.
Exotic Automation & Supply
Distributes pneumatic and hydraulic control systems, power units, subassemblies, and related standard and custom rubber and plastic products. Services include system for inventory management of consumables and replacement parts.
Festo Corporation
Full service manufacturers of wide range of pneumatic products and controls. Information regarding products, applications, training seminars, downloadable catalogues, and technical advice.
Findeva A. G.
Switzerland. Manufactures variety of pneumatic vibrators for industrial use. Applications include moving, feeding, compacting, and separating materials. Site provides details and specifications of available units.
FL. Hoses
Greece. Stocks and distributes wide range of rubber and flexible hoses and fittings. Includes hydraulic and pneumatic, chemical and industrial, food and beverage, and automotive and fuel items.
Flotronics Inc
Distributors of range of pneumatic components and accessories, many of them with a European or an Asian origin. Includes focus on machine tool systems and robotic pneumatic packages.
FLOVAL Company
South Africa. Manufactures control valves for mining, firefighting, municipal, and process industry uses. Site provides detailed design and operating information. Services include consultation, installation, and maintenance programs.
Flowline Components Incorporated
Stocks and distributes wide range of fluid control related products. Includes adapters, couplings, fittings, hose, tools, tubing, quick disconnects, and valves. Site incorporates detailed information regarding available items.
Fluid Component Services Inc.
Design, supply, installation, inspection, and troubleshooting services for hydraulic power units and systems.
Fluid Energy Controls Inc.
Specializes in the design, manufacture, import, and export of custom hydro-pneumatic accumulators, pulsation dampeners, suction stabilizers, and fluid surge control products.
Foster Manufacturing Corporation
Diversified range of hydraulic products. Includes presses, power units, and hydraulic components and cylinders. Additional lines include log splitters, powered lawn and garden carts, and bumper boats.
Francis Torqe
Sells and rents range of hydraulic torque wrenches, general bolting tools, and power packs, mainly for production and drilling companies. Services include onsite hydrostatic testing and availability of mobile warehouse with stock of tools and accessories.
Garrod Hydraulics Inc.
Specialty is repairs to hydraulic equipment, especially large sized cylinders. Services include honing, polishing, and welding. Also supplies seals, wear bands, and other replacement parts.
Genie Industries
Manufactures aerial work platforms, scissor and material lifts, and stick, articulated, and trailer mounted booms. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Gison Machinery Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures wide selection of air tools. Includes wrenches, grinders, polishers, screwdrivers, drills, hammers, and spray guns. Site provides details of available items.
Granite Fluid Power
New firm headed up by former employees of (now defunct)Victor Fluid Power company. Offers wide range of hydraulic pumps, valves, shop and car wheel presses, and jacking units, cylinders and swivels.
Grant Assembly Technologies LLC
Manufactures pneumatic, hydraulic, and servo-electric orbital riveters, designed to handle a variety of rivets and riveting methods. Site provides detailed product and background information. Also offers contract services.
Griptec Inc.
Special purpose tool designed for removal or insertion of studs with a wide range of applications. Basis is a three jaw locking design, used with air or hydraulics.
Hader Industries Inc.
Manufacturing group specializing in broad range of standard and customized hydraulic components and equipment. Includes cylinders, valves, pumps, power units, and private label products.
Hake Industrial Inc.
Distributes wide range of hydraulic pumps and valves for fluid power needs. Specializes in locating and supplying obsolete and hard to find items.
Handling Specialty
Canada. Engineers and manufactures standard and customized medium to large scale lifting products and systems for wide range of industries. Includes indexing, lift, and tilt tables, moving systems, screw jacks, and work positioners.
Harold Beck and Sons Inc.
Manufactures electronic control drives for modulating valves and dampers. Applications include electric utility, steel, cement, pulp and paper, and process industries. Site incorporates corporate history and product details. - Hydraulic Machines
Information site explaining hydraulics and describing its uses in construction machinery, with pictures, videos, and related links. Provides links to background information for a range of categories.
