Although metalworking terms are often used imprecisely by manufacturers and users alike, they are given some special meanings in this Tooling,_Tools,_Consumables segment of the Cutting_and_Machining section of the Directory. Moreover, many companies serving the machining and fabrication industries offer a diverse range of products and often name them in a variety of different ways. However, if only for the sake of some consistency, the following assumptions form the basis of allocating sites in the numerous pages that make up this major category. 1. Tooling is considered to be items such as toolholders and workholders that add to the capabilities and capacity of cutting machines and machine tools. It also refers to add-on equipment that doesn't normally come with an original machine. Quite often it is described as a capital addition as opposed to a product that will wear out and eventually need replacing. (In what may be a useful analogy, a Tooling product can be seen as a computer peripheral.) 2. Tools are adjustable and reusable items that produce a desired result when fitted into a cutting or fabricating machine. The range covers saws, knives, and blades, as well a host of drill bits and inserts, grinding tools, cutting dies, and end mills. (Extending the computer analogy, Tools can be seen as printer ribbons and ink cartridges.) 3. Consumables are items such as lubricants that facilitate cutting, drilling, and machine operations in general, as well as media used with grinding, buffing, and polishing equipment. As the term implies, there's an ongoing use of the product during a machine operation. (A computer analogy isn't readily available, but printing paper and floppy discs are somewhat comparable examples.) Note: A number of sites are indexed in this main Tooling,_Tools,_Consumables category itself. The rationale for this allocation lies in the fact that the companies involved supply the full range -- or at least a diversified selection -- of these ancillary products. Additional note: This same "catch-all" principle applies to the three main subcategories (Accessories; Parts_and_Consumables; and Tools) -- i.e. the companies involved have a product or activity range that is varied rather than narrow in focus.

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American Hack & Band Inc.
Stocks and sells broad range of supplies and accessories for the metalworking industry. Products include bandsaw blades, coolants, carbide inserts, saw machines, mills, lathes, drill presses, toolholders, and abrasives.
Belmont EDM Equipment Company
Specializes in EDM supplies, tooling, accessories, and machinery. Includes distribution of graphites, oils, resins, and wire. Site provides list of available items and machines.
Boneham & Turner Limited
Manufactures drill and jig bushes, dowel pins, precision spindles and motors, and other tools and accessories.
Esskay Machine Tools
India. Manufactures special purpose rotary and linear machines (SPM's) required by the industrial sector.
Global Tooling & Supply
Cutting Tools for millwork manufactures. Quality Moulder and planer knives for production window, door, and moulding makers.
H & H Industrial Products
Wide selection of tooling and accessories for the metalworking industry. Such as inspection, measuring, cutting, power, and hand tools. Searchable product database and online ordering.
IDI Precision Machinery Ltd.
Diamond cutting tool manufacture such as CVD diamond coated end mills.
An EDM wire maker in Taiwan . With brand JBM, Yoin, Dwadaiwan.
Kozia Trading Co., Ltd.
Exporter and representative of Chinese measuring and cutting tool manufacturers.
Kut-Rite Manufacturing Co
Manufactures grinding wheel dressers, and steel and carbide scarifier cutters.
MacDonald Carbide Company.
Manufacturer specializing in the production of cemented quality tunsten carbide products for industry.
Marena Industries
Manufacturer of polycrystalline diamond tipped workrest blades, carbide blades and high speed steel blades for all centerless grinders, lapping and carrier plates and cylindrical gauges.
Moneyin Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures diversified range of products. Includes electric screwdrivers, torque meters, grinding machine spindles, spring separator machines, and sample cutting, mounting, and polishing machines.
Moore Industrial Ltd.
Canada. Distributors of carbide and high speed steel tooling, air tools, lubes and coolants, workholders, and machine tool software. Also sells limited selection of new and used machine tools.
Overlyhautz Motor Base Company
Manufacturers motor mounting systems. Every electric motor requires one. It may be simple or complex, fixed or adjustable, small, medium or very large.
Pioneer Broach Company
Specializes in broach manufacturing and services. Includes stock of standard broaches, production of custom broaches, broaching machines, fixtures, and accessories, contract broaching, and broach grinding and reconditioning/sharpening.
Precision Machinery Supply
Offers a wide range of cutting tools, measuring equipment, fixture tooling, and abrasives.
Rigibore Tooling Systems
Designer and manufacturer of high-precision standard and special boring bars, micro-adjustable boring units, cartridges, drills, inserts, and boring systems.
RMP Industrial Supply
Carries wide range of machine shop products and supplies. Includes abrasives and chemicals, as well as hand, cutting, and measuring tools, toolholders and workholding items, and a selection of machine tools.
Spec Tool
Manufacturers high specification carbide inserts for CBN, ceramic, grooving, threading, milling, indexable tools. As well as special tool holders.
Stephen Bader & Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of high quality grinding, polishing and finishing equipment and accessories for over 45 years.
Surpless, Dunn & Co.
Manufacturer representatives for a broad range of products sold to distributors. Includes cutting tools, inspection equipment, work holders, abrasives, fasteners, pumps, industrial chemicals, and safety products.
TKM United States, Inc.
Precision Industrial knives, cutter, slicer, blade, shear, slitter, trimmer for the Paper, Wood, and Metal Industries.
Toolmasters LLC.
Sells broad range of cutting tools, abrasive sleeves, and pneumatic drum sanding units and consumables.
United Tool Supply Ltd.
Canada. Offers list of supplies for machine shops. Includes cutting tools, measuring instruments, tool and work holders, consumable products, and a selection of machine tools.
Valenite LLC
Manufactures range of standard and special cutting tools and fluids. Site incorporates links to detailed information, including availability of wear and corrosion resistant blanks for wide variety of applications.
Wally Machinery & Tool Supply
Sells broad range of cutting and measuring tools, as well as selection of work holding and tool holding products. Site incorporates line card and links to details of available items.

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