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This category serves as a collection point for a host of sites put together by individuals, companies, and organizations that make, sell, service, or are otherwise concerned with the machinery, equipment, tooling, accessories, and consumables used by a wide range of industrial manufacturers. The category breaks the sites into groups that relate to either a main type of equipment or a particular field of industrial operation. Many of these groups are further broken down into subcategories that each assemble sites that have something in common with one another. An important point about all the sites is their focus on the equipment used in manufacturing an end product or achieving an end result. This is quite different from concern about the raw material involved in the manufacturing process. Sites of that sort belong in the relevant Resources industry categories. Note: Although over 5000 sites are distributed among the numerous subcategories that make up this Machinery and Tools section of the Open Directory, a relatively small percentage of them are indexed in five "above the line" categories: Associations, Directories, Employment, Technical Services, and Used Machinery. The focus in each case is on a general or all encompassing application to users of machinery and tools rather than on a narrower relationship to a specific industry or manufacturing process. Additional note: Several dozen sites are indexed, too, below the list of subcategories on this page. They represent companies that feature a diversified or out-of-the-ordinary range of products or services and are therefore difficult -- if not impossible -- to include elsewhere. A few of them do, at first glance, appear to have a relationship to a given subcategory, but the diversification of their interests and activities suggests that they are more justifiably listed under this "catch-all" heading.

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A&R Erectors
Offers broad range of products and services. Includes engineering design, machinery moving and rigging, steel fabrication, supply of material handling equipment and overhead cranes, and mechanical piping installations.
ABM Corp.
India. Products include tools for casting, finishing, jewelry manufacture, and diamond cutting, and a selection of plumbing fixtures.
Acier Equipment
India. Manufactures variety of rolling mill equipment and peripherals for industrial furnaces. Can also build related custom machinery.
ACT/Coleman Machinery Inc.
Supplies range of equipment, tooling, and accessories with focus on the wheel manufacturing industry. Selection runs from foundry through to finishing operations. Detailed product information.
ASC Machine Tools Inc.
Manufactures diversified range of equipment for the metal building, can manufacturing, and paperboard packaging industries. Detailed descriptions of available products.
Asteg Sales Pty. Ltd.
Australia. Links to details of available industrial supplies, machinery, services, and machine parts, tools, and consumables. Format is searchable database for range of items.
Attrezzature FPA Srl
Italy. Manufactures pumps for spinning fibers, as well as for chemical, dyestuff, and hot melt adhesive feeding and metering. Also produces precision and micro-gears. Product and application information.
Auto Technology Inc.
Diversified company manufacturing and providing parts and service for metal finishing equipment, environmental test chambers, and centrifugal spin dryers.
Bart and Associates Inc.
Distributes a variety of products for process and general industries. Includes replacement filters, heat exchangers, compressed air products, evaporation and oil/water separators, and chillers and cooling equipment.
Birkmaier GmbH
Germany. Provides turnkey equipment and support services for production of range of disposable medical products, as well as for manufacture of music and tennis strings and juices, bottlea, diapers, and sanitary napkins.
Blaze Technology Pte Ltd.
UV equipment and adhesives, soldering and measurement tools. Site contains map and contact details.
Borghi s.p.a
Italy. Manufactures special equipment for making household and industrial brooms and brushes. Includes drilling, filling, tufting, trimming, and wire-tieing machines. Site provide detailed product information.
Boschert GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of metal punching, folding and wrapping machinery, safety chucks, and hydraulic press brakes and notching machines. List of trade events. English, German and Russian.
Brush Expert
Information portal to the global industrial brush industry. Company directory. Industry news and statistics. Calendar of events.
The Bystronic Group
Switzerland. Manufactures several lines of equipment for processing flat materials. Includes float, architectural, and automotive glass cutting systems; laser and waterjet cutting equipment; and bending and roll flattening machines.
Carbide Processors Inc.
Manufactures diversified range of products based on use of metal alloys. Includes ceramic tipped saw blades, sporting and catering knives, coolant systems, and pre-tinned carbide and ceramic items. Also offers brazing and failure analysis services.
Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Ltd.
China. Company with diversified distributing, exporting, and manufacturing interests. Includes supply of industrial consumables, plastic and electronic products, and plastic, textile, and metalworking machinery.
D & D Machine Works Ltd.
Canada. Focus is on design, fabrication, and repair of agricultural machinery and tooling. End products include soil coring and line boring machines, hydraulic cylinders, and drivelines. Gallery of examples.
Draygon Enterprises Inc.
Manufactures diversified range of products focused on wastewater disposal and floor cleaning. Includes evaporators and filtration units; sweepers, scrubbers, and pressure washers; and floor coatings.
Dutton-Lainson Company
Diversified company manufacturing and wholesaling electric and plumbing related products; producing customized metal components; and providing commercial printing services. Site incorporates details of products and capabilities.
Dynaspede Integrated Systems Ltd.
India. Design and supply of controls and equipment for automation and enhancement of manufacturing processes. Includes custom built gear transmission units, web tension control devices, and surface treatment systems.
Earlex Ltd.
UK. Manufacturers of power tools for home and professional decorating and cleaning markets. Includes wallpaper strippers, spray guns, steam cleaners, and wet and dry vacuums. Product information.
Manufacturer of Tesla and induction coils, furnaces and casting equipment for the dental and jewelry industry.
Emanuele Mascherpa SpA
Italy. Distributes wide range of machine tools, tooling, accessories, adhesives, sealants, and lubricants. Links to manufacturer websites for product details.
F.P. Miller Company
Sells new and used metalworking machinery, provides machine repair and rebuilding services, and makes arrangements for machinery movement, rigging, and storage. Detailed accounts of company's origins and development.
Fill Gesellschaft m.b.h.
Austria. Manufactures production machinery for a variety of industries. Customer base includes aluminium foundries, plastic processors, ski and snowboard companies, and woodworking firms.
FP Smith Parts & Equipment
Family owned company specializing in distribution of new and reconditioned heavy equipment and machinery parts. Industries served include agriculture, construction, and mining.
Future Technologies Inc.
Diversifed company selling leak and function testing equipment, as well as welding machinery, automated assembly machines, and spare parts for all three product lines. Also offers calibration service and seminars in leak detection.
Gemma Group
Italy. Manufactures and distributes optical processing equipment and range of standard and CNC lathes. Site incorporates downloadable product catalogues.
General Air Products
Distributes broad range of sprinkler equipment and wide selection of industrial air products and parts. Site incorporates detailed list of available items.
Gideon's Machine Corporation
Supplies and services for leather working, aerospace, automotive, and plastics companies. Products include machinery, parts, and adhesives for a wide range of applications.
Gladstone Engineering Co.Ltd.
UK. Manufactures wide range of pottery equipment. Includes wheels, whirlers, spray booths, mixers, pugmills, and slab rollers. Site incorporates detailed product and application information.
Global Tools & Machines Pty Ltd
Supplies a wide range of industrial tools and machines to the Australian and New Zealand manufacturing industries.
GTI Technologies Inc.
Distributes selection of grinding machines, especially for automotive market, plus variety of wafer and tape processing machines machines for semiconductor industry. Product information.
Guindy Machine Tools Ltd
High precision chuck, machine tools, and coordinate measuring machine CMM manufacturer.
Gurley Precision Instruments
Manufactures broad variety of test instruments, optical encoders, digital readouts, hydrological equipment, and machined components and parts.
Handsaeme Machinery BVBA-SPRL
The Netherlands. Manufactures finishing machines for woven and tufted carpets and similar equipment for food, glass, and textile industries. Site provide examples of product range.
HBE Engineering Inc.
Manufactures diversified range of products. Main lines are recirculating valves and accessory parts for centrifugal pumps, as well as machinery for spring coiling and forming and wire and tube bending.
