This category focuses on companies involved in designing and supplying largely automated systems for assembling a variety of manufactured products. It includes equipment for automatically fastening, riveting, drilling, screw insertion and tightening, and performing similar operations that would otherwise have to be done manually. It also extends to systems and devices for testing and packaging finished products. Note: In effect, the sites indexed here are concerned only with a particular aspect of automated manufacturing. Those that deal with other - and often more extensive - forms of automation belong in - and should be directed to - the main category at or one of its subcategories.
Altair Industries Inc.
Designs and supplies servo and robotic driven tabletop workstations and stand alone processing equipment to automate assembly and test operations. Site explains engineering approach and provides application examples.
Assembly Automation Industries
Specialty is manufacture of screwdriving machinery and related equipment. Models range from hand held machines to fully automated multi spindle systems. Site incorporates photos and descriptions of available products.
Assembly Machinery Manufacturer
Automatic eyelet and grommet attaching machinery.
Assembly Technology and Test Systems Ltd
Manufactures assembly and test equipment for the automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.
Automated Machine Systems, Inc.
Building custom machinery for automotive assembly applications.
Automation Tool Co
Designs and manufactures custom automated assembly, testing, material handling, packaging and lean cell manufacturing equipment.
Autotec Inc.
Designs and manufactures custom-automated equipment. Special machinery and automation systems for assembly, packaging, material handling, trimming.
BalTec (UK) Ltd.
British company specializing in design and production of workstations for fastening processes.
Manufacturers assembly and test systems based on linear, modular configuration.
Cambridge Automatic Inc.
Manufactures manual, benchtop, and fully automatic insertion machines, primarily for computer industry. Site provides details of available models for such applications as addition of eyelets, pins, sockets, terminals, and standoffs.
CDS Manufacturing
Builds automatic systems for part feeding, orientation, assembly, packaging, inspection and sorting.
Direct Automation, Inc.
Assembly machine design and fabrication company. Also will retool and/or reconditioning existing machines.
Dixon Automatic Tool Inc.
Designs and builds automatic assembly systems and work stations including screwdriving equipment, nut drivers, presses automatically fed, to create an automated system.
Eckhart & Associates Inc
Specializes in design and supply of automated systems for variety of industries. Includes articulating arms, torque tubes, and units for assembly, control, fastening, load assistance, and material handling.
Essemtec AG
Switzerland. Manufactures specialised equipment for handling and assembling electronic SMT boards. Includes units for dispensing, placing, inspecting, printing, soldering, repairing, and packaging operations.
FEC Inc.
Provides fastening systems that will precisely fasten, control, and monitor production tightening processes.
Feeding Concepts Inc.
Manufactures broad range of automated feeding equipment and components. Includes vibratory and non vibratory bowls, feeding hoppers, and escapement and placement mechanisms.
Italy. Provides turn-key assembly facilities including palletized assembly lines, integrated quality control systems, automatic assembly machines, and robotized cells.
General Electro Mechanical Corporation
Specializes in manufacture of automatic fastening, riveting, and workpiece positioning systems. Site provides details of available products and services and incorporates video clips of equipment in operation.
Jewett Automation
Synchronous assembly machines including continuous motion machines, robot and vision cells and power and free conveyor based systems for the electrical, automotive, consumer products and tele-communications industries.
Lanco Assembly Systems
Manufacturer of components for production automation and a builder of flexible turnkey assembly machines.
Designs and builds special automated assembly, test, metal removal, welding and plastic injection machines to automotive and other industries.
Prodel Technologies and Automation
Manufactures flexible, manual, automated standard or turnkey assembly lines, for automotive suppliers, industrial, medical,telecommunications and appliance manufacturers.
Prodomax Industrial Automation
Automated manufacturing systems for assembly, welding and machining processes in the automotive assembly, electronics, plastics, and pharmaceutical industries.
QSI Automation, Inc.
Automation integrator, mold, specialty assembly machines.
R. D. Dane Corp.
Designs and builds custom automatic machinery for assembly and testing processes.
Saliba Industries
USA. Builds automated assembly and testing machinery and job shop machining.
sortimat Technology GmbH
Germany. Specializes in design and supply of assembly and feeder units and systems for production of sensitive small parts. Main applications are in medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronic industries.
Straub Design Company
Consultation, development, and manufacture of automated assembly systems. Focus is electronic and mechanical controls to ensure product and packaging integrity. Applications include printing and web converting industries.
Swanson-Erie Corporation
Manufactures assembly machines and accessories, including rotary, linear, synchronous, palletizing and flexible modular assembly equipment and assembly machines.
Toolmatics Inc
Distributor of assembly tools of all types as well as building specialized tool assembly and systems.
Visumatic Industrial Products
Specializes in automated equipment for feeding, driving, and fastening screws, nuts, bolts, push pins, and plastic fasteners. Available in handheld models, modular units for floor shop automation, and turnkey fixed/robotic systems.
VSR Technologies
Designs and manufactures custom test and assembly machines for the automotive industry. Installations in the United States, Mexico, Brazil.

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