Parts washing systems other than ultrasonic
AEC Systems USA, Inc
Manufacturers custom aqueous parts washing equipment. Large variety of systems, dip, carousel, conveyor and auger washers.
Aqueous Technologies Corp
Manufacturers of aqueous cleaning / de-fluxing systems and ultrasonic stencil cleaning systems.
Better Engineering Mfg.
Manufacturer of aqueous-based spray-cabinet parts washers.
Bio-Clean Ltd.
UK distributor of aqueous spray wash cabinets and detergents.
BrĂ¼el International
Manufacture fully automatic washing systems for boxes, containers and pallets used in the food and box pool industries.
Manufacturer of bioremediation sink on a drum parts cleaning systems. Supplies custom bioremediation liquid.
Cleaning Technologies Group LLC
Solutions for complex cleaning problems with oil removal, ultrafiltration, aqueous chemistry. Variety of cleaning equipment.
Continental Carbonic Products
Manufacturer and distributor of carbon dioxide offering dry ice, liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice blast cleaning equipment and service.
Cuda Parts Washers
Manufacturer of closed cabinet aqueous spray parts washers. Offers front loading and top loading style washers.
eChem Inc.
Distributor of industrial chemicals and cleaning equipment.
EKOPIL Remigiusz Pilas
Manufacturer of chamber and tunnel cleaning machines and oil separators
Equipment Manufacturing Corporation
Manufactures aqueous jet spray-cabinet parts washers and wastewater evaporators.
Heneveld Group, LLC
Distributes cleaning, deburring, and surface preparation systems, air and filtration systems. Also, metalworking, cleaning, finishing fluids.
Hockh Metall-Reinigungsanlagen GmbH
German manufacturer of custom metal-washing and degreasing machines both aqueous and solvent type.
Hydro-Blast Inc.
Manufacturer of aqueous spray-cabinet parts washers. Front loading and top loading systems. Also manufactures wastewater evaporators.
IB Industries
Solvent cleaning and degreasing, single and multistage
InLine Cleaning Systems
Conveyor style spray washers; from single stage wash to three stage wash/rinse/dry systems. Custom built to customer specifications, or select standard models.
Spanish manufacture of rotary basket washers, solvent washers and water treatment equipment.
Magnus Equipment
Custom engineered equipment for industries that require parts cleaning, chemical treatment, plating, and processing of materials including metal, glass and plastics.
MART Corporation
Manufactures heavy-duty aqueous cabinet-style parts washers. Wastewater treatment systems.
MecWash Systems Limited
British manufacturer of aqueous spray cleaning equipment for metal and plastic components.
MTA Sales
California distributor of ultrasonic cleaners, closed loop solvent degreasers, air filtration, dust collection, and cleaning machines.
Painter Design and Engineering
Manufacturer of in-line conveyor parts washers.
Polymag Tek Inc.
Manufacturers of cleaning equipment for sheet and rolled products for the coating, laminating, and printing industries.
Proceco Ltd
Canadian manufacturer of aqueous spray-cleaning systems and surface treatment machines.
R.G. Hanson Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial parts washers, standard and custom. Rebuilds used washers.
Ramco Equipment Corporation
Manufacturer of aqueous platform agitation cleaning systems. manual and automated.
Rotajet Systems Limited
Cabinet-type spray wash machinery. Conveyor wash plant. Rotary drum washers. Degreasing equipment.
Roto-Jet of America
Manufacturer of industrial aqueous spray washers, industrial cleaning machinery.
StingRay Parts Washers
Manufacturer of cabinet-style aqueous parts washers. Offers large heavy-duty, industrial washer, process, and detergents.
Stoelting Inc.
Manufacturer of aqueous conveyorized spray-cleaning equipment.
Manufacturer of spray wash degreasing equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Vapor degreasing equipment and solvent stills
Ultronix, Inc.
Manufacturer of vapor degreasing systems, also sells used, retrofits, displacement drying units, stills and chillers.
Walsh Manufacturing Co.
Manufacturers of custom aqueous spray cabinets and conveyorized spray washers.
Wandres Mirco Cleaning
Industrial surface cleaning systems and cleaning equipment for clean surfaces like automotive-mounting elements and panels.
Workcell Systems, Inc
Manufacturer small aqueous bench top and top loading parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners
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