Hy-Tech Machine Inc.
Wide selection of pneumatic tools, replacement parts, and accessories. Includes impact and striking wrenches, drill and stationary motors, chipping hammers, impact sockets, test plugs, syphons, jet pumps, and eductors.
Consultancy engineers specializing in designs and drafts of hydraulic systems and associated equipment. Examples of completed projects.
Hydradyne Hydraulics
Distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, parts, tools, and accessories. Also provides on-site repair service from several locations.
Hydrair Inc.
Supplies broad range of hydraulic and pneumatic components and parts. Includes tools, pumps, motors, cylinders, power units, hoses, and valves. Also provide repair service.
Hydraline Hydraulics Sdn Bhd
Malaysia. Distributes selection of hydraulic products. Includes pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, tubing, and fittings.
Hydraulic Pumps (UK) Ltd
UK. Specializes in reconditioning, repairing, servicing and supplying hydraulic pumps and motors used in wide range of engineering and industrial machinery. Service includes free collection, stripping, assessment, and quotation.
Hydraulic Specialists Pty Ltd
Australia. Manufacturers range of hydraulic products for vehicle repair, body shop, and marine industries. Includes presses, transmission jacks, hoists, pumps, cylinders, and yacht rigging items.
Hydraulic Specialties, Inc.
Sales, service, and repair of hydraulic equipment and components. Details of current inventory of reconditioned parts.
Hydraulic Supply Company
Full service distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. Extensive selection includes cylinders, fittings, hoses, power units, pumps, regulators, valves, and hydraulic jacks and tools.
Hydraulico A/S
Denmark. Manufactures hydraulic deep draw presses capable of producing complex rectangular and asymmetric components in mild or stainless steel and aluminum. Services include upgrading and refurbishing existing equipment.
Hydraulics Technology Inc.
Manufactures standard or customized hydraulic stud and bolt tensioners, as well as hydraulic nuts and bolts. Details of product design and applications.
Hydrotechnik UK Limited
UK. Distributes broad range of flow, pressure, and temperature testing, measurement, and process control items, as well as a line of filtration products. Site offers access to catalogue and online ordering facility.
Hylatechnik Paul Chrubasik GmbH
Germany. Manufacturer of hydraulic presses, blanking stroke dampers, blankholders and cushion systems, parallel lifting devices, and hydraulic shears.
Hyphone Machine Industry Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturers and exporters of a line of pneumatic tools and accessories. Includes air wrenches, hammers, drills, grinders, sanders, and cutting tools.
Hytorc Bolting Technology Inc.
Manufactures hydraulic torque wrenches, power packs, and accessories. Details of available items, offer of downloadable catalogue, and links to related information sites.
I.C. Fluid Power Inc.
Distributes range of hydraulic components, mainly from European sources. Includes cylinders, rotary actuators and unions, pumps, valves, motors, flow meters, press products, and accessories.
Inter-Mec Systems Manufacturing Inc.
Manufactures combination clutch and brake that is air actuated and air cooled. Description and suggests general industrial application such as use with conveyors, case packers, and accumulators.
Jones Hydraulic Service Inc.
Distributes wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic products. Includes cylinders, clamps, jacks, rams, pipe benders, torque wrenches, pumps, power tools, and material handling items. Also offers rental and repair services.
Germany. Development and manufacture of lifting and transport equipment, including pump systems, hydraulic jacks, and transport and container trolleys.
Germany. Manufactures a modular compressed air system that comprises profile pipes and aluminum connection/reduction parts. Site provides details of possible applications.
Keicher Engineering GmbH
Germany. Manufactures wide range of hydraulic systems and components. Includes power units, actuators, manifolds, transmissions, cylinders, valves, and controls.
The Kerry Company Inc.
Manufactures line of heavy duty electro-hydraulic rotary and linear actuators. Focus is on use in utility and heavy industries such as steel, coal, electricity, and inland waterways. List of suggested applications.
