20th Century Spring Mfg
Custom springs, wire forms and sheet metal stampings.
A.V. Weber Company Inc
Manufacturer of precision springs, wire forms, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs, stampings, and assemblies.
Ace Wire Spring and Form Co.
Manufacturer of springs and wire forms including custom, precision, stock, compression, extension, torsion, constant force, garter and power springs and wire forms.
Acxess Spring
Specializing in compression, extension and torsion springs and wire forms.
Alco Spring Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of hot wound steel coil springs, ranging from 1/2" bar diameter to 4" bar diameter and up to 600" in length.
All-Rite Spring Company
Manufacturer of extension, clock, torsion and compression springs as well as wireforms.
American Precision Spring
Manufacturers of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and flat springs.
American Ring & Tool Company
Manufactures, stocks and sells retaining rings, disc springs, washers and pins. Headquartered in Solon, OH with branches in Milwaukee, WI and Santa Ana, CA.
Ammtech Spring Ltd.
Spring and wire form manufacturer of quality precision products. Custom and production runs of small and large quantities in round, square and flat materials of many alloys. Range .006 to .531.
AMW Springs
Manufacturer of compression, extension, torsion, wave and constant force springs, wire forms and stampings.
Ancar International Inc.
Specializing in spring manufacturing, metal stamping, wire forms and precision sheet metal. Located in San Diego, CA.
Anderson Quality Spring Manufacturing
Manufacturer of coil springs (compression, extension and torsion), wave springs, wire forms and assorted metal formed parts.
Angelica Spring Company
Manufactures fine wire springs, torsion, extension and compression springs.
Arcon Ring and Specialty Corporation
Provider of retaining, wire, snap, spring, circlip and eaton rings.
Arrow Manufacturing Co.
Precision spring manufacturer of compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs and fourslide springs.
Ashfield Springs Ltd.
UK spring manufacturer providing same day service for compression, extension, torsion and die springs.
Asian Wire Forming & Springs Pvt. Ltd.
Asian is a TUV certified ISO/TS 16949 : 2002 spring manufacturer producing various types of round and flat wire springs such as, strip, carbon brush and power springs, star washers, and high carbon strip parts requiring hardening.
Associated Spring
Manufacturer of compression, extension, torsion, auto valve and transmission springs, accordion, retaining and snap rings, torque coils, washers and nitrogen gas cylinders and manifold systems.
Associated Spring Raymond
Supplier of SPEC stock springs and washers, Raymond die springs, gas springs and die components.
Automated Wire Products Inc.
Manufacturer of spring and wire forms including compression, extension, torsion, and rings.
Badger Precision Spring, Inc.
Manufacturer of precision springs, wire forms and four-slide parts.
Bansbach easylift GmbH
Providing many types of gas springs and accessories. They can custom build gas springs.
BelleFlex Technologies, LLC
Manufacturer of Belleville disc springs, located in southwestern PA.
Bohne Spring Industries Limited
Canadian supplier of compression, torsion, extension and custom springs in addition to wire forms and stampings.
Borrelly Spring Washers
Manufacturer of wave, spring and Belleville washers.
Bywell Springs and Pressings Ltd
Manufacturer of a complete line of springs in addition to wire forms, pressings, flat and nylon guard and anti-kink springs.
Capital Springs and Pressings Ltd.
Manufacturer of every type of spring. Produce custom components for many industries; any project, any size, any quantity.
Century Spring Corp.
Manufacturer of precision extension, compression, torsion, die, disc, tapered, urethane, custom and hardware springs.
Chennq-Dieen Spring Co.
Manufacturer in Taiwan of torsion springs, machine gun springs, office chair springs, bicycle shock absorber springs, car engine valve springs and motorcycle engine valve springs.
Chiu Yao Spring Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of battery, compression, extension, torsion and double turn springs.
Chung Rong Group
Manufacturer of precision springs for electronic products for export and local market. Located in Malaysia.
Coiling Technologies Inc.
Large cold coiling spring manufacture. Compression, extension, torsion, continuous wave, Bellville, conical springs up to 2-1/2" bar and wire forms. Exotic materials and carbons in stock. Lead times average 2-3 weeks. Hot orders 1-2 days.
Computerized Spring Industries, LLC
Manufacturers of compression, extension, torsion and double torsion springs, stampings and flat stock as well as wire forms.
Constant Force USA
Specializing in springs manufacturing including constant force springs, round wire springs and Versa-Trak springs, all designed for various applications and industries.
Cook Spring Company
Manufactures custom compression, extension and torsion springs and wire forms.
D.R. Templeman Company
Manufacturer of small springs such as compression, extension and torsion.
Dayon Mfg., Inc.
Custom sub-miniature springs as well as standard sizes with wire diameters of .0028 to .125 inches. springs, wire forms, stampings made from: spring resistance wire, flat stock, shaped and round wire.
Dendoff Springs Ltd.
Manufacturer of coil, automotive and suspension springs and custom metal fabrication.
Diamond Wire Spring Company
Manufacturers of compression, extension, torsion, die springs and wire forming. Online catalog with stock springs.
