This category features sites related to the manufacture and supply of laser cutting machines and systems, with the ability to handle a wide range of metal and nonmetallic materials. Several of the listed sites incorporate detailed explanations and discussions of laser technology and its applications. Note: In some cases, product lines include engraving and marking capabilities, but, where these are the pre-eminent business focus, the site is -- and should be -- more appropriately indexed in the Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Machinery_and_Tools/Etching,_Embossing,_Marking/ category.

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Alpha Systems Ltd.
China. Manufacturers CAD/CAM equipment for precision laser cutting, marking, and engraving broad range of materials. Applications include printing plates, signs, textile graphics, and electronic components.
Beam Dynamics
Manufactures range of mid sized laser cutting machines. Includes stand alone models and units for inline use. Applications include wide range of metal and non metal materials.
CadCam Technology Ltd
Offers laser cutting and engraving machines from 10W to 100W. Also provides ApS and ApS-Ethos embroidery software.
Kern Laser Systems
Manufactures and sells laser cutting and engraving systems, and spare parts.
Laser Mechanisms Inc.
Offers replacement parts and service for most brands of laser cutting machines. Includes optics, manifold and optic assemblies, gas jet tips, tip retainers and extensions, space blocks, and lenses.
Laser Photonics, LLC
Manufactures a range of laser processing equipment for use with flat, automotive, and thin sheet glass and semiconductor substrates. Capabilities include cutting, drilling, engraving, and marking.
Lasercut Inc.
Manufactures range of industrial laser cutting systems. Capabilities include handling carbon and stainless steel, dieboard, wood, aluminum, plastics, and composites. Site incorporates detailed product and process information.
Laserite Ltd.
UK. Suppliers of laser cutting and engraving systems and subcontract services based on CO2 and YAG technologies. Detailed explanations of each type of system and their operating and application differences.
Laservall NA
Manufacture of oem fiber-coupled diode lasers, diode-pumped solid state lasers and lamp-pumped solid state lasers for all fields of application, including marking, engraving, scribing, welding, soldering and aesthetical.
Lee Yih Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufacturers large scale and small scale NC servo guided laser cutting machines.
Leister Technologies, LLC
US distributor for laser welding equipment (plastics or soldering), an assortment of optical microstructures and hot-air tool line.
Ls-Laser Precision Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Designs and manufactures laser cutting equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
P&W Technic Corp.
Taiwan. Manufactures range of laser cutting and marking machines. Photos and technical descriptions of available models.
Prima Industrie SpA
Designs, manufactures, and distributes broad range of industrial laser cutting machines and systems. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Sahajanand Laser Technology
India. Manufactures broad range of dedicated laser equipment for marking, cutting, drilling, engraving and routing variety of materials. Can also provide turret punch presses and plasma and gas cutting units.
Scearce Laser Corp.
Specializes in the welding and cutting of materials using industrial lasers. Sells used and refurbished lasers and systems.
Synova SA
Switzerland. Design and manufacture of waterjet guided and fully automatic laser dicing and edge grinding systems for the semiconductor, electronic, medical, energy, and automotive industries. Introduction to technology. Extensive technical information. Multi-lingual library of technical articles and calendar of events on PDF files.

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