This category contains sites put together by manufacturers of Machine Tools. The information is focused entirely on the equipment and its uses, with a number of sister categories being used to assemble sites of a service nature.
ACER Group
Taiwan. Manufactures range of milling machines, precision surface grinders, and engine lathes. Site incorporates photos and technical descriptions of available products.
Advanced Drilling Machinery
Manufacturer of production drilling machinery, multiple spindle heads and tapping equipment.
Albert Handtmann Holding GmbH & Co. KG
German. Company specialises in manufacturing HSC machining of various materials and offers a wide range of CNC controlled multi-axis machining centres for this purpose.
Machine tool manufacturer of high performance fabricating turret punch presses, production laser cutting systems, precision press brakes, shears, automated manufacturing systems, controls, and software.
Ambrogio Galli snc
Italy. Manufacturers of heavy mechanical presses. Site contains photos and technical details of models available.
ANCA Pty Ltd
Australia. Specialist manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, particularly Tool and Cutter Grinders, plus in-house software development. Worldwide distribution network with subsidiary companies in USA, Germany and UK.
Aristo Machines, Inc.
Design, manufacture, and service tube end forming systems. Standard models for I/O sizing and ram forming. Custom systems for optimal workcell performance.
Bardons & Oliver, Inc.
Manufactures standard and custom lathes for mining, oil, power, automotive, and transportation industries. Includes slant bed, cut off, big bore, and remanufactured and retrofitted models. Also provides machining services.
Benex Corp.
Manufacture of production shaft straightening machines. Product articles, cases studies and solutions.
Bertsche Engineering Corp.
Designs and manufactures standard and customized traveling column machining centers, available in horizontal and vertical versions. Also produces automatic tool changing systems and automation components.
BMV Presses
Italian deep drawing and transfer pressing equipment manufacturer. Describes its product range with profile and directions.
Bridgeport Machines, Inc.
Makers of milling, turning, and grinding machines for small shops, job shops, and full production shops.
Broaching Machine Specialties.
Builder of new and remanufactured broaching machines and broaches.
Broadbent Stanley
Design and manufacture of manual and CNC lathes, machining centres, oilfield and rubber roll grinders. Based in UK.
Cambridge Metal Products Inc.
Canada. Specializes in design and supply of automated small diameter tube bending equipment, especially for the production of automotive components. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Chen Fwa Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures a range of automatic drilling and tapping machines, multiple spindle head equipment, and arbor presses. Information regarding available models.
Cheng-Hua Machinery Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures aluminum and copper extrusion presses, plus ancillary handling equipment. Site incorporates technical details of available machines and includes examples of extruded products.
Chi-Fa Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturers several series of CNC machining centers and CNC lathes. Information regarding each available model.
Cincinnati Incorporated
Long established manufacturer of metalworking equipment. Product range includes press brakes, shears, gap-frame presses, laser cutting systems, and powdered metal compacting and sizing presses.
Italy. Manufactures horizontal and vertical axis rotary transfer machines. Capabilities include turning, milling, tapping, and drilling bar stock, forgings, blanks, and partially finished workpieces.
CNT Motion Systems
Manufacturers of CNC routers, with 3-axis motion, for wood, plastic, and nonferrous metals industries. Services include availability of accessories, parts, repairs, and retrofits.
Colchester Lathes Co.
UK. Manufactures a range of CNC, combination/CNC, and conventional lathes. Products, spare parts, service, and links to distributors.
Manufacturers of high precision miniature lathes, milling machine, jigsaw, tooling and accessories.
Crystal Lake Grinders
Manufactures a broad range of precision cylindrical grinders, especially for tool room users. Site incorporates product details and descriptions of machine components. Repair, rebuilding, and maintenance services also available.
CT Electromecanica s.r.l.
Italy. Manufactures selection of manual, CNC, and wire EDM machines, as well as CNC lathes.
Cubic Machinery Inc
Manufactures selection of standard and customized fabrication machinery. Includes lathes, grinders, CNC equipment, and bandsaws. Details of available products.
