The focus of this category is on companies that buy and sell used and surplus machine tools, metal fabricating machinery, and, here and there, other industrial processing equipment. In most cases, sites incorporate searchable databases of currently available items. Note: Companies that act more as brokers and concentrate, at least somewhat, on auctions to dispose of equipment are -- and should be -- found in the Auctions_and_Internet_Trading category. Additional note: New equipment manufacturers and distributors often take in trades and accordingly offer a selection of pre-owned items, usually -- but not necessarily exclusively -- of their own brands. Their sites are to be found in the Machine_Tools Manufacturers and Distributors categories.
A. Green Co.
Offers new and used machinery, liquidations, tool auctions and appraisals. Site details of current stock. Based in Massachusetts USA.
ABL Technology
Listing and photos of used CNC machinery. Based Sanford USA
Active Machinery Div., Inc.
Buys, sells, and appraises used conventional and CNC machine tools, inventory includes turning and machining centers, swiss automatics, lathes, mills and grinders. Based USA
Adams Machinery Company
Specializes in reconditioning, selling, and purchasing wide range of used machine tools. Current inventory, searchable by machine type and brand. USA based
Alessandro Stella S.r.l.
Italy. Buys and sells used wire and bright bar production machinery and plant for the steel and non-ferrous industry. Site incorporates searchable database of current inventory.
Allied Machinery Co., Inc.
CNC and standard machine tools. Based USA Detroit.
Alma Machinery Company Inc.
Offers used and reconditioned hydraulic and mechanical metal working punch presses, as well as coil handling and straightening machines. Searchable online catalog, USA based.
Amiron Machinery
Israel. Trades in second hand metalworking machinery and cutting tools. Some focus on gear cutters, test equipment, and coil winding machines.
Andmar Machinery Services Ltd
Provides re-manufactured Jones and Shipman grinders including spares and special purpose grinding machines. Based in Nuneaton, UK.
Astra Tool Company
Buys, sells, and appraisal of used machine tools and related tooling. Site provides details of current inventory. Texas USA based.
Ball Machinery Sales
Canada. Specializes in purchase and sale of used presses, accessories, and coil handling equipment. Services include engineered alterations and upgrades and sale of new presses. Partial inventory details.
Bell Machinery Ltd.
Canada. Stocks broad range of used machine tools and accessories, as well as selling new equipment. Includes lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill presses, and boring mills. Site incorporates searchable database of current inventory.
Beta Die Casting Equipment.
Dealer and reseller of used diecasting machines and equipment for die casting industry. Cold chamber and hot chamber machines.
Bid Specialists Inc
Buys and sells used machining and fabricating equipment. Includes press brakes, sheers, punches, grinders, lathes, screw machines, radial drills, mills, wire EDM machines, and lasers. Details of current inventory.
Budget Machinery Company
UK. Buys and sells used machine tools including lathes, mills, vertical and horizontal borers, drills, grinders, slotters, saws, and measuring equipment. Details of currently available items.
Cadillac Machinery Co. Inc.
Specializes in sale of reconditioned gear manufacturing equipment and related tooling. Includes generators, hobbers, and chamfer, deburring, and lapping machines, as well as tailstock sets, index tables, and replacement parts.
CAMER Machinery
Offers broad selection of used press brakes and shears. Site provides details of currently available items.
CBC Group Inc.
Buys, sells, and appraises used cold heading and wire and spring forming machinery. Site provides contact information and list of currently available items.
CJM Machinery Sales
Canada. Sells selection of mainly used and some new machine tools and accessories. Current inventory includes lathes, milling machines, grinders, and drills, as well as digital readout systems, tooling, and antivibratory machine mounts.
EDM Sales and Service
UK. Specializes in sales and service of used wire, diesink, and CNC EDM machines, especially spark erosion models, as well as related tooling, and consumables. Services include maintenance programs, repairs, and upgrades.
Elite Machinery Inc.
Buys and sells used metal fabricating equipment. Inventory includes CNC turret punch presses, press brakes, shears, laser cutting systems, and single end punches.
