Sites identifying sources of equipment, services, and accessories involved in adding marks, textures, or decorative finishes to metallic and non-metallic surfaces, industrial and commercial products or components, and, in a few cases, specialized materials and items. The process technology varies, but the end result is invariably one of two things. There is either the addition (or occasionally the removal) of a mark, imprint, or texture to (or from) the original. Or the process leads to the creation of an intricate shape or uniquely finished product. Note: Suppliers of etching equipment often have a particular, and even exclusive, focus on the semi-conductor industry, and sites of this nature are better indexed in the Business/Electronics_and_Electrical/ categories. Additional note: Manufacturers of laser marking and engraving equipment often include models designed for cutting, drilling, and welding materials -- and sometimes the reverse applies. Where the emphasis is on cutting type machines rather than marking ones, sites should be more properly directed to -- and will be found in -- the Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Machinery_and_Tools/Cutting_and_Machining/Cutting_Machinery/Lasers/ category. Note re commercial embossing work: The printing industry includes embossing as one of its capabilities, although the results are obtained through the use of dies rather than with industrial embossing machinery. An extensive, alphabetized collection of sources for this kind of work can be found in the Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Printing/Full_Service_and_Commercial/ category, with the geographical location being indicated in most cases.

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2L Inc.
Manufacturer of engraving tools and CAM software for cnc machines.
Akron Metal Etching & Embossing
Extensive etching designs and textures for in-line embossing rolls. Specializing in a texturing process that involves etching the pattern with chemicals rather than knurling or mechanically engraving.
Alfa Machine Company Inc
Manufactures holographic equipment for packaging and pharmaceuticals industries. Includes wide web, hard and soft embossing machinery, recombining and shim cutting machines, and related accessories.
American Laserware Inc
Specializing in software for laser marking and engraving. Available as original or retrofit installations for end users and OEMs. Product information and free downloadable demo packages.
Ausgiant Marking Systems
Australia. Distributes wide range ink jet equipment, dot peen marking, presses, numbering heads and stylus markers. Thorough information is provided for each type of machinery.
Automated Transfer Technology
Manufacturers of hydraulic embossing and heat transfer presses. Photos and technical descriptions of available models.
Belgraf Iberica
Manufacturer of autodot marking products and pad printing equipment for the automobile and food sectors. Site available in English and Spanish.
Bruce Diamond Corporation
Manufactures range of diamond scribes and engraving tools. Includes fiber optic hand cleaving tools, drag engravers, and cone and phono points. Site incorporates detailed product and usage information.
Columbia Marking Tools Inc.
Manufactures marking machines and systems. Includes dot peen marking, numbering heads, hot stamping, air impact stylus markers and roll marking systems. Product and usage information.
Eastward Marking Company
Manufactures pneumatic stylus markers and dot peen marking systems for industrial production use. Site describes equipment and furnishes detailed examples of use in manufacturing. Worldwide sales and support.
Edward Pryor and Son Ltd
UK. Marking, etching, and engraving equipment manufacturer with worldwide sales. Product range includes micro percussion stylus markers, dot peen marking machines, hydraulic numbering presses, and roll marking machines.
Manufactures and supplies laser marking equipment. Features compact laser marking equipment for production line integration with workpiece handling options.
Elsen Machinery
Belgium. Distributors of engraving computer and stand alone manual engraving machine. Also dealer in ribbon printers designed for use by flower shop and undertaking businesses.
EO Technics Company Ltd
Korea. Manufactures wide range of laser marking, etching, and engraving equipment. Other products include units for cutting, trimming and drilling different materials.
Epilog Laser
Manufacturer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting and marking machines.
Manufacturer of laser marking and engraving systems and machines. The equipment can be furnished as automated systems or manually operated equipment.
Coding and marking systems for packaging applications using imprinters, small character ink jet or large character ink jet technology.
Geo T Schmidt Inc
Focus on indent marking machines for permanent results in a variety of materials. Marking machines include dot peen, roll stamping, needle and stylus, steel type and scribers.
Gold International Machinery
Provides laser welding, engraving and marking equipment, 3D scanning and milling machines, CNC photo-engraving systems, computer-aided design software and prototype fabrication equipment. USA.
Gravograph - New Hermes
Manufactures range of laser marking systems and rotary engraving machines, software, and materials. Applications include glass, metal, plastic, wood and jewelry items. Site incorporates detailed equipment and technology information.
H C Morrison
Specialists in commercial and industrial marking equipment. Includes micro percussion stylus marking technology, electro chemical etching, dot peen marking and rubber stamp products.
Hastings Manufacturing Inc
Specializes in supply and refurbishing of heat staking and hot stamp decorating equipment. Also offers contract decorating service for variety of metal and nonmetal products.
Hypertronics Pte Ltd
Singapore. Manufactures laser equipment for marking metals, PCBs, and plastic and ceramic parts. Includes related software and can be integrated with barcode scanners and vision systems.
Identisys Ltd
UK. Provider of broad range of embossing and marking products and services. Includes embossing machines, plastic card printers, stylus and scribe markers, dot peen marking, and laser marking systems.
IDI Electronics Pte Ltd
Singapore. Distributes a variety of laser marking, engraving, and cutting machines. Sister company offers contract laser processing services. Site provides process details.
Incode Plastic Card Products
Extensive range of ID card printers, magstripe readers and writers, embossers, tippers, associated software, related equipment, and accessories. Catalogue available by mail.
International Engraving Devices Inc
Sells broad range of tabletop engraving and signmaking equipment, as well as related software and accessories. Site incorporates detailed information of available products.
JanTech Marking Equipment
Letterpress marking machines, associated supplies and accessories. Imprints can be made on flat planes, curved surfaces or irregular shaped items. Explanation of equipment and process.