Heynen Systems BV
The Netherlands. Distributors of cushion foam production, and stockinette cushion and mattress covering machinery, accessories and complete systems. Manufacturers of polyamide tricot covering fabrics. Extensive technical information and system specifications. Links to principal sites. Multi-lingual site.
Hintal AB
Sweden. Distributors of machinery and components for process and energy industries, machinery and material for packaging industry, and range of glass products. Links to manufacturer information.
Hitachi Zosen
Active in waste treatment systems, power plant equipment and machinery, desalinization, electronic equipment, and infrastructure. Based in Japan.
Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation
Manufacturers and distributors of liquid and dry component process equipment for coatings, adhesives, and chemical products industries. Focus is particle analysis, milling, vessel washing, and vapour recovery.
Home And Workshop Machinery
Worldwide supplier of mainly British lathes, milling, drilling, grinding machines, metal and woodworking machinery and equipment. Purchasers of used metal working machinery.
HPL-Neugnadenfelder Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Germany. Design, manufacture and commissioning of machinery and complete plants for the cold rolling, edge trimming and processing of coated, uncoated and stainless steel, non-ferrous metal and special material strips. Technical brochures on PDF files. English and German.
i2S Company
France. Group of companies, involved in the design, development and manufacture of scanners, machine vision systems, and related software and accessories for a wide range of industrial applications. English and French.
IBS Incorporated
Distributor of products for use in maintenance and repair operations. Products include abrasives, adhesives, sealants, pipe and hose fittings, anchoring and fastening systems, and concrete and pipe repair systems.
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Developer and processor of engineered components, industrial systems and consumables. Features include links to company divisions, careers, investor relations and community affairs.
Inductotherm Group
Multi-national group of companies, active in the design, development and manufacture of melting, thermal processing and production systems for the metals and materials industries.
Industrial Machine Industry News - Topix
News on the industrial machine industry continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Industrial Machinery / Asset Corp.
Supplier of new and used machine tools and industrial equipment. Includes inventory listing, contact information, and company profile. Columbus, Ohio.
Isotek Electronics Ltd
Supplier of repair, construction and control systems for sub-sea oil and gas operations, and of wireless filter technology. Based in Leeds, UK.
ITALPROMAS di Ramera Faustino
Italy. Designs and manufactures diversified range of special purpose machinery. Includes equipment for production of pots, pans, and bicycle rims; assembly, test, and packaging machines; and presses and palletizers.
Russian manufacturer of weaponry (including Kalashnikov lines), industrial equipment and steel products, ferrous and nonferrous castings, automobiles, and motorcycles. History, product information, and current news.
J. R. Willey Company Inc.
Distributors of diversified range of products. Includes electronic controls, electric heaters, temperature sensors, various types of filters, and snow melting systems.
Jessop Companies
South Africa. Specialize in manufacture of concrete roof tile machinery and custom built machinery for wide variety of industrial requirements. Details of tile machines and case studies of completed projects.
Johnson Industries Ltd.
Canada. Manufactures range of brakes and brake systems. Applications include automotive, railroad, construction, propulsion, and general manufacturing industries. Detailed product information.
K.K. Electronics
India. Diversified manufacturing and distribution company. Sells vehicle wash plants, converts machinery from manual to automatic operation, and supplies hydraulic and pneumatic products and cokeless gas fired furnaces.
Kodyn Products Company
Manufactures aluminum extruded components for modular assembly of machine frames. Range includes t-slotted extrusions, t-nuts, brackets, joining plates, and various hardware and panel materials.
Krautzberger GmbH
Germany. Design and manufacture of surface treatment technologies, suction and extraction systems, lifting equipment and special purpose solutions. Multi-lingual site.
Kullen GmbH
Germany. Manufacturers of brushes for sealing, grinding, polishing, deburring and a range of additional technical and industrial applications. Detailed product catalogs, including technical information. English and German.
Lawson H.I.S.
UK. Offers selection of industrial tools and consumables. Includes abrasives, cutting and contractor tools, welding equipment and accessories, and woodworking machines and tools. Additional lines includes plasma cutting machines, industrial coatings, racking and storage units, and cleaning, clothing, and safety supplies.