Custom Rollform Products Inc.
Manufactures broad range of sheet metal fabrication equipment. Includes rollformers, cut to length machines, coil and sheet handlers, and wing, end, and tangent forming units.
Cyril Bath Company
Specializes in manufacture and supply of stretchforming, elastoforming, and super-plastic forming equipment and applications. Services include subcontract work. Details of different processes.
Datron Dynamics Inc.
Manufactures high-speed machining centers for milling, drilling, tapping, and engraving aluminum parts and components. Applications include aerospace, automotive, electrode, and electromechanical industries.
Manufactures high-speed milling centers.
Eagle Press and Equipment Co. Ltd.
Canada. Specializes in design and manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic presses. Available in a variety of bed areas, stroke lengths, shut heights, and tonnage capacities.
Earlsdon Technology Ltd
UK. Specializes in manufacture of special purpose machine tools. Includes machines for manufacturing engine valves, automated centreless grinding machines, and loading systems for CNC lathes.
Eaton Leonard.
Specializes in tube forming automation for a broad array of fabricated products. Includes CNC tube benders, endforming machines, measuring equipment and complete cellular integrated systems.
Ehrt Maschinenbau GmbH
Germany. Manufactures flat material bending and punching machines, with particular application to processing of electrical switchgear and control panels. Equipment also available for forming door frames.
Electro-Mechanical Integrators, Inc.
Manufacturers of specialized processing equipment, designed to produce weld-ready components from standard lengths of tube and piping. Explanation of process and lists features and benefits.
Engel Industries Inc.
Manufactures line of standard and customized metal forming equipment, especially for duct fabrication and flange production industries. Detailed product and application information.
Euroboor DMS
Holland. Manufactures magnetic drilling and cutting machines, cutting saws, drill bit grinding machines, and related accessories.
Exact Machinery Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures CNC rotary table, two and three piece coupling gear type index tables, tailstock items, and hydraulic and other accessories.
F.W. Derbyshire Inc
Manufactures specialized precision lathes for producing miniature and micro parts, such as instrument, electrical, and guidance system components.
FemTec Inc.
Manufactures broad range of machine tools. Includes horizontal and vertical machine centers, lathes, and bridge and boring mills. Also offers CNC training and replacement parts. Site provides links to detailed product information.
FMTI Systems Inc.
Manufacture instrumentation that analyze deformation in sheet forming. Including "circle grid analysis", thickness measurement and FLC generation.
Forst Broach Co. Ltd.
UK. Specializes in manufacture of broaching equipment and provision of refurbishing and subcontract broaching services. Products include tools, fixtures, and broaching and resharpening machines.
Gayatree Enterprise
India. Manufactures variety of grinding machines and lathes, including oversized model. Site provides detailed product information.
Manufacturer of machining centres.
Giuliani division of IGMI
Italy. Specialized assembly and metalcutting machines for the lock and security industry. Also rotary and linear table transfer machines for multi axez CNC applications.
Godson Engineering Corporation
India. Provides industrial machinery for sheet metal shearing, bending and punching.
Greenerd Press & Machine Company, Inc.
Company designs and manufacturers a variety of hydraulic presses.
Guindy Machine Tools Ltd.
India. Manufactures selection of machine tools and accessories. Range includes grinding and lapping machines, chucks, cylinders, CNC rotary tables, and hydraulic and pneumatic indexing tables.
Haas Automation Inc.
Manufactures CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and rotary tables.
Haco Atlantic Inc.
Manufactures and services sheet metal fabricating machinery in Europe and the USA. Includes details on shearing, forming and laser cutting systems.
Hankook Metal & Machine Tool Co. Ltd.
Korea. Manufactures variety of machine tools such as machining centers, plano millers, boring machines, vertical turning lathes, and milling machines.
Hardinge Machine Tools Ltd.
UK. Manufactures broad range of CNC turning, grinding, and milling machines. Includes horizontal, vertical, and swiss type lathes, universal grinders, and machining centers. Also produces wide selection of workholding products.
Hause Machines Inc.
