This category serves as a general collection point for companies engaged in selling, buying, and trading new and used manufacturing equipment. Most of them have an appeal to more than one industry and usually include photographs and technical details of their current inventory. Where auctions sites are involved, they also show the status of bids to date. Note: Despite the title of this category, it does -- and can -- include some manufacturer sites, especially where the product range doesn't readily fit elsewhere. As just one example, hand and power tools aimed at a wide variety of markets can belong here, particularly if they aren't appropriate for the Hydraulic and Pneumatic category. Additional note: The separate Used Machinery category also contains a list of possible sources for equipment of a general nature. However, where equipment is restricted to use by a specific industry or applies to a particular type of processing, a site is usually more appropriately indexed elsewhere -- as in the numerous listings to be found throughout the various subcategories that make up this Machinery and Tools section of the Open Directory. Thus, someone with an interest in balancing machines is more likely to find what they're looking for under that heading rather than in either this Auctions and Internet Trading or the Used Machinery one.

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A & L Machine and Tool Inc.
Buys and sells new and used metalworking and fabricating machinery, arranges for liquidations and/or auctions, and will broker equipment on a guaranteed or commission basis.
American Machinery Liquidators Inc
Buys and sells new and used machine tools and accessories as well as plastic injection molding machinery. Services include auctions, liquidations, consignments, and appraisals.
American Systems & Equipment Corp
New and used machinery, including Kuraki CNC machines, ACE CNC lathes, drilling machines, grinders, and boring mills. Services include liquidations, consignments, and appraisals.
Asset Sales Inc.
Provides auction, appraisal, and liquidation services to metalworking and other industries. Site provides details of current and upcoming auctions, as well as choice of selling terms.
E-commerce trading mart for buyers and sellers of pre-owned test and measurement equipment. Online database permits listings and searches by product and manufacturer.
Disposal and purchase auctions of used machinery, production units, manufacturing and processing plants, and other surplus industrial assets. Searchable online database.
Automatics & Machinery Co. Inc.
Specializes in buying, selling, and trading conventional and CNC single and multiple spindle automatic screw machines. Services include auctions, liquidations, and appraisals. Site provides details of current inventory.
Can-Am Machinery Sales Ltd.
Canada. Specializes in online sales of used machine tools and miscellaneous industrial supplies. Offers leasing and financing arrangements. Site provides details of current inventory.
Cooney Industrial Auctions Ltd.
Ireland. Auctioneers and Valuers providing disposal and valuation services for industrial and commercial equipment and machinery. Searchable database.
Direct Industry
B2B site providing details of a range of industrial products and machinery available from worldwide sources. Includes searchable category databases with links to individual manufacturers and distributors.
Don Lewis Machinery & Equipment Inc.
Buys, sells, liquidates, auctions, and appraises wide range of industrial equipment. Includes machine tools; metal fabrication equipment; testing, measuring, and inspection items; and injection and extrusion machinery.
Excel Machinery Marketing
Broker for used metalworking and plastic moulding machines, including presses, grinders, thread rollers, and spline rolling equipment.
Grand Pacific Enterprises Inc.
Marketing and distribution company with interest in bilateral trade between US and Asia. Products include medical devices and range of equipment, tools, and production supplies for the aviation industry.
Johny Infosys
India. Broker marketing wide range of industrial materials and equipment obtainable from several shipbreaking yards. Site incorporates details of scheduled demolitions and currently available and anticipated items.
LINK Industrial Services Inc.
Specialty is evaluation and marketing of surplus steel mill equipment. Current items include electrical, power, mechanical, and heavy duty handling equipment. Recently appointed as distributor of LTV Steel inventory.
Locator Online
Searchable database of pre-owned machine tools, metalworking machinery, and processing equipment for sale by network of US and overseas dealers. Searches possible by machine type and location.
Machineco Company
Canada. Acts as broker, import, exporter, and trader in used machine tools and metal fabricating machinery, as well as industrial processing and handling equipment. Photos and details of most items.
Machinery Exchange
Searchable database advertising used and surplus machine tools and equipment. Additional listings accepted on payment of advertising charges. No commission or selling fees involved.
Machinery Values Inc.
Sells, auctions, and buys range of new and used machine tools, tooling, and supplies, as well as other equipment such as air compressors, ovens and furnaces, welding products, and material handling items.
Mauldin Machine Inc.
Buys, sells, appraises, and acts as broker for used machine tools and accessories, as well as pre-owned fabricating and finishing equipment. Services include financing and leasing arrangements. Site provides details of current inventory.
NetBid Auction & Trading
Online auctions of used machinery and equipment for variety of industries, including metalworking, construction, paper, printing, plastics, and packaging. English and German versions of site.
Features classified ads for broad range of used and surplus industrial machinery and equipment. Site incorporates searchable database of currently available and required items.
Noll Machinery, Inc
Used and surplus metal working and processing equipment bought, sold, and appraised. Consultation and assistance regarding disposal of whole plants and asset liquidation also available.
The Online Machinery Network
New and used machinery supplied worldwide. Includes machinery involved in construction, metalwork, woodworking, plastics, textiles, agriculture, printing, and other industries.
Paramount Industries
Online mart for used metal working machinery. Translation facilities into and from English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Perfection Machinery Sales, Inc.
Buyer and reseller of used industrial machinery including metalworking, fabricating, presses, and CNC machine tool equipment. Specializes in the disposal of surplus and used industrial machinery. Services include appraisals, refurbishing, financing, and plant liquidations.
Plant & Machinery Inc.
Auctions, appraisals, privately negotiated sales, and liquidation of surplus and used industrial and commercial equipment. Searchable database of currently available items and calendar of upcoming auctions.
Renbar Associates Ltd.
Provides search and consultancy services for locating and purchasing hard to find wide range of new or used plant, equipment, and manufactured products.
SAG Supply Corporation
Online catalogue of new and used machinery and tooling including lathes, drills, presses, grinders, inspection equipment, abrasives, and cutting tools.
Sterling Machinery Exchange
Used machinery dealer with some focus on chipmaking and fabrication items. Searchable database. Services include arrangements for auctions and liquidations.
T&S Machine Tool Sales Inc.
Acts as broker for used and surplus machine tools, metal fabricating equipment, and other industrial processing items. Items available per auction or searchable inventory database.
Ultra-Tech Inc.
Acts as broker for disposal of used and surplus machine tools, metalworking equipment, and other industrial machinery. Services include appraisals, liquidations, auctions, and financing.
Victor Machinery Exchange, Inc.
Online source for machine shop supplies, metal cutting tools, precision measuring instruments, abrasives, and machine accessories. Provides shopping basket, telephone, e-mail, and fax ordering facilities.
World Equipment & Machine Sales Co.
Acts as broker for disposal of used and surplus foundry equipment. Services include appraisals, liquidations, and auction and consignment sales. Details of current inventory.
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