Jin Hwa Machinery Company Ltd
Taiwan. Manufactures rollers for embossing and printing artificial leather, glass, paper, and plastic materials. Video of manufacturing method, product range, and examples of available patterns.
Kwikmark Marking Systems
Micro-impact and dot peen marking systems for part identification requirements. Used on metal, plastic and other materials. Site includes numerous examples.
Macsa Laser
Spain. Provider of laser coding equipment primarily for the packaging and textile markets. In depth information and specifications are available on the site. Worldwide sales and support.
Magnemag A/S
Denmark. Specializes in manufacturing dot peen marking, stamping and stylus identification equipment. Industrial direct part marking equipment designed for use in rugged environments.
Marking Methods Inc
Manufactures electro chemical etching equipment and supplies. Distributes dot peen marking and micro percussion stylus machines. Site contains detailed information on power units, stencils, electrolytes and cleaners for the etching process.
Marksman Jeil MTech Co Ltd
Korea. Manufacturer specializing in dot peen marking systems. Machines use a computer controlled needle or stylus to permanently indent a part with a mark. Machine photographs and dimensioned drawings.
Martronics Corporation
Manufacturer of etching equipment for permanently marking metal parts and products. Electro chemical etching kits, stencils, electrolytes and cleaning products. Provides photographs of marked parts for review.
UK. Manufactures and distributes wide range of commercial and industrial engraving equipment, materials, and accessories. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Matthews Marking
Manufactures marking equipment for all types of industrial applications. Technologies include inkjet, dot peen marking, etching, indenting, stylus, and embossing machines. Site has expansive selection of products to review.
Mecco Partners, LLC
Manufactures laser and dot peen marking systems for product identification and traceability. Specializes in factory integration using EtherNet/IP. Based in Pennsylvania.
Mercury Marking Devices
Produces dot peen marking machines and presses. Includes detailed product specifications, equipment prices, steel type, needle and stylus stamps, dies and numbering heads.
A Miles & Co Pty Ltd
Australia. Diversified family business selling computerized and laser engraving systems. Other products include selling wholesale batteries and providing watch repair services.
NCB Marking Equipment Ltd
UK. Provider of steel marking stamps, type, rubber stamps, dot peen marking machines, stencils, ink, and spot marking guns. Site gives detailed information about products and applications.
New Method Steel Stamps Inc
Focus on indent marking equipment and components. Includes auto roll marking attachments for multiple and single spindle screw machines, bar marking machines, marking presses, steel stamps, numbering heads, type, and roll dies.
Numberall Stamp & Tool Company Inc
Manufactures variety of stamps and presses for adding serial numbers, date codes, product codes, and other permanent identification marks to surfaces and components. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Numtec Interstahl
Provider of automatic marking and tracking equipment. Featuring dot peen marking, needle or stylus indenting, and dot matrix systems. Includes bar code, 2-D and OCR readers. Extensive technical information available on site.
On-Site Systems
Provides services for custom etched glass designs, fiberboard, stone carving and graphic films. Extensive photo gallery of examples and designs.
Pannier Corporation
Suppliers of marking and identification equipment. Specializing in dot peen marking, impact markers, roll dies, type, stylus stamping and steel stamps.
Canada. Embossing, die-cutting, fusing, and printing equipment for the textile trade. Downloadable video clips of different applications.
Photofabrication (Services) Ltd
UK. Specializes in photochemical machining equipment used for etching, milling, and blanking. Serves aerospace, electrical, electronic, chemical, mechanical, energy, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.
Stand alone machine with integrated software for micro percussion dot peen marking. Can mark thin metal and fragile plastic parts as well as cast or machined parts using a computer controlled stylus to indent the surface. Site has explanation of process and contains examples of usage.
Roland DG Corporation
Manufacturer of dot peen marking and engraving machines, micro percussion stylus, cutters, and ink printers.
Sic Marking
Manufactures dot peen marking systems. Machines can be column mounted, portable or integrated into automated lines. Process uses a stylus or needle to indent the part with a mark. Explanation of the marking process.
Simet Industrial Marking Machines
Manufactures dot peen marking and micro percussion stylus machines. Extensive line of industrial marking equipment that can be hand held, manually operated or automated. Site provides wide selection of models.
Sossner Steel Stamps
Specializing in steel stamps, roll marking dies, numbering heads, type, embossing stamps, and hand stamps. Supplier of automated indent stamping machines.
Suregrave (UK) Ltd
Suppliers of machines and materials for engraving and signmaking industries. Online catalogue of computerized engraving and routing machines, ancillary equipment, and engraving laminates, metals, and accessories.
Technifor S.A.
France. Manufactures micro percussion and dot peen marking machines. Other equipment offered includes verification and traceability tools, bar code and 2-D code readers and asset tracking systems. Specialists in direct part marking solutions.
Trend Marking Systems
Australia. Supplies range of product coding and marking systems. Includes equipment for etching, printing, ink stamping, indenting, and engraving.
Tykma Technologies
Manufactures laser marking systems for product identification and traceability. Also dot peen, and chemical etch technologies.
Universal Marking Systems Ltd
UK. Manufactures broad range of marking, embossing, and labeling equipment. Includes dot peen marking, inkjet, indenting, and electro-chemical versions. Products also offered include electronic labeling systems and hand stamps.
Etching kits for automotive windows and other glass products. Permanently etch a VIN Number into the window of a car to serve as a deterrent to thieves. Site offers online ordering.
Permanent VIN number marking system for automotive parts to deter car theft or aid in stolen vehicle recovery.
Zaniboni Vittorio Company
Italy. Manufactures selection of laser and electrolytic marking machines. Includes manual and automatic models. Applications include plastic, metal, ceramic, and organic materials.
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