Manufacturer of power feed units for drilling, tapping, chamfering and threading. Also designs and builds special purpose machines for production applications in a wide variety of industries.
Builds automatic tube and pipe cutoff machines, also tube endfinishers, tube loaders, and fabricating systems.
USA. Manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of machinery for spring coiling and forming, wire and tube bending, and strip forming. Can also supply accessory equipment, such as ovens, fixtures, gages, sorters, and collectors.
Henrob Ltd.
Manufacturers of self piercing riveting machinery.
Henry & Wright Corporation
Manufactures underdrive stamping presses, designed mainly for light metal, shallow draw applications. Additional lines include forging equipment, range of press safety control products, and small selection of used presses.
Hines Bending Systems, Inc.
Manufactures pipe and tube bending equipment and tooling. Provides after-sales engineering support including on-site training.
Huffman, LLC
Manufacturers of multi-axis CNC machine tools including superabrasive grinders, laser cladding and powder deposition systems and abrasive waterjet equipment.
Hurco Companies, Inc.
Manufacturer of machining and turning centers, also designs an in-house CNC control for the machines. Machines for the worldwide machine tool consuming market. (Nasdaq: HURC).
Hydromat, Inc.
Manufactures variety of transfer machines, all based on a modular design. Includes rotary, trunnion, and in-line models. Product and application information.
I Chiang Machine Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Design and manufacture of single and multi-purpose spindle drilling and tapping machines.
IMSA s.r.l.
Italy. Manufacturers specializing in high speed deep drilling machines, especially for the plastic mold industry. Detailed product description.
Industrias Romi S.A.
Brazil. Four core business areas - machine tools (centre lathes, production CNC lathes and machining centres), plastic injection moulding machines, foundry and high precision, adjustable boring heads.
International Sales & Marketing Group
Selling Prazi and Wabeco lathes and mills, CNC equipment and machine tool accessories.
J.G. van Otterloo & Zn. B.V.
The Netherlands. Manufactures broad range of metal processing equipment. Includes decoilers, rollformers, profilers, seam welders, punching machines, and straighteners. Also offers subcontract production services.
Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd.
Manufactures tapping machine, drill machine, cutting machine, multi-spindle.
Jekson Hydraulic Ltd.
India. Manufactures selection of hydraulic presses, primarily for plywood, particle board, high and low pressure laminate, and rubber industries.
Jinyoung Precision Machine Co., Ltd.
Korea. Specializes in manufacture of EDM equipment. Includes wire cut, conventional, and CNC models. Also makes drilling, grinding, and coordinate measuring machines. Site provides product photos and details.
Manufactures grinding, turning, milling machines. Also, cold or hot straightening machines for rotationally symmetrical workpieces.
Kays Engineering Inc.
Engineers and manufactures 'DeHoff' deephole drilling, CNC gundrilling, and BTA and ejector drilling machines, as well as gundrilling cell equipment.
Kent USA
Builds industrial EDMs (electrical discharge machining), surface grinders, lathes, and mills. Product descriptions and specifications. Tustin, California.
Kern Micro- & Feinwerktechnik GmbH
Germany. Specializes in micro milling and drilling machinery and shop services. Examples of applications in dental, electronics, jewellery, medical, and watchmaking industries.
Koan Cho Machinery Co., Ltd.
Specialist manufacture of machine tools, CNC Lathes CNC milling machine.
Kone Industria de Maquinas Ltda
Brazil. Manufacturers and exporters of drilling, milling, and boring machines. Customized design and supply of machines for fabrication of complex parts and surfaces.
KRB Machinery Co.
Manufactuctures the 'rebar' cutting and bending machines. Company markets these around the world.
Krollmann GmbH & Co. KG
Germany. Manufactures a selection of equipment for processing wire, bars, rods, and tubes. Includes machines for pointing, threading, chamfering, swaging, and rolling. Product information.
Kukje Diamond Industries Co., Ltd.
Manufactures machine tools, diamond tools, down the hole hammer and bits, honing and broaching machines.
