This category is focused on tools made exclusively from carbide and high speed steels.
AB Tools Inc.
Manufactures broad range of carbide tipped and solid carbide cutting tools. Includes slotting cutters, hread mills, and corner rounders. Site incorpoates detailed specifications of available items.
Abrasive Sales
Manufacturer and distributor of coated and non-woven abrasive products. Able to customize orders. Full listing of products and prices.
Advanced Carbide Tool Company
Manufactures and repairs carbide burs for standard use and special burs for power generation equipment manufactures.
Advanced Carbide Tooling
UK. Offers a range of carbide insertable tools as well as consulting services for tool selection.
Affutage Generale
France. Standard and custom designed, carbide tipped drills, milling cutters and reamers for the metalworking industry. English and French.
Almase Saz Co.
Iran. Manufactures broad range of carbide cutting tools. Includes indexable turning and milling inserts, wear parts, and mining and oil drilling bits. Site provides detailed product information.
American National Carbide
Manufactures carbide cutting tools includes indexable inserts for turning, boring, drilling, threading, grooving, milling, cut-off, mining applications.
Artisan Sintered Products
Manufactures tungsten carbide wear products. Bespoke components are also manufactured to customers requirements. Situated in NW England.
Belcar Products
A carbide tool fabricating company, product lines include inserts and toolholders, cutoff tools, and special inserts.
Carbcomm International L.C.C.
Manufacturers of carbide punches, tools, and dies. Can also supply parts and tooling in steel, ceramic, and cermet material. Specializes in filling orders from customer supplied drawings.
Carbide Depot
Sells surplus stocks of new carbide drills, endmills, and inserts. Site incorporates searchable database of available items and provides access to underlying chipformer charts and formulas.
Carbide Specialties, Inc.
Custom and standard carbide and high speed steel cutting tools for the woodworking and plastic industries. Sharpening and repair service available.
Carbide Technologies, Inc
USA. Manufacturers of standard and special carbide tools.
Canada. Online trading site for carbide tools. Items available include drills, endmills, inserts, and reamers. Searchable database includes fixed price and auction offers.
Carbinite Metal Coatings
Manufacturers tools which give carbons high wear resistance and a hardness of above 70 Rockwell.
CGS Tool
Manufactures end mills and specialty carbide cutting tools.
Clarkson & Foreman Inc.
Distributors and manufacturers of precision measurement equipment, thread gauging. Also, carbide high speed cutting tools.
Custom Tool & Grinding
Specializes in production of non-standard cutting tools. Includes inserts, form cutters and drills, step tools and drills, milling cutters, and indexable tools. Available in solid carbide, carbide tipped, and high speed steel.
DHF Precision Tool Trading Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Specializes in supply of carbide end mills. Site provides details of choice of configurations and includes free catalog order form.
On-line distributors of end mills, drills, reamers, rotary files, and saws. Includes technical information, including glossary of metalworking terms.
Driltec, Inc.
Specializes in carbide and masonry drill bits.
Durit Hartmetall GmbH
Germany. Manufactures wide range of sintered carbon cutting tools, wear parts, and machine components. Includes cutting, drilling, milling, cold heading, powder pressing, and tube and bar drawing tools. Site incorporates detailed product information.
E.P. Heller Co.
Manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools represents Dotco and Gardner Denver in pneumatic tools. End mills, reamers.
Ecco Tool Company Inc.
Family owned business specializing in manufacture of carbide tipped, cast alloy, and high speed steel flat form cutting tools.
Express Cutting Tools Inc.
Manufactures solid carbide and carbide brazed cutting tools.
Federal Carbide Company
Specializes in producing cemented silicon and tungsten carbide tools, inserts, and die and wear components for wide range of customer requirements. Site provides detailed account of cemented carbide properties and applications.
H.E Long Company Carbide Tools
Carbide cutting tools, die grinders, burs, and air tool accessories.
Hae-san Enterprise Inc.
Korea. Manufactures selection of carbide cutting tools. Includes slitting and scoring saws, milling and cutting knives, ceramic textile cutters, and round and half shape rods.
Hannibal Carbide Tool, Inc.
Carbide tipped cutting tool manufacturer located in the United States. Solution focused technical and engineering staff, to solve special problems.
HydraCarb, Inc.
Company offers micrograin, cub-micron and ultra fine carbide cutting tools for conventional and high speed machining applications.
Ideal Carbide Die Co
USA. Manufacturers of tooling for various industries specializing in tungsten carbide, technical ceramics and tool steels.
Imco Carbide Tool Inc
CNC precision cutting tools. Specialty end mills. Also, drills, reamers, burs, countersinks.
Innovative Carbide, Inc.
Provides the tunsten carbide products; preforms, blanks, rods, saw blanks, bushings, stamping dies, rolls, rings,cutters knives, carbide mandrels, blades.
Iowa Midland Supply Inc
Supplies cutting tools, abrasives, tapes, adhesives.
Jemma Tools Group
UK. Distributes range of cutting tools, with some emphasis on carbide varieties. Site incorporates links to manufacturer sites containing detailed product information.