ESP Machinery Australia
Sells new and used manufacturing machinery, with emphasis on machine tools. Available items include milling machines, presses, borers, lathes, presses, press brakes, shears, and grinders. Site incorporates details of current inventory.
Europe Machine Company
France. Sells and is interested in purchasing broad range of used and surplus machine tools. Includes presses, shears, lathes, and milling, broaching, and grinding machines. Also offers overhaul and retrofit services.
G & S Machine Company
Buys and sells used machine tools and fabricating equipment. Inventory includes lathes, mills, drills, grinders, threaders, pipe benders, and welding equipment, as well as chucks, positioners, and cutting tools.
Galaxie Corporation
Sells and buys used steel processing and metal fabricating equipment. Inventory includes rolling mills and roll formers, tube and pipe mills, banding and slitting lines, levelers and straighteners, and coil processing equipment.
GCH Machinery Division Inc.
Specializes in used grinding machinery, repairs to existing equipment, and replacement parts for most makes of grinders. Range includes centerless, surface, internal, disc, cylindrical, and universal models. Catalog available.
Graff-Pinkert & Co.
Sells wide selection of used and rebuilt screw and rotary transfer machines, as well as related tooling and parts. Site incorporates list of available items.
Gray Machinery Company
Buys and sells wide range of pre-owned machine tools, production materials, and fabricating, toolroom, and general shop equipment. List of searchable categories. Catalog available.
Great American Automatics Inc
Buys and sells used automatic screw machines, rotary transfer equipment, and CNC machinery. Services include parts, tooling, and rebuilding. Site provides details of current inventory.
Great American Equipment Company
Sells used metal working equipment and machine tools, with some emphasis on products of Cincinnati Milacron In. Details of current inventory available by registration.
Green World Concepts Corporation
Used, rebuilt, and surplus EPS molding equipment and support systems. Inventory includes molding presses, pre-expanders, block molds, and fluid bed dryers.
Greer Machinery Co.
Sells used and new machine tools, with emphasis on milling machines, engine lathes, and cutting saws. Photos and specification of available items. Also offers appraisal, repair, and rebuilding services.
Harris Machine Tools Inc.
Buys, sells, stocks, and appraises range of used machine tools and metalworking equipment and accessories. Site incorporates large searchable database and includes an out-of-the-ordinary company profile.
Hayden Machinery Co. Inc.
Sells used, remanufactured, rebuilt, and retrofitted power presses, brakes, and shears with a capacity ranging from 10 to 1000 tons. Searchable inventory database and step-by-step example of rebuilding process.
Trades worldwide in used machines and production plant. Based in Germany.
Hogema Maschinenhandel GmbH
Germany. Specializes in sales of used CNC equipment. Includes lathes, grinders, honing machines, and machining centres. Also interested in purchasing pre-owned and surplus CNC machinery.
HTR, Inc.
Company sells a range of new and used metalworking machine tools, pipe processing equipment, fabricating equipment and related items.
Industrial Machine Tool Inc.
Buys and sells selection of machine tools, accessories, and miscellaneous industrial equipment. Details of currently available items.
Industrial Machinery Exchange, Inc
Canada. Buys, sells, and trades used and surplus machine tools and related accessories. Services include rebuilds and trade-ins on new equipment. Site provides details of current inventory.
Inter Plant Sales
Sells wide range of used and new machine tools and processing equipment. Includes drills, mills, grinders, presses, brakes, saws, and ironworkers, as well as chucks, collets, welders, furnaces, and dust collectors.
International Tool Company
A precision machine shop that has a surplus of machines which it offer for sale. Extensive range of machines.
Jamestown Machinery
Quality used machinery. Specializing in used Haas equipment as a division of Universal Machinery Sales.
Kempler Industries
Buys and sells used machinery, hydraulic presses, metal fabricating machinery, machine tools, and equipment for the rubber and plastics industries. Based in the USA
Kinoshita Machinery Co. Ltd.
Japan. Buys and sells used machine tools. Inventory includes conventional and CNC lathes, machining centers, grinders, and boring machines.