Kum Chen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures riveting machines, levelling and shearing equipment, a variety of power and deep draw presses, and a selection of feeding and sheet separation accessories.
L&F Industries
Manufactures variety of fabrication equipment. Includes stretch forming machinery, super plastic forming presses, custom aerospace forming machinery, and research grade optical telescope mounts.
France. Range of wire, strip, and tube bending machines for producing parts in small, medium, large, and very large quantities. Services include availability of onsite training and maintenance programs.
LCM Divisione Macchine.
Italian company manufacturers presses for installing self-clinching fasteners. Site is in Encglish and Italian.
Lehigh Machine Tools, Inc.
Manufacturer of a multitude of lathes for a variety of industrial applications. Including manual, cnc flat and slant bed lathes, heavy duty engine lathe, and oil field lathes.
Lien Chieh Machinery Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures wide range of presses. Includes metal forming, forging, die making, sheet molding compound, and mechanical models, as well as hot and cold forming presses for plywood and particle board industry.
Louis Levin, Inc
Manufacturer of precision lathes and CNC machinery for aerospace and electronic parts manufacturing.
LVD Company n.v.
Belgium. Manufactures range of metalworking machinery, tooling, and accessories. Includes turret punch presses, laser cutting systems, folding machines, press brakes, and sheers.
Machine Tool Traders
India. Manufactures selection of machine tools plus a range of jewelry manufacturing machinery. Photos and descriptions of available products.
Machinerie G.A.S. Ltee
Canada. Manufactures special purpose machines combining shear and press-brake functions. Photos, description, and technical specifications.
Makino Corporation
Manufactures vertical and 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers, graphite milling machines, and RAM and wire types of EDM equipment. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Manford Machinery Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures CNC vertical machining centers, surface grinding equipment, and CNC, bed, and vertical turret milling machines. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Mankoo (India) Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufactures and exports selection of power presses, power brakes, and shearing machines. Services include supply of lathes, welding equipment, and woodworking machinery.
Matsuura Machinery Corporation
Japan. Vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machining centres. Extensive range of 'high speed' machines from specialist manufacturer.
Maus Group
Italy. Manufactures fettling machines, vertical lathes, and turning equipment. End products are primarily hubs, brake discs, and other parts for the automotive market.
Mazak Corporation
Manufactures wide range of machine tools. Includes CNC turning and multi-tasking lathes and a broad selection of vertical and horizontal machining centers. Site incorporates detailed product and support information.
Mecos S.r.l.
Italy. Specializes in manufacture of electric and hydraulic press brakes. Site provides details of available models. Services include retrofitting existing equipment and supply of numerical controls.
Mega Manufacturing
Manufactures range of metal fabrication equipment. Includes single and dual operator ironworkers, press brakes, shears, and bending rolls. Detailed product information.
Metalurgica Torrent SA
Spain. Manufactures broad selection of lathes and accessories. Includes CNC models, as well as range of conventional geared head and variable speed versions. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Metatech Industries
Manufacturers metallography abrasive cut off and mounting machines, belt and fine grinders, polishers, automatic electrolytic polishing kits, microscopes, and image analyzers.
Micron USA Inc.
Manufactures selection of centerless grinders. Information regarding available models and incorporates request form for obtaining relevant literature.
Mid Rivers Machinery
Patented Clinching machines that join two pieces of steel, aluminium, copper, dissimilar or coated metals, up to 26-14 gauge, using a unique new concept in press design that's simple and economical.
Midwest Press Brakes Dies Inc.
Manufactures a selection of press brakes and tooling for bending and forming metal. Drawings of punches and dies available for creating various shapes and angles.
Millsite Engineering Co., Inc.
Company manufactures the Millport and Rhino models of metalworking machinery. The range covers CNC and manual and bed mills, lathes, surface grinders, and vertical machining centers.
Modern Machine Tool Co.
Manufactures CNC controlled cutoff machines using conventional lathes and laser or plasma cutoff mechanisms and CNC controlled automatic bar, tube, and pipe feeders.