Kinequip Inc
Distributes and stocks wide range of pneumatic products. Includes air and gear motors, blowers, compressors, cylinders, filters, fittings, pumps, and valves.
King Industrial Products Ltd.
UK. Distributors of industrial, pneumatic, and suction discharge hoses. Also able to handle custom orders. Applications include local municipalities, water authorities, and automotive and marine industries.
Kreisel Pumps
India. Manufactures variety of special purpose pumps. Includes chemical, process, axial flow, marine, and submersible sewage units. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Laystall Engineering Co Ltd
UK. Manufactures range of standard and bespoke hydraulic cylinders and cylinder liners. Site incorporates detailed product descriptions and related information.
Lewis Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Australia. Distributes range of pneumatic cylinders, valves, tubes and fitting, clamps, workholders, and ancillary products. Discussion of practicalities of automating operations.
Lighthouse Tools Ltd.
Small aluminium, copper, and brass tube benders. Speciality is high volume PLC/pneumatic powered automatic benders built for the automotive industry.
Linden Group Ltd.
UK. Full service distributors of broad range of hose and fittings, adaptors, pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and equipment for hose preparation, swaging, and testing.
Linson & Bright Industries Corp.
Taiwan. Manufacturers with focus on pneumatic power and hand tools. Includes impact wrenches, grinders, sanders, and spray guns. Additional lines include air compressors and benchtable wood saws.
Lion Machinery Incorporated
Manufactures metal fabrication equipment. Includes hydraulic press brakes, closed end and open throat pneumatic cleatfolders, and single and double sided manual cheekbenders.
Lung Shun Fa Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures broad range of hose and hydraulic pipe fittings and couplings. Site provides list and details of available items.
MacMillin Hydraulic Engineering Corp.
Designs and builds power units and manifolds. Distributes broad range of hydraulic equipment, components, and supplies. Offers repair and replacement service for hydraulic equipment.
Mailhot Industries
Canada. Manufacture telescopic hydraulic cylinders and related components, primarily for surface treatment applications. Site provides diagrams and specifications of main product lines.
Man Lift Engineering
Manufactures a range of man and material lifting equipment. Includes aerial work platforms, scissor and truck/trailer mounted lifts, and large electric boom lifts. Product information.
Marion Engineering & Technology, Inc.
Custom design, repair, rebuild, and fabrication of hydraulic and pneumatic machinery and parts. Includes cylinders, conveyors, and corrugated material handling equipment.
Marzocchi S.p.A.
Italian manufacturers of high-pressure gear pumps for hydraulic systems.
Master Air Tool Co Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of pneumatic hand tools, kits, and accessories. Includes drills, grinders, cutting shears, screwdrivers, wrenches, and sanders. Taiwan, China.
Metal Work
Italy. Manufactures and distributes broad range of pneumatic components, especially for automation applications, Includes solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders, fittings, and air treatment items.
MHG Prensas Hidraulicas
Spain. Manufactures broad range of hydraulic presses. Applications include automotive, household appliances, metal fabrication, iron and steel, tool and die, and shipbuilding industries.
Minster Machine Co.
Wide range of mechanical and hydraulic power presses and auxiliary equipment. Primary applications include metal stamping, forming of intricate electronic parts, and production of metal cans.
Moris Industriel Distribution
France. Specializes in manufacture of swivel jointed couplings for connecting wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic pipes.
Morrisons Engineering Group
UK. Manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic power units and associated equipment, available for sale and hire. Also offers range of hose and hose assemblies, as well as specialized chemicals and fibres for converting industries.
UK. Full service distribution, installation, and maintenance of compressed air, vacuum, and product finishing systems, tools, and accessories. Links to product information.
MSS Power Systems Pty. Ltd.
Australia. Suppliers of numerous hydraulic maintenance tools for cable laying, construction, power generation, and telecommunications industries. List and technical details of available products.
Mustang Manufacturing
Manufacturers of special purpose hydraulic polyethalene pipe and line squeeze tools. Detailed account of tool design, methods of use, and built-in safety features.