Lakeshore Machine Tools, Inc.
Buys and sells metal fabrication and metal working machinery such as shears, brakes, punch presses, turret punches, CNC equipment, saws, drills, mills, lathes, cranes, flame cutters, and lasers.
Lee Stevens Machinery, Inc.
Buys, sells, and trades toolroom and production equipment. Additional services include appraisals, rebuilding and liquidations. USA based.
Machine Tools 24/7
Offers used machine tools available for sale from end-users in North America. Based in Brooksville, Florida, USA.
Machinery Acquisitions International Inc.
Buys and sells wide range of used machine tools and metal fabricating equipment. Site incorporates links to details of current warehouse stock of available items.
Machinery Inc.
Canada. Buys and sells broad range of used machine tools and metalworking machinery. Includes boring mills, lathes, planers, press brakes, shears, machining centers, rotary tables, and cranes. Site incorporates searchable database.
Machinery Masters
Buys and sells new and used machine tools and woodworking machinery, largely through repossessions by lending institutions. Details of current inventory.
Machinery Network
Sells broad range of used CNC machinery and accessories. Details provided by database searchable by machine type. Services include consignment, liquidation, auctions, and appraisals.
Mal Machinery Sales, Inc.
Sells used and new machine tools and accessories, with emphasis on rebuilt equipment. Includes surface grinders, ironworkers, shears, lathes, knee mills, and transfer tables. Site incorporates details of current inventory.
Specializes in sale of used and CNC conventional machine tools. Includes lathes, grinders, and milling machines. Site incorporates bulletin boards for posting details of available and required equipment.
Mohawk Machinery Inc.
Buys and sells wide selection of used machine tools and processing equipment. Services includes appraisals, auctions, and liquidations. Site incorporates detailed and searchable database of current inventory.
N.C. Engineering Ltd.
Distributor of Citizen sliding head and Boley fixed head CNC lathes and accessories. A range of pre-owned machinery, offline programming software packages and machine remote diagnostics systems are also available.
New England Engineering Ltd
UK. Buys and sells broad range of used machine tools and metal fabricating equipment. Includes mills, drills, lathes, presses, brakes, and shears. Site incorporates searchable database of current inventory.
Northern Machine Tools (Engineering) Ltd.
UK. Offers reconditioned machine tools, with some concentration on heavy equipment such as large lathes, drills, saws, and boring machines. Other stocked items include milling, pressing, and fabricating machinery.
Nova Machinery Inc.
Used and rebuilt screw machines, parts, accessories and tooling. Current inventory and opportunity to trade surplus items.
NS Machine Corp.
Buys and sells used metalworking machinery and machine tools including presses, shears, brakes, rolls, grinders, mills, drills, and lathes.
Omni Machine Tool Corp.
Used surplus industrial machinery and equipment stocks lathes, mills, grinders, drills, cranes and saws. Based in Texas USA
Parkes (Machine Tools) Ltd.
UK. Specializes in selling used presses from European manufacturing sources. Selection includes extrusion, multi-slide, stamping, transfer, and high speed punching models. Site provides photos and descriptions of current inventory.
Pearl Equipment Company
Buys, sells, appraises, and leases used presses, press brakes, shears, coil handling, and other types of fabricating equipment. Site incorporates searchable database of current inventory.
Plastin Gold
Italian trade company dealing with new and secondhand machine tools.
Powell Mcneil Machinery Co,. Ltd.
UK. Company sells used and reconditioned machines. Primarily Amada CNC. Site lists full inventory.
Prime Machinery, Inc.
Used metalworking machinery dealer. MDNA stocking dealer. Specializing in boring mills, edm and cnc machines.
Quick Machinery Sales.
Specializing in sale of used CNC machinery including Mazaks, Yamazaki and Mori Seiki. Buy, sell trade-in, search.
Raybould Machine Tools Ltd.
UK. Specializes in reconditioned power presses and coil handling, press feeding, and sheet metalworking equipment. Details of current inventory. Can also meet requirements for new machinery.
Redhouse Industrial Services Ltd.