Modig Machine Tool AB
Sweden. Manufactures broad range of machine tools and accessories. Includes lathes, drilling and milling machines, tool grinders, and machining centers, as well as machine vices, rotary tables, and drill sharpeners.
Mollart Limited
UK. Specialty is deep hole drilling machines, associated tooling, and subcontracting services. Capabilities range from 0.9mm to 150mm diameter and depths up to 3000mm. Multi-lingual site includes list of manufacturing and subcontracting plants in Great Britain, Europe, and North America.
Monarch Machine Tool Company
Provides custom engineered equipment for coil processing, leveling, slitting, roll coating, vertical machining centers, precision lathes.
Moore Tool Company Inc.
Manufacturers of special purpose, high precision machines. Includes jig grinders, measuring machines, diamond turning lathes, indexing tables, various derivative products and a range of accessories. Also offers remanufacturing and rebuilding service.
Morgan Rushworth Ltd
Manufacturers of sheet metal machinery, including guillotines, shears, folders, press brakes and bending rolls. Based in the UK.
Mori Seiki Co. Ltd.
Japan. Established manufacturer of CNC machine tools and systems. Includes details of available horizontal and vertical lathes and machining centers, as well as range of software programs.
MultiCam Inc.
Manufactures selection of routing machines for the wood, graphic arts, plastics, and metal industries. Photos and specifications of available models.
Neuar Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturer of precision machinery, mainly EDM eroders, utilising CNC technologies. Also offers conventional spark eroding machines.
New England Machine Tools Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of production and tool grinding machines and related tools, parts, and control systems. Details of available multi-axis models, with emphasis on building to suit customer requirements.
Newall Engineering Company Ltd.
UK. Manufactures range of special purpose grinding machines for automotive and aerospace industry applications. Includes models for grinding crankshafts, crankpins, blade tips, and landing gear.
The Ohio Broach and Machine Company
Manufacturers of broaches and machines with production broaching and sharpening facility.
Orbitform International
Manufactures equipment for orbital and roller head forming, impact riveting, thermo-pneumatic staking, and fastening and assembly. Explanation of orbital and impact riveting processes.
ORIIMEC Corporation of America
Manufactures and markets press room automation systems including Press-to-Press transfer and single press systems, coil handling equipment, leveling casters and pads, and spring making machinery.
Osuga Machine Inc.
Japan. Manufactures pipe cutting, bending, and end shaping machines, including conventional and CNC models. Photos and technical details of available products.
Overbeck Machine Company
Manufactures small speed lathes, primarily for use by machine shops and/or secondary plant operations. Designed for use on small production parts that need deburring, polishing, and similar finishing.
Pacific Press Technologies
Manufacturer of hydraulic presses, press brakes, and shears for the metal forming industry.
Peiping Precision Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures selection of grinding machines. Includes cutting, tool, drile and tap, gun drill, and end mill models.
Manufactures precision and semi-automatic tube benders and end finishing equipment, compression presses for PCB lamination and plastic molding, and beam welding systems. Product information.
Porta Solutions s.p.a.
Italy. Manufactures selection of standard and customized rotary transfer machines for broad range of applications. Site incorporates examples of installations for processing automotive, hydraulic and pneumatic, and bar products.
Precision Automation, Inc.
Company offers vibratory bowl and inline feeders for the automation industry with 100% stainless steel hand tooled bowl feeder.
Press Room Equipment Company
Manufactures coil handling and press feeding equipment for the stamping industry. Includes airfeeders, coil cradles, decoilers, cutoff machines, straighteners, and customized units.
Proth Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of CNC surface grinders and horizontal rotary tables. Site is well constructed.
Quintax, Incorporated
CNC router systems for polymers, composites, non-ferrous metals and wood, as well as CAD/CAM systems.
Rattan Machine Tools (Regd.)
India. Manufactures power presses. Includes standard high speed, geared and ungeared, adjustable and fixed stroke, double piston, inclinable and non inclinable types, as well as specialized models as required by customer.
Red/Cam Manufacturing Inc.
Canada. Manufactures CNC equipment, including lathes, milling machines, routers, and related accessories. Customer base includes educational institutions.
