This category is concerned with the range of systems and components that test and overcome imbalances and vibration in a wide variety of manufacturing and processing machines, particularly those that involve rotating parts. Note: The emphasis in this category is on balancing equipment used in various industries, but there is a notable exception in the case of wheel balancing equipment and weights used in the car and truck aftermarket. Sites of this nature are more logically included in the Vehicles_Repair_and_Maintenance category. Additional note: Although a few manufacturers also provide balancing services, such activity is more the province of local machine shops. Sites of this nature can be found at -- and should be directed to -- the appropriate Regional location, which can be found within the breakdown shown at Business/Industries/Manufacturing/Casting,_Molding,_Machining/Machine_Shops/Full_Service/Regional/

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AMB Engineering
Balancing service to the industry and motorsport enthusiasts. Specialists in on-site dynamic balancing and vibration analysis.
Balance Technology Inc
Specializes in balancing and correction systems and software controls for diversified industrial and commercial equipment. Applications include gaging, crack detection, vibration, and electrical and non destructive testing.
BalanceMaster Inc.
Static and dynamic balancing machines, including tabletop, horizontal, and vertical models. Related products include instrumentation and software items. Services include upgrades, consulting, and training.
Balancing USA
Specializes in balancing machine sales, dynamic balancing machine calibration, balancing machine instrumentation, balancing machine operator training, and vibration instrument calibration services.
BalanStar Corporation
American dynamic balancing machine manufacturer, including horizontal, vertical, and automated balancers. Services also include balancing of all types of rotating parts, field balancing, vibration analysis, and balance machine retrofitting and repair.
C D International
Manufactures balancing correction weights and clips for rotating machinery.
CEMB Hofmann (UK) Ltd.
Specialists in horizontal dynamic balancing machines, vertical static and vertical dynamic balancing machines for batch production, production and prototype parts. Services provided for contract balancing, machine upgrades, calibration and on-site balancing.
Dyamics Research Corp
Manufacturer of dynamic balancing machines and portable balancing equipment.
GH Balancer
Balancing equipment service, parts, repairs and sales including new and used machines. Offers service and repairs on all Stewart Warner Balancers from 1954 to present.
Haworth Technologies
Providing Windows PC-based, feature-rich dynamic balancing machines for parts weighing up to 7,700 lbs. and balancing services for precision rotors up to 15 lbs.
Hines Industries, Inc.
Manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated balancing machines. Industrial range includes horizontal cradle and overhung and vertical rotating and non rotating models. Aftermarket products focus on automotive and aerospace applications.
Hofmann Mess- und Auswuchttechnik GmbH & Co.KG
Designs and manufactures both standard and custom balancing machines and systems, servicing customers worldwide.
IRD Balancing
Over 50 years experience in dynamic balancing. Providing both hard and soft bearing balancing machines and balancing services to accommodate parts weighing from .022-660,000 lbs.
ITW Balance Engineering
Specializing in building production balancing machines for a wide variety of components and assemblies used in the automotive, light truck and heavy equipment industries.
Kaiser Sistemas Equilibrado S.L.
Spain. Manufactures horizontal and vertical axis balancing machines, portable balancers, and universal measuring units. Site provides detailed product and application information.
Nan Jung Electronic Co., Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures dynamic balancing machines and test and correction units for rotating parts. English and Chinese versions of site.
Computerised dynamic balancing machines and instrumentation. Balancing upgrades, software and instrumentation.
Pro-Bal Industrial Balancers Inc.
Manufactures, services, and repairs computerized electronic dynamic hard bearing balancers for variety of automotive and industrial applications. Site provides detailed product and background technical information.
Raven Engineering, Inc.
Full range of balancing machines and measuring equipment. In house and on site balancing services, including calibration, repairs, and reconditioning.
Rokade Rototechniks
India. Manufacturer of dynamic balancing machines, balancing equipment, vibration monitoring and measurement systems, field balancing.
Schenck RoTec Corporation
Products for dynamic balancing of rotating parts and reciprocating components and sub-assemblies.
T&S Machines and Tools, Inc.
Manufactures balancers and automotive equipment for automotive and industrial machine shops.
Turner Technology
Manufactures computerized hard bearing dynamic balancers. Designed to mount on a mill table or similar machine base.
Universal Balancing
Automated propshaft, crankshaft, horizontal, vertical and non-rotating balancing machines for both dynamic and static balancing.
Exclusive North American distributor for CEMB balancing and vibration measuring products. Offering consulting and education services including seminars in balancing theory and application.
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