Neumatic Shoppe
India. Distributes wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic parts and components. Includes valves, cylinders, fittings, couplings, filters, and anti-vibration mounts. Site incorporates detailed information regarding available items.
Nikkiso Pumps America Inc.
Manufactures metering pumps and accessories for variety of industrial and processing applications. Site provides detailed product information.
Ningbo Navite Coating Machinery Co. Ltd.
China. Manufactures variety of air tools. Includes paint spray guns, air nailers and staples, quick couplings, hand tools, pneumatic systems, air duster guns and filters, air hose, and auto accessories.
Norcan Fluid Power Ltd.
Canada. Specializes in hydraulic cylinder repairs, including honing, testing, rebuilding, and system design, installation, and upgrading. Also distributes pumps, motors, controls, winches, and power packs.
Northern Integrated Systems Co. Ltd.
Canada. Manufactures wide range of pneumatic based equipment. Includes ventilation and sound control systems, conveyors, dust collectors, paint and spray booths, and washing and cleaning units.
Nostrali Arnolodo s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures broad range of pipe fittings and accessories for the pneumatic, hydraulic, and compressed air markets. Includes elbows, connectors, valves, nipples, reductions, plugs, and couplings.
Nugen Machineries Ltd.
India. Manufactures range of fixed and variable rake angle shearing machines and conventional, NC, and CNC hydraulic press brakes.
Numatics Incorporated
Manufacturing group producing range of pneumatic components and accessories. Includes actuators, cylinders, dryers, filters and filter elements, lubricants, regulators, motion control devices, and variety of valves.
O`Toole Press Inc.
Stockists of new and used hydraulic presses with range of capacities. Site incorporates searchable database of current inventory.
OEM Press Systems Inc.
Manufactures hydraulic press systems for laminating printed circuits and copper clad and polymer composites, as well as for molding polymer and rubber products. Site provides detailed information regarding available models.
Ohlheiser Corporation
Distributes several major brands of pneumatic and related products. Can provide custom design, fabrication, and sub-assembly. Also offers pneumatic training seminars.
Oz Makina Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co. Ltd.
Turkey. Specializes in design and supply of work platforms and hydraulic tables, produced to US quality and safety standards. Site provides details of available scissor and telescopic type units.
P & F Industries, Inc.
Holding company with subsidiaries which import, manufacture and sell pneumatic hand tools for automotive, industrial, and retail markets. (Nasdaq: PFIN).
Paris Hose and Ducting Ltd.
UK. Distributors of rubber, thermoplastic, pneumatic, and high pressure hose; hose reels, fittings, clips, and clamps; and flexible ducting. Technical questions and answers facility.
Petersen's Hydraulic Jack Inc.
Sells and repairs hydraulic jacks and related items. Includes floor, hand, and transmission jacks, as well as air wrenches, rams, cylinders, pallet lifts, and battery chargers. Site incorporates catalog of product range.
PH Hydraulics & Engineering Pte Ltd
Malaysia. Engineering company specializing in hydraulic installations, turnkey project management, overhauls, repairs, upgrades, and supply of off-the-shelf and customized components.
Pipe Genie Manufacturing Inc.
Canada. Specializes in supply of hydraulic equipment for trenchless pipelaying. Capable of handling 4" - 12" iron, clay, concrete, ABS, PVC, and HDPE pipes. Site provides details of available pulling units.
PK Hydraulic Canada Ltd.
Imports and exports a range of heavy equipment hydraulic parts. Includes seal kits, breakers, and under carriage items. Lists of available products.
Pneumatech Inc.
Manufactures compressed air dryers and filtering equipment and auxiliary pressure control units. Site incorporates photos of available models, with request form for obtaining further information.
Pneumatic Components Ltd
UK. Manufactures selection of air line and tire inflation products. Includes adaptors, couplings, meters, gages, hose reels, and foot pumps.
Power Drives Inc.
Distributes wide range of pneumatic components for fluid conveying, motion control, and power transmission applications. Site provides detailed information regarding product range and manufacturing sources.