Duer/Carolina Coil Inc.
Manufacturer of cold wound and hot wound springs.
Ebsco Spring Company
Manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs.
Elyria Spring & Specialty, Inc.
Manufacturer of springs, light stampings and wire forms.
Fourslide Spring and Stamping, Inc.
ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of spring and wire products for all industries.
GME Springs
Manufacturer of multileaf and parabolic springs in the UK.
Hangzhou Xingfa Spring Co. Ltd
Manufacturer of brake valve springs, auto suspension springs, hot roll springs, wire, spiral, wavy, trampoline, valve, hoisting jack, clutch, bracket and motorcycle shock absorber springs.
Hanson Springs Ltd
Compression spring manufacturer specializing in shipping short run custom springs worldwide. With a wide range of materials stocked including nickel, tungsten, cobalt and stainless steels in sizes up to 80mm bar diameter.
Hardware Products Company
A spring manufacturer and JIT inventory specialist, specializing in stock springs, custom spring design and short run spring manufacturing.
Hermans Verenfabriek
Manufacturer of compression, tension and torsion springs, shaped flats and wires.
Hoi Tin Ocean Springs
Manufacturer and exporter of draught, compression, torsion, tension, wire forming and battery springs.
Hollow Circlips Industries
Manufacturer in India of circlips, hollow circlips, rings for shafts and housing bores.
Holt Springs Limited
Manufacturer and supplier of a variety of springs and clips for many different companies based in all commercial sectors.
Hurley Manufacturing Co.
Designer and manufacturer of compression, extension and torsion springs, wire forms and assemblies.
HXL Gas Springs Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer in China of custom compression gas springs, lockable gas springs, special gas springs.
Hyde Spring & Wire Co.
Supply a range of compression, extension, and die springs . Includes facility for online buying .
Imperial Spring Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of springs, wire forms and fourslide products.
Industrial Gas Springs, Inc.
Manufacturer of nitrogen charged gas springs including compression, locking, tension, stainless steel and micro gas springs.
Industrial Spring Corp.
Custom manufacturer of mechanical springs and formed metal products.
Industrial Spring Corp. of Florida
Manufacturer of custom springs, stampings, progressive dies and assemblies featuring in house spring engineering services and International export of custom designs.
John Binns & Sons Springs Ltd.
Manufacturer of springs and wire forms.
Jones Springs (Engineering) Ltd.
Supplier and manufacturer of parabolic and multileaf springs in the UK.
Katy Spring
Manufacturer of compression and extension springs including custom orders.
Kirk-Habicht Company
Custom springs manufacturer of precision, compression, extension, and torsion springs as well as flat and wire form products.
Larson Systems Inc.
Manufactures and distributes force, length and torque measuring equipment, specializing in spring testing.
Leeco Spring International
Spring manufacturer in Houston specializes in die, extension and compression springs and offers custom and stock springs, wire forms and stampings. Online catalog provided.
Liberty Spring
Spring manufacturer in Canada of wire forms, torsion springs, constant force springs and regular springs.
Marathon Sales Inc.
Distributor of Associated Spring/Raymond Die Springs, compression, extension, torsion, nitrogen, metric and custom springs.
Master Spring & Wire Form
Manufacturer of made-to-order precision springs, wire forms, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, double torsion springs, stampings and assemblies.
Midstate Spring
Manufacturer of precision compression, extension and torsion springs, rings and wire forms. ISO 9002 registered.
Ming Tai Industrial Co. Ltd.
Taiwan manufacturer of steel strip springs, constant force springs, power springs and variable force springs.
Stock and custom coil springs, compression, extension and torsion. Order catalog springs and design custom springs. Cross reference competitors part numbers and substitute stock springs for custom designs.
Muelles Crom S.A.
Manufacturer of springs for automotive, electrics, electronics, guns, nuclear.
MW Industries, Inc.
Manufacturer of compression, extension, disc, torsion, tapered and constant force springs, screws, standoffs, rings, stampings, racing components, machined parts, metal stampings and wire forms.
Nan Shun Spring Co., Ltd.
Diversified precision springs and iron-string made products and hardware, finished and semi-finished.
The National Spring Company
Custom manufactures quality springs, pressings, wireforms and interlocking scaffold clips, from small to large batches at competitive prices.
Navarro Spring Company
Maker of custom springs and wire forms specializing in compression, extension, torsion and garter springs and wire forms.
Newcomb Spring Corporation
Manufacturer of compression, extension and torsion springs, wire and strip forms, stampings and flat springs in addition to metal forms, hooks, hangers, battery contacts and customized components.
Norris Springs Ltd
UK based manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and flat springs.
O&G Spring & Wire Form Specialty Company
Chicago manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and wire forms.
Ocean Spring and Metal Manufacturing Ltd
Spring manufacturer and exporter of compression, extension, torsion, battery, motor, antenna and seat springs, spring pins, metal stamping and auto lathe products.
Oklahoma Spring Co.
Spring manufacturing specializing in extension, torsion and compression springs, including wireforms.