Linyi Normal College Machinery Factory
China. Manufactures man-made board making equipment. Includes hot presses, spreaders, wood bending machines, flakeboard dryers, fringe sawers, glue mixers, and bamboo and straw mat flatting units.
Machinery Services Corp.
Distributes wide range of electrical, mechanical, converting, welding, and fabricating equipment. Also provides variety of machine shop services.
Mammoet BV
The Netherlands. Manufacturers of heavy lifting and transport machinery for onshore and offshore locations.
Mattress Production Technology Group
UK. Design, development and manufacture of automated and stand alone machinery for the mattress industry.
McElroy Manufacturing Inc.
Specializes in manufacturing equipment for fusing polyethylene pipes and producing heat exchanger fintubes, as well as distributing fluid power hydraulic valves.
McKean Machinery Sales Inc.
Specializes in purchase and sale of surplus industrial machinery and supplies. Include machine tools as well as fabricating, electrical, chemical, plastics, packaging machinery. Issues monthly catalog, available upon request.
Meccanica Ronzani
Italy. Manufactures line of special surface treatment and finishing equipment. Includes marbling, polishing, and buffing machines, protective film appliers, grinding machines for tanks, and welding panel finishing units.
Minsun Technology Co., Ltd
Taiwan. Manufactures range of plating equipment and selection of electronic meters and control devices. Photos and descriptions of available products.
Nicol & Andrew Plc
UK. Offers worldwide onsite and in-situ service for repairing equipment that cannot easily be moved to a workshop. Examples of applications in marine, power, petrochemical, and process industries.
Ningbo Sun Industrial Corporation
China. Manufactures diversified range of products. Main lines include yarn feeding units, automatic identification systems, and outdoor gazebos. Site incorporates detailed information regarding available items.
NTS Group
The Netherlands. Group of companies, active in the design, development and manufacture of mechatronics systems for the medical, semi-conductor, graphic, optical media and nano industries. English, Dutch and German.
Orcan Products of India
India. Manufacturing and distribution group with diversified range of products. Includes bench vises, molds and dies for plastic and rubber parts, machine tool automation devices, and veterinary medicines.
Patz Sales Inc.
Full service contractor for supply and installation of industrial and agricultural equipment. Examples include conveyors, waste handling and recovery systems, bale choppers, feeders, mixers, and silo unloaders.
Pearson Panke Ltd
UK. Distributes range of machinery, testing equipment, and spare parts. Industries served include metal and plastic processing, packaging, coating, and foundries. Site incorporates detailed product information.
Penn Tool Co.
Sells a broad range of metalworking hand tools and associated products. Includes abrasives, precision measuring instruments, storage tool chests, work holding devices, and cutting tools.
Pines Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufactures tube bending equipment and tooling. Includes product details and capacity charts.
Power Jacks Ltd.
UK. Manufactures range of actuators, screwjacks, gear boxes, and motors with wide applications in paper, food processing, nuclear, steel, aerospace, and other industries. List of international distributors and provides access to downloadable descriptive and information literature.
Punch Press Services
UK. Offers alternative parts for turrett and single head punch presses, a choice of tool grinding machines, and a wide selection of laser lenses.
R.D.I. Group
Three separately managed and marketed companies that manufacture coil processing equipment, asphalt shingle and paving machinery, and metalforming machines for shaping hollow cylindrical blanks. Site incorporates links to detailed information about each company and its products.
Redex Group
France. Manufactures diversified range of products. Includes transmission reducers and differentials; cold rolling and other equipment for ferrous and non ferrous mills; and electrical and automotive metering devices.
RFQLine Inc.
Specializes in sourcing and supplying range of manufactured parts. Includes machined, plastic, rubber, cast, stamped, and cold formed items. Site explains process of submitting enquiries and obtaining quotations.
Rima S.P.A.
Italian suppliers of spare parts and accessories for agricultural machines including hydraulic cylinders, mechanical and hydraulic jacks, parking jacks and slewing rings.