Power Tork Hydraulics Inc.
Manufactures torque wrenches, riser tools, pumps, power consoles, and absorbent pad centrifuges. Applications include mining, oil well, pipeline, power generation, and transportation industries.
Powlec Technology Pty Ltd.
Australia. Specializes in supply of accessory equipment for compressed air installations. Main products are programmable logic controllers and condensate removal devices to reduce contaminant and scale build up.
Precision Fluid Power Inc.
Distributes broad range of hydraulic products. Includes pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves. Also provides repair and reconditioning services.
Provides new and factory rebuilt pumps for transferring clean liquids under pressure and at a constant flow. Site provides product information. Applications include beer and beverage end user industries.
Prowin Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Specializes in supply of hydraulic valves and pumps, solenoid and modular valves, and other hydraulic items such as gauges and pressure switches. Technical details of available items.
UK. Sells and services pumps, motors, and hydraulic components, especially for cranes. Applications include onshore, offshore, and onboard requirements. Details of products and capabilities.
QPI Multipress Inc
Manufactures and services broad range of hydraulic presses. Includes bench, floor, four-post, and custom built models. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Quick Hydraulics Ltd
Distributor of hydraulic products in the UK. Offers a wide range of related services including engineering, fluid monitoring and conditioning, designing and manufacturing as well as training.
Rastelli Raccordi
Italy. Manufactures selection of clamping rings and fittings for flared and flexible tubes. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Renum Hydraulics Ltd.
Canada. Manufacturer and distributor of hydraulic power products. Includes hand and gear pumps, manifolds, motors, valves, power packs, and custom built hydraulic units.
RK Machinery Inc.
Canada. Manufactures hydraulic presses. Range includes C and H frame, broach, and punch models. Photos and technical specifications.
Roeng Yie Industrial Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures wide range of pneumatic tools for machining and assembly plants. Includes drills, grinders, impact wrenches, riveters, sanders, saws, and screwdrivers.
Rotary Lift Inc.
Manufactures several versions of lifts, capable of raising vehicles weighing up to 130,000 lbs. Includes inground, two post, four post, fore and aft, scissor, parallelogram, and portable units.
Savage Engineering Inc.
Manufactures wide range of industrial hydraulic presses with up to 3500 ton capacity. Applications include compression molding, deep drawing, die spotting, hot forming, metal working, powder compaction, and straightening.
Selling Precision Inc.
Manufactures selection of hydraulic manifolds and offers capabilities for designing and producing versions to customer requirements. Site provides details of available products and services.
Shockguard Ltd.
Produces equipment for alleviating pump start surge, valve closure shock, and pipeline water hammer problems. Links to list of associated companies involved in fluid control solutions.
Simson Innovation
Switzerland. Design and supply of hydraulic presses and other equipment using patented step-up and clamping cylinders. Site explains operating principles and identifies applications in a variety of industries.
Sin Ling Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures wide range of brass fittings for pneumatic, oil-pneumatic, and pipe applications. Site incorporates photos and specifications of available items.
SMC Corporation of America
Manufactures a range of industrial and commercial pneumatic and electrical control products. Support includes availability of training programs. Online catalogue.
St. Lawrence - Troy, L.L.C.
Full service industrial repair company specializing in electronic and hydraulic components used in machine tool and robotic applications.
Steineer & Co. A.p.S.
Denmark. Manufactures and distributes broad range of pneumatic related products. Includes polyurethane hoses, tubing, fittings, and couplings, as well as hose reels and blowguns. Air tool technical tips.
Superior Pneumatic
Manufactures selection of air tools. Includes air hammers, needle scalers, grinder/sanders, drills, and lock seam and rescue tools. Site incorporates detailed product and usage information.
Swanson Industries Inc.
Group of companies specializing in manufacture, supply, and repair of hydraulic components, especially for fluid power, mining, and construction industries. Services include chrome plating, laser cladding, machining, and welding.
SwapLoader U.S.A. Inc.