UK. Supplies second hand, used machine tools and plant, including Bandsaws, borers, broaching machines, compressors, drills, furnaces, grinders, lathes, milling machines, presses, and surface tables.
Specialist in planing machines. Provides new and used machinery and original Weinig spare parts. [German, English and Dutch]
Retec Machines
France. Offers selection of second hand machine tools. Searchable database includes balancing, bending, boring, and grinding machines, drills, mills, and shears, and air lathes, injection presses, and machining centers.
Riley Industries Ltd
Supplier of used surface treatment and process equipment, including ultrasonic, cleaning, degreasing, batch ovens, furnaces, polishing, shot blast, dryers and dust/fume extraction. Based in Birmingham UK.
S & M Machinery Sales, Inc.
Buys and sells used machine tools including CNC lathes, mills, grinders, coordinate measuring machines and boring mills. Based in Michigan in the USA.
S.K. Braly Machinery Inc.
Canada. Sells used machine tools, pre-owned metal fabricating machinery, and a line of digital readout equipment. Inventory includes lathes, mills, grinders, drills, CNC machinery, and punch and brake presses.
Saunders Machinery Company
Specializes in buying and selling used lapping machines and a selection of other machine tools. Inventory of currently available and wanted items.
Scott Machinery
Buys, sells, and trades used and new metal fabricating and machine-tool equipment. Searchable database of current inventory.
Scott Machinery & Supply
New and used industrial machinery dealer. Includes contacts, history, services and inventory. Based in Helena USA.
Seho Industry Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Specializes in sale of secondhand metalworking machinery. Includes lathes, presses, shears, and milling, grinding, drilling, wire e.d.m., and bandsaw machines.
Shamrock Machinery Company
Buys and sells wide variety of used and surplus CNC and conventional machine tools. Searchable current inventory includes bandsaws, boring and milling machines, brakes and shears, grinders, ironworkers, lathes, and machining centers.
Used and surplus semiconductor equipment, machines and tools. Based in Austria.
Southern Minnesota Machinery Sales
Offers wide selection of used and new metalworking machinery and machine tools. Searchable inventory database. Arrangements can be made for items to be bought, sold, traded, or leased.
Spirit Machinery, Inc
Sells broad range of used machine tools. Detailed specifications of current inventory. Based in New York USA.
Stanley Machinery Corporation
Buys and sells broad range of machine tools and equipment, with particular focus on a wide selection of Landis threading machines. Searchable current inventory list.
Star Equipment Co., Inc.
Brokers used stamping presses and CNC machine tools. Descriptions and photos of machines for sale. Located Pontiac USA.
Surplus Machine Tool
Offers broad selection of used machining and finishing equipment. Includes lathes, drills, mills, brakes, and iron workers, as well as furnaces, vibratory tumblers, welders, and plastic mold and injection presses.
Texas Southwest Machinery Inc.
Dealers in used machine tools and metal fabricating equipment. Inventory includes drills, grinders, lathes, ironworkers, shears, and press brakes. Site provides details of currently available items.
Tom Hale Equipment Company Inc.
Offers broad selection of used and reconditioned machine tools and metalworking equipment. Searchable inventory includes grinders, mills, presses, lathes, machining centers, benders, rollformers, and injection molders.
UMS Used Machinery Sales Inc
Used CNC and conventional metalworking machinery bought and sold. Based Minnesota USA.
Universal Automatics Inc.
Sales and purchases of used metalworking machinery, including automatic bar machines and chuckers, rotary transfer and CNC equipment, machining and turning centers, and mills and lathes. Details of current inventory.
Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation
Offers wide selection of used, rebuilt, and new equipment for the tube, pipe, and coil processing industries. Includes tube mills, rollformers, benders, shears, and brakes. Current inventory details. Limited
UK source of second user CNC lathes and machining centres from Japanese manufacturers such as Mazak, Matsuura, Okuma, and Hitachi Seiki.
Yoder Machinery Sales
Offers wide selection of used machine tools, metal fabricating machinery, and industrial processing equipment. Site incorporates inventory list, searchable by category and manufacturer.

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