Redux International Corp
Specializes in new, retrofitted, and customized equipment for secondary machining operations. Includes rotary index machines and units for drilling, tapping, reaming, and milling.
Reinhardt Maschinenbau GmbH
Germany. Extensive site provides details of available sheetmetal machinery. Includes folders, benders, formers, and selection of special purpose lines for such products as angle profiles, wall and roof panels, and garage doors.
Republic-Lagun Machine Tool Co
Manufacturers of a range of conventional and CNC machinery for the metalworking industry. Lathes, vertical mills, heavy duty bridge and gantry mills.
Robert Speck Ltd
UK. Specializes in manufacture of tapping machines as well as tools and equipment for formdrilling process. Details of processes and available products.
Roecher GmbH
Hydraulic presses, special machines, strip processing machines. Presses for stamping, deep-drawing.
Rollform Equipment Private Limited
India. Manufactures wide range of equipment for production of pipes and tubing. Includes tubes mills and entry lines, as well as machines for cutting off, straightening, galvanizing, end facing, and slitting.
Ron Feng Precision Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturers selection of grinding equipment. Includes bench and floor universal tool grinders, as well as turning tool and drill bit and tap grinding models. Site provides detailed product information.
Router Cut Automation.
Manufacturers CNC Routers for Wood, plastic, Aluminum and 3d machining. Sign Manufacturing, Engraving, and light duty panel processing.
Royal Master grinder Inc.
Manufactures broad selection of standard or custom built grinders for infeed and thrufeed applications. Includes CNC and conventional models. Also offers rebuilding services and accessories.
S. Dunkes, GmbH.
German company manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic drawing, blanking, straightening and trimming presses for various industrial needs. As well as high pressure forming and riveting machines.
Samco Machinery Ltd.
Canada. Manufactures rollforming equipment, related tooling, and associated machinery for creating end products such as drawer slides, light fixtures, doors, and roofing, shelving units, rail guards, and car bumpers.
Santec Hydrofluid Engineers
Manufacturers of rubber processing machines, hydraulic presses, plastic injection moulding, pneumatic machines, blow moulding machines, and other equipment.
Schleifring Group
Germany. Manufactures several brands of grinding machines. Includes OD/ID cylinder, centerless, surface and profile, tool, and superfinishing models. Product information.
Schmidt Feintechnik.
Germany. Manufacturers manual, air, toggle, arbor, assembly and hydro-pneumatic presses with a force range from 1 to 44,000 lb.
Sinico S.p.A.
Manufactures automatic cut-off and transfer machines for bar or tubing.
Smith Grinders (India)
Manufactures universal cylindrical, internal, and centreless grinding machines in manual, mechanical, hydraulic, and CNC models. Features and technical details of each group.
Soco Machinery Co., Ltd.
NC and CNC pipe bender, tube bending machine.
Spinner Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Precision turning and milling machines.
STAMA - Maschinenfabrik GmbH
High-tech vertical machining centers with 180° pallet swivel tables or fixed tables up to 8000 mm in the X-axis. A production system for complete machining from blank bar to finished part in one clamping set-up with one machining center.
Stimin Industries SA
Romania. Produces and exports broad range of CNC machine tools. Includes boring, milling, and cutting machines, drills, machining centers, and rotary tables. Also offers subcontract machining services.
Studer AG
Builds high-precision cylindrical grinding machines.
Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing Corp
Provides machine tools to customers worldwide. Selection includes tool room and CNC lathes, horizontal and vertical mills, radial and upright drills. As well as Hydraulic shears.
Sung Kwang Technique Ind. Co,Ltd.
Korea. Manufactures universal tool grinding machine. Available with selection of standard and optional accessories.
Sunnen Products
Manufactures honing machines, precision gages, tooling, metal cutting lubricants, metal cutting abrasives.
Superior Grinders Inc.
Manufacturer of CNC and standard centerless grinders. Fully automated machines with loaders, gauges, and unloaders.