Manufacturers of hook-lift hoists that enable truckers and haulers to swap flatbeds, dump bodies, and similar containers. Users include contractors, equipment haulers, lumber yards, municipalities, and waste recyclers.
Taicin Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Manufactures and distributes range of hydraulic products. Includes fixed and variable displacement vane pumps and direction control, pressure control, and modular stack valves.
Tapflo AB
Sweden. Manufactures range of air operated diaphragm pumps for industrial fluid transfer. Designed to handle water through to concentrated acids. Plastic, metal, and sanitary series available.
Target Hydraulic and Machine Works Ltd
Provides machine shop, metal fabrication, hydraulic sales and service, bearings, seals, chain, sprockets and belts, mechanical services, steel sales and related consulting services. Based in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
TF Pumps Ltd.
UK. Manufactures peristaltic condensate pumps, additive pumps, and water detection sensors for the air conditioning, refrigeration, and agricultural industries.
Tildesign bv
An engineering firm which has specialized in the controlling of hydraulic systems.
Designs and manufactures hydraulic bolting tools and accessories. Includes square drive and low clearance wrenches, power pumps, and impact sockets.
Tork King LLC
Sales of hydraulic power wrenches, nut splitters, and portable align boring equipment. Services include availability of onsite tooling technicians.
Tri-Motion Industries Inc.
Specializes in supply of air hoists for handling, transferring, and operating variety of heavy materials and equipment. Site explains operating principles and includes application examples.
Specializes in supply of lubrication products. Includes breather vents, expansion chambers, moisture indicators, liquid level gages, oilers, oil dryers, view ports, oil cups, sump bottles, and grease lubricators.
Tuxco Corporation
Hydraulic equipment manufacturers. Products include hydraulic lifts, cylinder service machines, oil filtration and handling units, tire bead mounters, modular workshops, and aircraft and missile fuel cells.
Universal Hydraulik GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers and distributors of hydraulic equipment and components. Site incorporates detailed product information and examples of recent installations.
Usha Lifts
India. Manufactures broad range of hydraulic lifting equipment. Includes scissor lifts, upenders, stackers, dock levellers, and truck loading equipment. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Veba Group S.p.A.
Italy. Manufacturers of hose fittings and assemblies, adaptors, system components, and swaging machines.
Vektek Inc.
Manufactures wide range of air and hydraulic clamps, power supplies, and fixture accessories. Site incorporates product descriptions and application information.
Company specializing in supply of application software and provision of consultation, development, and engineering services for design of hydraulic manifolds.
VHS Hydraulic Components
UK. Supplies and services range of hydraulic products for agricultural, commercial vehicle, industrial, and marine applications. Site incorporates list of available items and services.
Victor Hydraulics Ltd.
New Zealand. Manufactures wide range of hydraulic cylinders and accessories, primarily for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Site provides detailed product and application information.
VMI EPE Holland BV
The Netherlands. Manufactures a range of machinery for the rubber compound and tire manufacturing industry. Includes injection molding machines and equipment for tire manufacture, assembly, and testing.
Weber-Hydraulik (UK) Ltd.
Wide selection of hydraulic lifting and moving equipment with industrial and automotive garage uses. Range includes bottle, trolley, and transmission jacks, axle stands, air bellows, floor cranes and presses, and vehicle lifts.
Wellgrow Industries Corp.
Taiwan. Manufactures and exports wide range of stainless steel, carbon, and butt-weld fittings, valves, and compressed tubing. Site incorporates detailed product information and specifications.
Wepuko Hydraulic USA
Specializes in supply of high-pressure hydraulic pumps for oil, water, and chemical industries. Product and application information.
Westside Ltd.
Taiwan. Specializes in manufacture of mechanical seals for pumps, compressors, and agitators. Illustrations of available configurations.
White Hydraulics Inc.
Manufactures line of low speed, high torque gerotor hydraulic motors incorporating patented rotor design. Additional products include motors/brakes, brakes, and rotary flow dividers.

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