Optimum Spring Solutions Inc.
Manufacturer of compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and MS24585 springs.
Patrick Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturers of compression, torsion and extension springs as well as wireforms and metal stampings.
Peninsula Spring Corp.
Manufacturer of sheet metal stampings, custom washers, wire forms, torsion and compression springs.
Penn Elkco Spring Company
Manufacturer of compression, extension, torsion, wire forms and metal stampings.
Petersmann Innovative Technik
Manufacturer of tension and extension springs and track tensioners as well as shock absorbers for the heavy industry.
Premier Spring & Manufacturing Ltd.
Canadian manufacturer of coil springs, wire forms and metal stampings for the automotive, electronic, industrial safety, hardware, furniture and packing industries.
Prugini Penev ltd
Manufacturers of compression, extension and torsion springs.
Rasera Srl
Manufacturers of small metal components including springs, wire machining, metal blanking and cold forging.
Rich Industries Springs
Manufactures assorted springs.
Rockford Spring Company
Manufacturer of precision compression, extension, torsion springs, and wire forms.
Sarotech Inc.
Provides torsion spring calculation programs for manufacturers and installers.
Scandic Springs, Inc.
Scandic is a manufacturer of small precision stampings, wire forms, mechanical assemplies, and springs.
Shankar Spring & Coil Work
Manufacturer of industrial, automobile and electronic springs based in India.
Singapore Spring
Manufacturer of springs such as compression, extension, torsion, die and disc.
Skegness Springs Ltd
Precision spring design and manufacture.
Smalley Steel Ring Co.
Manufactures spiral retaining rings, seal rings, wave springs and flat wire compression springs.
Southern Spring & Stamping Inc.
Manufacturer specializing in the design and production of extension and compression springs.
Southington Tool and Manufacturing Corporation
Manufacturer of metal stamping, springs and wire forms used in aircraft, electrical, environmental, hardware, nautical, novelty, recreational, scientific and surgical markets.
Spring Dynamics, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom precision springs such as counter-balance, compression, extension and torsion springs.
Spring Engineers of Houston Ltd.
Manufacturer of custom springs, stampings and wire forms.
Spring Solutions Pty Ltd
Importers and suppliers of coil springs, wire forms and flat springs to Australian Industry.
Spring Works Utah
Manufacturer of precision parts including compression, extension and torsion springs, wire forms, flat stocks and stampings.
Manufacturer of compression, extension and torsion springs.
Springfield Spring Corp.
Manufacturers of precision engineered mechanical spring components, including; compression, extension and torsion springs, air filter holding frame clips, wire forms, fourslide-produced stampings and assemblies.
Manufacturer of industrial and automotive springs based in South Africa.
SpringTech Ltd.
Design, prototyping and manufacture of coil springs, flat springs, wireforms and metal pressings.
Provides spring and metal parts automation processes and equipment for assembly lines including unscrambling, distribution and packaging.
Stanley Spring and Stamping Corporation
Manufacturer of metal stamping and wire forming, compression, torsion and extension springs.
Star Spring Co.
Manufacturer of a variety of springs for electronic mechanical and industrial applications. Based in India.
Symag Springs
Manufacturer of compression, extension, industrial, heavy duty and Belleville springs in Mumbai, India.
Tamawira Enterprise
Manufacturer of precision springs, induction coils, air wound coils, and customised assemblies of miniature transformers.
UK Spring Supplies
UK manufacturer of tension, torsion, leaf and coil springs, circlips and wireforms.
Uzman Yay Makine Sanayii A.S.
Turkish manufacturer of compression, torsion, extension and battery springs, wire forms, multi-slide parts and metal stampings.
An e-commerce springs distributor of compression, torsion and conical springs including German and English hooks.
Velleuer GmbH & Co. KG
Production of springs, punched parts, torsion, extension and compression springs, wire bending parts and punched bending parts.
Vzmeti Vigal
Compression, tension and torsion products from patented and stainless wire, belt and sheet metal. Contains company location, product and factory photos.
W.B. Jones Spring Company
Specializing in compression, extension and torsion spring manufacturing and fast shipment.
Wade Spring Limited
Manufacturer of spring interiors for the bedding and seating industries.
Spring manufacturer of spiral, flat, compression, tension and torsion springs in addition to wire forms and small pressings.
Wirecom (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Manufactures all types of industrial springs, wire forms and sheet metal components with latest spring making technology.
Wonil Spring Industrial Company
Manufacturers of compression, extension, flat, torsion springs and wire formings, pin and ring.
Xiamen Shuangyuan Springs
China manufacturer of gas springs. Types include gas spring, stamping parts and compression springs. Product overview, services, locations, and specifications.
Yonghui Hardware Spring Factory
Manufacturer of punching parts, torsion springs, circlips, tension springs, automobile parts, punch and bend, and weld hardware.
Young Graduate & Co.
Manufacturer of helical, compression, tension, torsion, leaf springs, circlips, snap rings, ring retainers, disc washers, axle springs, clock type springs, wire forms and clutch and friction plates.

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