France. Manufactures selection of bench and column drilling and milling machines, vertical bandsaws, grinders, and related accessories. Primarily designed for workshop use. Product photos and technical details.
T S Harrison and Sons
UK. Manufactures range of manual/CNC, electronic, and geared head center lathes for metal working and turning. Site incorporates detailed product, service, spares, and distributor information.
T. K. International Ltd
Manufactures broad range of sheet metal working machinery. Includes shears, brakes, benders, beaders, edgers, roll formers, and flangers.
Taig Tools International
Manufactures range of desktop milling machines and lathes, as well as related accessories. Product details and incorporates links to sites providing background and usage information.
TBT Automotive Division
USA. TBT Tiefbohrtechnik and Nagel Precision manufacture gundrill and deephole drilling machines, utilising the latest in automation technologies.
Techmire Ltd.
Canada. Designs and manufactures multiple-slide die casting machines for producing zinc and plastic precision components. Applications include electric, automotive, telecommunication, and consumer product industries.
Technidrill Systems
Manufacturers of deep hole drilling equipment. Includes gundrill, ejector, and BTA/STS versions. Explanation and comparative advantages of each process.
Features CNC routers and components as wells as linear bearings, cross roller tables, rotary tables, ball slides and pneumatic components.
TennSmith Inc.
Manufactures selection of sheetmetal machinery. Includes shears, hand brakes, folders, slip rolls, notchers, rotary machines, and cleat benders.
Thread Rolls USA Inc.
Designers and manufacturers of precision threading tools.
Tormec AG
Switzerland. Manufactures machines for producing HVAC parts and assemblies. Includes elbow, segment, and tube formers, stitchwelders, and plasma cutting units. Site incorporates photos and technical details of available items.
Tos America Inc.
Serves as US marketing arm of parent manufacturing company - a producer of manual and CNC horizontal boring and milling machines. Detailed product information provided.
Toshiba Machine Company Canada Ltd.
Canada. Manufactures range of machining centres and boring and milling machines, as well as supplying related tooling and software. Services include laser alignment and preventative maintenance programs.
Tru Tech Systems
Manufactures selection of precision, high tolerance grinding equipment and specialized software. Applications include aerospace, electronic, medical, and small component industries. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Ultra Tech Machinery Inc.
Specializes in manufacture of multi-axis and multi-spindle machine tools for OEM and high volume manufacturing companies. Applications include buffing, polishing, drilling, milling, spinning, turning, and tapping.
Unislip GmbH & Co
Germany. Valve repair and testing equipment; portable facing, boring, and turning machines; mobile male thread cleaning stands; and stationary valve grinding machines.
Universal Tool & Engineering Inc.
Manufactures range of tube end formers, CNC tube benders, straightening equipment, and custom designed metalworking machinery. Site incorporates detailed descriptions of available machines.
Victor Machines
Product lines include lathes, milling machines, grinders, drill and tapping machines, bandsaws, electric discharge machines, CNCs, digital control lathes, mills.
Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH
Germany. Specializes in manufacture of specially designed turning, milling, and profile peeling machines, as well as line of heavy duty sawing machines. Also offers subcontract services.
Weldon Solutions
Specializes in manufacture of CNC cylindrical grinders. Capable of handling OD/ID contours, tapers, chamfers, fillets, radii, shoulders, and straight diameters in one continuous setting. Site provides detailed information.
Westway Machinery Ltd.
Canada. Sells selection of new machinery and range of used equipment for metal stamping, fabricating, and coil handling applications. Site provides detailed product information.
Yamada Dobby
Manufacturing precision stamping presses, press material feeders, and textile weaving equipment.
Ying Ling Machine Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures wide range of conventional and CNC metal pipe and tube bending equipment and tooling. Site incorporates detailed information regarding available models.
Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Company specializes in producing automatic cold roll forming machines and products such as roofing and wall cladding, corrugated sheets, ceiling T- bars and partitions, and rolling shutters.
Zagar Incorporated
Manufactures selection of specialized drilling and tapping machines, as well as drill heads, feed units, and workholders. Sit provides detailed product information.
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