Roll Forming Services
Designs and manufacture a range of roll forming machinery and tooling. Including roll formers, presses, dies, servo feeders and servo die accelerators. Training, troubleshooting and consultancy services also offered.
Rossi Motoriduttori
Italy. Specializes in manufacture of worm gear reducers, gear motors, and motor variators. Site incorporates account of corporate history and organization, as well as providing detailed product information.
S+S Inspection Inc.
Manufacturers and developers of inspection, separation and sorting systems used in process, packaging, and production lines.
Sammi s.r.l.
Italy. Diversified company engaged in large scale mechanical carpentry, construction and assembly of heavy conveyor belts, and supply and installation of industrial furnaces and ceramic and sanitaryware production machinery.
Sandvik AB
Sweden. Manufactures cemented-carbide and HSS tools and blanks for metalworking industry; equipment and tools for rock excavation; and variety of specialty steel products. Information regarding each category.
Sawyer and Smith Corporation
Engineering service company supplying wide range of industrial machinery and equipment. Range includes casting, piston coating, shotblasting, buffing and polishing, electroplating, and distillation equipment, as well as foundry induction furnaces, brass and bronze ingots, and a variety of replacement parts.
Diversified engineering company. Manufactures and repairs variety of special purpose process and conveying equipment. Also offers forensic services to reconstruct accidents and determine causes of machinery and product failure.
Soluquip Canada
Specializing in unusual and hard-to-find machine-tools, including woodworking machinery, material handling, forging and stone equipment.
Sparkonix India Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufacturer producing high speed metal arc disintegrators used to harmlessly remove broken, seized, and sheared tools and bolts. Also manufactures series of spark erosion machines and spot projection welders.
Stabilimento Lavorazioni Meccaniche
Italy. Designs, builds, and supplies range of special purpose machinery for machine shops. Photos of sample installations.
Topix: Industrial Machines
News about industrial machines, collected from various sources on the web. [RSS]
UK. Manufactures a range of industrial test, assembly, and handling equipment and systems. Also provides engineering design and investigation services. Details of products and capabilities.
Transco Industries Inc.
Diversified company with divisions involved in steel fabrication and construction, manufacture of heavy duty material handling equipment, and design and installation of vehicle washing systems.
Veysel Kutuklu
Turkey. Manufactures selection of equipment for production of mattress springs. Applications include bedding and furniture industries.
VMB Trading
Germany. Buys and sells broad range of second hand industrial plants and large quantities of steel billets. Details of currently available breadmaking plant, brick manufacturing factory, and steel rolling mill.
Volcano Flexi Tech Industries
India. Manufacturers of specialized machinery for production of corrugated piping as an alternative to rigid tubing. Applications focus on advantage of using flexible and insulated connections in a variety of consumer products and industrial and engineering installations.
Voortman Steel Machinery
The Nteherlands. Designs, develops and manufactures machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing related industries. Overview of products and dealers all over the world.
VSS Ltd.
Slovak Republic. Manufactures diversified range of products. Includes special purpose vehicles; storage and processing equipment for chemical industry; and eccentric presses and blanking machines for metalworking companies.
Vulcanium Corporation
Manufactures anodizing system racks and broad range of titanium, aluminum, and zirconium plated heat transfer products. Also sells titanium and alloyed mill products for aviation/aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.
Wainbee Limited
Canada. Employee owned company specializing in supply of pneumatic, hydraulic, machining, motion, control, safety, and filtration products to a range of industries. Details of product lines and services.
Weima GmbH
Manufacturers of shredding and grinding machinery for the wood and plastics industries.
Wohler Technische Bursten Maschinenbau GmbH
Germany. Specializes in machinery for producing diversified range of brushes and nonwoven rolls.
World Wide Rotary Die Systems Inc.
Manufactures selection of rotary cutting dies, ultrasonic module and bonding cylinders, and embossing and seal rollers. Also offers custom die design and die sharpening services.

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