Kinney Manufacturing Corporation
Manufactures precision ground steel shanks for the cutting tool industry includes carbide burs, countersinks, rotary files, reamers, special cutters.
Knight Carbide
Makers of metal cutting tools and carbide inserts.
Lexington Cutter, Inc.
Manufacturers carbide tipped cutting tools - drills, reamers, cutters, end mills and counterbores single points.
LRW Cutting Tools
Manufacturer of standard and special carbide cutting tools for aerospace, automotive, medical, woodworking and many other industries.
M Curry Corporation
Manufactures industrial carbide tooling, including bushings, dies, punches, gauges, stamps, and custom order tools. Also offers grinding service.
M. A. Ford Manufacturing Co
Manufacturer of solid carbide and high speed steel cutting tools. Located in Davenport, IA.
Madill Carbide, Inc
USA. Precision ground cutting tools. High-performance, indexable carbide inserts, standard or custom made. Also, resizing of used inserts and machine tool rebuilding.
Mastercut Tool Corp.
Manufactures carbide endmills, burs, routers, other rotary cutting tools, expert CNC resharpening services.
Menlo Tool Company, Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of cylindrical carbide cutting tools and services for aerospace industries and industrial-based companies.
Tungsten carbide products (saw tips, routers, roof bits, mining bits) manufactured for the woodworking, mining, construction, down-hole drilling, Metalworking and other industries. Carbide injection molding available (complex parts). Louisville, KY.
Oliphant Tool Company
Specializes in the manufacture and supply of carbide pins and punches for the cold forming industry.
Paul Horn GmbH
Germany. Multi-national company. Manufacturers of high precision, carbide and steel grooving tools and inserts for metal cutting applicators. English, German, French and Italian.
Peterson Tool Co.
USA. Designs and manufactures carbide inserts and special cutting tools for the metalworking industry.
Posa-Cut Corporation
Designs and manufactures tool holders and carbide inserts for metalworking, including forming, shaving, grooving, threading, chamfering, boring and spade drilling.
Quality Carbide Tool
Manufactures and supplies range of carbide tools. Includes endmills, burs, reamers, drills, and made to order items. Online catalogue shows inch, metric, and DIN sizes.
S.T.C. Ltd.
Israel. Manufactures broad range of solid carbide end mills. Site incorporates catalog pages with details and specifications of available sizes and configurations.
Spartan Carbide, Inc.
Manufactures and distributies carbide, ceramic tools and inserts.
Spearhead Tool Co.
Manufacturers of high speed and tungsten carbide burs for jewelers, diamond setters, and tool and die makers.
Sumedh Engineers
India. Manufactures carbide cutting tools, tips, rods, flats, and dies. Available in variety of standard and customized configurations. Also offers grinding and polishing services.
Super Tool, Inc.
Manufacturer of solid and carbide tipped high speed steel cutting tools.
TA Tool, Inc
USA. Standard and custom made, carbide indexable insert tooling. Also, tool modifying and repair services. Animated illustrations of various tools.
Taylor and Jones, Ltd
UK. Specialty, carbide, cobalt and HSS reamers and shanks for the metalworking industry.
Tool Alliance
Designs, manufactures, and supplies wide range of solid carbide tools. Includes end mills, drills, reamers, burrs, countersinks, routers, saws, and keyseat cutters. Output is from three companies working together to optimize product and service capabilities.
Tool Specialty Company
Manufacturers of carbide cutting tools. Print and online versions of catalogue available. Services include tool refurbishing and custom tool supply.
Tru-Cut Manufacturing Inc
Manufactures high speed steel and carbide tipped masonry drill bits.
Tycom Corporation
Manufactures tungsten carbide cutting tools, mainly for printed circuit board applications. Specialized services include supply of tooling on a pay-per use basis and an ongoing resharpening/replacement program.
UR Metaloy Cutting Tools
Carbide drilling and milling inserts products manufacturer for 15 years.
Vermont Indexable Tooling, Inc.
Designs and manufactures indexable carbide insert tools. Indexable back and/or front spot facing, chamfer, boring, step tools.
Vernon Devices Inc.
Manufacturer of HSS and carbide metal cutting tools, specializing in spotfacing. Combination tap and deburr, drill and countersink.
Voisard Tool Service Inc.
Manufactures broad range of standard and special carbide cutting tools. Selection includes endmills, drills, and routers. Also offers CNC resharpening of most round carbide tools.
Whitney Tool Company Inc.
Manufactures broad range of high speed steel and carbide milling cutters. Selection includes slotting, grooving, keyseat, T-slot, dovetail, radius, and chamfer types. Also accepts custom orders.
WhizCut of Sweden AB
Manufactures carbide tooling for CNC Swiss type automatics and other small lathes.
Yeonsung Co.,Ltd.
Offers carbide cutting tools such as drills, end mills, and reamers.
Yueqing Cemented Carbide Prioducts Co.,Ltd.
Chinese manufacturer of carbide cutting tools.
Zibo Jinjingchuan Abrasives Co.,Ltd.
China. Mainly producing black and green silicon carbide, fused alumina, aluminium oxide, and abrasive cloth.
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